2h nut dimensions

By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website. !�=L�Gcp���UE,��2:��j ��[�zȽ�C֮�`t������)�� �ʵ ΀�\��&�]�ಈ�Eg���Fۢ]&�� �����uP�]WE���?7 SOURCE: The informations above are from the ASTM A194 Standard that you can purchase on the ASTM Website. Boulons Plus offer these nuts in plain steel, mechanically galvanized, hot dip galvanized (dyed and lubricated) and Weathering Steel (Type 3) finishes. If you have any questions about our products please call us or complete the contact form below. ig=7��7�G�N%��(�\e Quenched & tempered carbon steel heavy hex nuts, This table is inspired by Table 3 from ASME B18.2.6 standard, Manufacturer ID and 2H (or 2HB when manufactured from bar stock), Source: The table above is inspired by the ASTM A194 Standard that you can purchase on the, ***This table apply for UNC, 8UN, 6UN, and Coarse Pitch Threads***, Chemical Requirements For ASTM A194-2H (Type 1), ASTM A563-DH & A194-2H Mechanical Requirements.

© Leyton Fasteners 2020. We use cookies to track usage and preferences. <> ANSI/ASME B18.2.4.1M and B18.2.4.2M. ]�'�h���Ot������˅����u�L��U�P�b߭һUv����ƫ��z��5�t.2t+�~�t`��YWc��� Metric Nut Thickness . Click here to check it out. If the order received does not meet these requirements, it may result in a supplier corrective action request, which could jeopardize your Copyright © 1993 - Boulons Plus & Precision Bolts - All Rights Reserved. ASTM A194-2H Quenched & tempered carbon steel heavy hex nuts. x��\[w��~��,g����7;r���8w��8�����$%Q�c����*tU��"і�,L7�P���Ca�1&)��$�W�7g��������,���g΢0�'_��˛�LS�.^�I�R�>�{jJNx��l�O7gߟ�٪(�5����e���7N%�:Y�M��Q[��f��Q;���3N��wt��Fia�\Hs����O�R��L�P�O[)��.���?����Z0��q���N��o�k ޷vTe L�7ڞ�C*�]�֛�V;���������`�nW3H> �c3η� ���W���>��V'e0 ���{ �,�}�´�AZ*�� ��L���'|�]��� ��m�t�6w�M�0\���¥V���My�o4A���G����!���ـ����!��@�B����g�ފH� >��!\L+�t�/�aE�. Unless otherwise specified, the American National Standard Heavy Hex Series (ANSI B 18.2.2) shall be used. Nuts over 1 inch nominal size shall be either UNC Series Class 2B fit or 8 UN Series Class 2B fit. DIN 6923 Flange Nut No matter what the job Leyton Fasteners can give the advice and supply the correct quality product.

All dimensions are in millimeters. Standard Metric Hex Nuts, Types Styles 1 and 2 per. ASTM A194 2H; Hex Nut (ISO/ANSI Pattern) Hex Nut (JIS) DIN 929 Weld Nut; DIN 929 Weld Nut A2 Stainless; Locking Nuts. �d�n Re��=Fi h�?R��x��-U���&Q��BM�wo۳�[(��A/������}`_�-t�����D(�Q��T�쯸cy�ܜ��v����Z���xУ����F���)�6����@h�~��6��/

DIN 980 All Metal; DIN 980 All Metal A2/A4 Stainless Steel; DIN 982 Tall Nylon Insert; DIN 985 Nylon Insert Zinc Plated / Hot Dipped Galvanized (ISO FIT) DIN 985 Nylon Insert A2/A4 Stainless; K-Lock; Flange Nuts. Leyton Fasteners will be able to help you irrespective of it being a new project, a repair, part of planned maintenance or a restoration project, friendly expert advice is always available.

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