1903 springfield scope mount no drill

It is very important that these holes line up to keep from damaging the threads when the screws are installed. Now there is none of these mounts … If you tune your gun up it may do better than the two inches or so we were able to get out of my Rock Island. Thanks! That leather cheek pad I got on Ebay for $25 and it fits just fine, and looks great. Try Key word m1d, Thanks for opening up options for an old guy with macular degeneration. I just might see about hanging a decent scope on it again. contain a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, or birth Hi-Lux also has created a replica of this classic external windage and elevation adjustment scope, and we are trying to work with the American Gunsmithing Institute to make a video of how to mount this on an ’03. The Weaver 330 later turned into the M73, and then the M73B1, and with its 2.2x not waterproof sniper scope, the 1903A4 is today the most classic of all US sniper rifles, but they are expensive, in the thousands of dollars for even a beat up one. I am thinking of putting it into service for shooting fun. He had replaced the broken Erkil scope with a PX purchase Scope that I no longer have. I’m not a great shot anyway, but that gun is a wonderful piece of firearm engineering. No body seems to want to drill the SC's any more due to their hardness. thanks, Very interesting article, and very well done! There is no way you could use the adjustments on the back with it locked into that standard redfield base, which has a rudimentary windage adjustment only. Weaver Style Base / Accepts Weaver Rings (Not Included). That is a whole other world that you would begin by replacing the barrel with a Criterion or whatever. Over the past several years there has been an explosion in shooting competitions based on “as issued” military bolt rifles, or “service rifles.” Thousands of old ’03 Springfields and other bolt action battle rifles have left the confines of the gun safe after decades of non-use and have again become “working rifles.” The problem is, a lot of the shooters involved in these new service rifle competitions are great shooters, but have aging eyesight. B-Square Military bases are made of anodized aluminum with a durable blue finish. Performance & security by Cloudflare, Please complete the security check to access. Change wall color, flooring--and furniture!--by clicking below. Hi from Australia Guys, I would like to put a scope on my Rock Ridge rebuilt 1903A3 but only want to do the no drill mount as the scope won't be used all the time as I got this rifle to shoot in military comps & it's a great rifle to shoot. It is now with high quality, made in the USA scope mounts from S&K. I must be missing this though. What specifically do I need to ask for? I got my sporterized 03a3 from my grandfather, and would like to put a scope on it. In general, ’03 stocks are a dime a dozen and go for $100-$150. It is almost identical to the Springfield, and some of the parts are interchangeable. Place the mount over the flange nut with the (2) 4-40 tapped holes toward the but end. There was no sense holding this article up for now when summer competition season is around the corner just so I could find a 7/8ths scope mount with a Weaver base. Well, one is that you do have to inlet your stock a little for the width of the barrel band that holds the front of the mount. All car touches correct for 1943. You don’t need to get the (2) 4-40 screws very tight! All Rights Reserved. Feature Articles, The scope has original rings with a 3/4″ tapered mount foot. Line the 4-40 tapped holes in the mount up with the holes in the side of the receiver. Condition 1 Tactical Rifle Case, Gun Metal Gray | 54.77" x 16.50" x 5.94 Inches | I... DB TAC INC Silver Color 2-7x32 Long Eye Relief Scout Scope, Bushnell 4.5-18x40mm AR Optics, Illuminated_AR741840EI, Parris Kadet Trainerifle, Wood & Steel, Bolt Action, Bulk Full Size 41.5 inches. I know a local,boot maker that offered to do the sewing, and lap it over the stock, and lace it down and around the rear sling mount. Looking forthis basic model, also looking for a jc higgins 16 guage bolt action From sears and roebucks!! To attach this base, proceed as follows: 1. I wanted to put a scope from my ar-15 in it, but there is a relief cut into the mount for bullet erection preventing it. FYI Sun Optics has former execs from B-Square, so the mount will be based on the B-Square mount, which they make a version of. If there are other sites I sure would appreciate the help. Yes, you have to do a little wood working for the little screw block on the ring. It still not pretty but its all US. TPO ST 4-16x50 Rifle Scope Combo Flashlight + Green Laser Sight+ 4 Holographic Reti... DB TAC INC SVD Dragunov Scope SVD 4x24 First Focal Plane Hunting FFP Illuminated Ra... Arken Optics Rigid Precision 20 MOA 34mm Scope Mount for Precision Shooting, DB TAC INC All Steel Mauser 1903 Scope Tube and Mount Mauser 1903 Scope. In the S & K website, you have the choice of 2 styles of 1903 Insta mounts: a) style 1465 – with S & K rings included, What style did you use in your presentation? A nifty way to scope your treasured gun without drilling or tapping. DO NOT try to remove the (2) 4-40 screws without first loosening the 10-32 front set