303 savage vs 300 savage

On special order, Savage would make 18-inch barrels, or 28 inches.

"When you can't make them see the light, make them feel the heat." Two, the rifle in which it was chambered, the venerable Savage 99, is stronger and generally more accurate than other lever rifles. It wasn't as successful in other lever-action rifles because of their tubular magazines.

Oh and I will most likely be hunting deer with the rifle and possibly some elk. It seemed to me that Hodgdon’s LEVERevolution offered the greatest potential in the Savage 99, which is, after all, a lever rifle. The .300 Savage gained immense popularity throughout the U.S as well as receiving an excellent reputation in Canada, Australia and New Zealand. My current .303 was made in 1912 and has a 26-inch barrel. I also have a model 99 300 savage. Watch for deer and stupid people they'll cost you if you hit one. All of the data included in this article was produced using Norma brass. The bullets I’ve used include the Hornady 100-grain semi-jacketed softpoint, Hornady 110-grain roundnose, Speer 130-grain flatpoint, both Speer and Hornady 150-grain roundnoses and the Barnes 190. 5 vote(s) 15.2% Thread Status: Not open for further replies. This email contact address is not an "Ask the Firearms Expert" service.

300 H&H, 300 Win Mag and 300 Weatherby - are also not interchangeable with 300 Whisper or 300 Blackout. The brass cases can be formed from .30-30 Winchester, .32 Winchester Special, and .38-55 Winchester casings. Such emails will be ignored. The accompanying table includes all the relevant information about the loads tested, but I did draw some conclusions. Ask a Canadian hunter about the effectiveness of the .303 British round on Elk, and Moose. 10 (November-December 1967) and Mike Nesbitt in Handloader No. I actually prefer my 99 in 300 savage to my 308. This brings me to the starting point. Therefore, if using any other brand, proceed with caution until you get a feel for how much it will take without telltale pressure signs. Older powders recommended for the .303 Savage with jacketed bullets that are still available include IMR’s 3031, 4064 and 4320, and Hodgdon 4895. It was intended for small game, plinking or finishing shots on big game. According to Mike Nesbitt, early .303 Savage ammunition was available in dazzling variety.

The Canadian company continued production of .303 Savage ammunition long after it was dropped by American companies. H-4895, one of my all-time favorite powders, is still useful because it can be reduced substantially and still provide a perfect small-game or plinking load with a variety of bullet weights. A 190-grain bullet at approximately 2,250 fps is no slouch, then or now, for hunting bears and moose, and far outperforms the best a handloader can expect from a .30-30 in a 20-inch carbine barrel. Bullets tested include the (1) Hornady 100-grain semi-jacketed, (2) Hornady 110 roundnose, (3) Hornady125 HP, (4) Speer 130 Hot-Cor flatnose, (5) Hornady 150 InterLock RN, (6) Speer 150 Hot-Cor RN and the (7) Barnes 90-grain Original. These are all Dominion cartridges. These include IMR-4166, CFE 223, 8208 XBR and Hodgdon’s LEVERevolution. A-Square also made one run of .303 Savage around 2004, but there was never very much and, of course, A-Square is long gone. However, the 99’s magazine box is not long, so options are limited by overall cartridge length unless you want to use it as a single shot. First, bullet size: The name “.303” has confused several generations of shooters, with more than one article and loading manual stating that some rifles have .311-inch groove diameters and others have .308 grooves. Working with the .300 Savage a couple of years ago, I found the same thing – and for the same reasons.

The case has a very short neck and if cast bullets is your goal, it is not the best choice. As far as I know, the .303 Savage is now obsolete, as neither rifles nor ammunition are commercially available. Three cartridges that are always lumped together include (left to right): the .30-30 Winchester, .303 Savage and the .32 Winchester. renegade. Login with username, password and session length. Proceeding with my usual excessive (not to say fearful) caution, LEVERevolution provided the best results in three different bullet weights, including the all-important 190 grain. The .303 Savage became a commercial success and remained reasonably popular into the 1930's. From what I understand, 303 Sav performs more like a 30-30 and was the precursor to 300Savage. The most recent loading data I can find is in Lyman Reloading Handbook, 45th Edition (1969), in the “Obsolete Cartridges” section. LGS has an absolutely beautiful octagon barreled 99... in 303 Savage... Disclaimer: The above is not holy writ. This was a well-thought of hunting outfit before the advent of the .308 Winchester. All is still good, but of course it uses only powders available back then. If you seat a long bullet deeper, powder capacity is reduced. The .300 Savage is a bit more powerful, although not noticeably so. At the time, the .303 Savage was the company’s flagship cartridge. The 303 brit has my vote I have seen alot of animals taken with this accurate round from 55 inch bull moose to a grizzly ( The 303 is NOT my choosen round for Grizzly bear ). Watched my grandpa mow alot of deer down in his day with that gun. Do you have both or are you looking at getting one or the other?

In a 26-inch barrel like this one, the cartridge is capable of impressive performance. The .303 Savage became a commercial success and remained reasonably popular into the 1930's. The (older) .303 Savage is a rimmed, tapered, bottleneck round in the same ballistic category as the .30-30, except with a heavier … If you are experiencing difficulties posting in the Buy/Sell/Trade subforums of TFL, please read the "sticky" announcement threads at the top of the applicable subforum. Well both would take a deer down at close range. [4], The .303 Savage by Chuck Hawks (subscription required), The Savage Model 99 by Jon Y Wolfe at Chuck Hawks, https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=.303_Savage&oldid=979048849, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 18 September 2020, at 13:23. Ken Waters said that his .303 Savage was made in 1904 and had a .308" ten twist barrel. When I've been working up north during summer, my bush rifle was a no4Mk1 Enfield. [2], The .303 Savage has a small, but loyal fraternity of shooters who reload this cartridge. Speaking of which, the older .303 comes close to matching the performance of the .300 Savage that, when it was introduced, was touted as offering “.30-06 performance in a lever rifle.” It never really did, but that’s beside the point.

- Galahad.

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