screw, CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY – WARNING: Some products may Buy a Dremel and some proper burs and take your time. Related Tags: They are staked, originally, and sometimes a bit of a pain to remove. Most of us out here with the guns are also history nuts and at least quasi-collector/accumulators, and we can’t just decide to drill and tap them for scope mounts so we can shoot them better. I have a correct serial no Rem 1903-A3 Sniper rifle. I’ll give you guys credit. You really write some great informative articles. Today, under the management of Bryan Labowski S&K continues to provide the quality services and products envisioned by the company's founder. For me to go through the trouble and expense of doing this I would want something more than 2.5 power. Had to also cut the top,wood to fit the forward scope mount just to enable me to remove and install the scope. I really liked the idea of a no-drill &tap scope mount. But for an only moderately collectible ’03, it’s a nifty scope to create a pretty unique rifle. Thanx. use them on my Smith Corona builds. Ain’t going to even try to sell it. Well it’s not such a big deal after all. Will not fit the 1903/1903 Mark I. More on this as well later. Rings are Not included with this mount. Put in the (2) 4-40 socket head screws. You can also use it Delrin ring reducers available at brownells. These days we see them going for over $750 on GA. “Using what seems to be the longest of the three heavier screws, mount this hook thingy to the back of the mount like this, but down screw it all the way down.” I’m very happy with it. Can be removed and reinstalled easily. I’m looking to buy a Springfield 1903a4 sniper rifle. We made the article more complicated than it needed to be and it is dragging it badly. I was on the fence about the S&K mount until I read your article. Maker, model #, anything? These mounts are made with high quality materials and backed by S&K Scope Mounts. Skulptured mounts for sporter rifles. These items are shipped from and sold by different sellers. Scope mounts for your vintage 1903/A3, 1903/A4, and 1903 rifle. Put the 10-32 x ½ set screws down through the tapped hole in the top of the mount and tighten against receiver. Reviewed in the United States on February 14, 2015. Marked Remington 1903-A3 but within the correct 20K serial range. Burris Optics P.E.P.R. In short, will die with it. Hi great article!!! I previously detailed it out with the leather cheek pad, recoil but pad from the 03 grenade launcher and nickel thong cleaning kit. What were the height of the rings you installed on your 03A3? Hi from Australia Guys, I would like to put a scope on my Rock Ridge rebuilt 1903A3 but only want to do the no drill mount as the scope won't be used all the time as I got this rifle to shoot in military comps & it's a great rifle to shoot. Plus how many people care about modifying a A903 Torqueflite transmission for a Slant Six? I put one on a 1903… I'm hoping someone that has the S&K mount on their 03a3 can help me out a bit. Otherwise, the pictures are very helpful for one considering an S&K kit. Just remember this… if the 1903 were a car it would be the Model T. Kind of hard to imagine that still being competitive in today’s market! They gauanteed that with this mount there will be no grinding of the bolt required. Click Here to View Your Google Location History, http://i559.photobucket.com/albums/ss31/Bert2368/photo-45.jpg, http://www.creedmoorsports.com/shop/Hi-Lux-Malcolm-8X-USMC-Sniper-Scope.html. Waste of time and money, Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2016. So why can’t we do the same using the “No Drill” mount? I have an 03A3 my father captured in Vietnam Nam when he was in Mike force but it’s a Remington with all the cartouches and a M84 scope I would not sell it but I’m curios about the value compared to the Springfield it is in emaculate condition and very usable. I have a U.S. Rock Island Arsenal Model 1903 Ser# 274326. Sorry for the running commentary here. If you trace the evolution of the modern sniper rifle, it invariably leads you back to the Model 1903 Springfield. Top subscription boxes – right to your door, Tacksport Red Dot Scope Mount Picatinny Weaver Scope Mount for Red Dot Sight Black, Leapers RGWM-25H4 Inc., 1", 2Piece, High Profile Picatinny/Weaver, © 1996-2020, Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. But let me warn you, if you get to the shoot and you see a Swiss K31, scope or no scope, put your rifle back in the car and go home. My understanding is that Val Forget from Gibbs is in contact with them as well, so if you want to put this together, you will have to call around and see what you can get like I did. Later A4’s came with a four groove barrel as well. Slide the flange nut into the under cut at the front of the sight where the spring was. I have 2 1903′ I inherited from my father, the 1st is a very nicely done but still unfortunate Sporterized A3 version, the 2nd is an 1903A4 Sniper Version that other than missing the scope and shoulder strap is a complete authentic Sniper Rifle. You can still easily get surplus and aftermarket replacement barrels, as well as stock sets, bolts, and just about every other part for an ’03.

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