740th tank battalion roster

Departing for England in July, the outfit came across Utah Beach three months later. With the road blocked and St. Edouard’s Sanatorium in Peiper’s hands, the American attack bogged down almost before it started. The M8 light armored cars of the reconnaissance company of the 29th Division in the ruins of St. On D+1, Grenadier Regiment 1058, supported by several StuG I I I Ausf. Amid reports of mass surrenders on the front lines and English-speaking German commandos terrorizing the First Army rear area, Hodges’s staff began hearing rumors of a massacre involving Kampfgruppe Peiper at Baugnez, near Malmedy. A U.S. Army mechanized column passes through Montebourg on 23 June as the local citizens wave. “It ruined my hearing!” he said. It changed the world more than any other single event in history. American units continued to face German coastal defenses as they fought their way up along the Cotentin Peninsula toward Cherbourg in June 1944. But there’s NEVER been anything like THIS before. He trained on every position in the M4 Sherman tank, spending most of his time as either a loader for the turret cannon or the bow gunner. The armor on the rear of the vehicle has been blown off, exposing the engine.

“Get it out of here!” he told them. A Marder I I I Ausf. “It was an ugly looking airplane to me,” he recalled. “Dead bodies had been in them for a while.” It was a smell he never forgot. The "Green dozer," also developed by the 747th Tank Battalion, was an attempt to breach the bocage by non-explosive means. Miller was in Limburg listening to Armed Forces Radio when he heard the news that Japan had surrendered.

Sign up to receive our newsletter regarding Veterans, Reunions, Military, Veteran Benefits, Military Pictures, Jokes, Military History, There was a catch: the Daredevils had no tanks. Already forced by the fuel shortage to cancel his drive on Liege, Peiper was even now radioing for permission to withdraw eastward. One night, Miller watched as two British soldiers approached Hummingbird and told him that Great Britain had won the war. “It didn’t look like an airplane,” he said, “but it made a ‘chunk, chunk, chunk’ sound.” Hence the nickname “Buzz Bomb.”. This Marder III Ausf. This photo shows his original design mounted on an M5A1 from his unit. On April 30, the battalion helped the 82nd Airborne and 8th Infantry Divisions cross the Elbe River.

6731 Whittier Avenue, Suite C-100 McLean, VA 22101, From Tolkien to Hitler: Famous Soldiers of World War I, The Battle for Omaha Beach: The Men of the D-Day Invasion, Napoleon Bonaparte’s Last Campaign: The Battle of Waterloo, Operation Barbarossa: World War II’s Eastern Front, The Battle of Gettysburg: Turning Point of the American Civil War, Daredevil Tankers Turn the Tide at the Bulge, What Made the German Luger the Most Famous Pistol in Modern Warfare, The Essential Role of Navy PBR Boats in the Vietnam War, Colonel William O. Darby and the U.S. Army Rangers, P-40 Fighter Pilot: Fighting for His Life, Marine Sergeant Mitchell Paige: Valor on Guadalcanal, First Week of the Bulge: Joachim Peiper’s Blitz For the Meuse, Battle of Graignes: An HQ Company’s Heroic Last Stand in Normandy, Assault on Ludendorff Bridge: The First Allied Crossing of the Rhine, The Malmédy Massacre and the Battle of the Bulge. find my friend. Miller was assigned to one of the 105mm assault tanks. The Americans quickly knocked out three Panther tanks and stopped the Germans’ progress. “Having been through the Depression myself, I felt sorry for them,” he explained. 740th Tank Battalion in Europe 7th August 1944 to 2nd September 1945 : battalion route [map] Books Put on your boots and parachutes! On December 23, Task Force Harrison resumed its attack but ground to a halt short of La Gleize. He also spotted a Messerschmitt Me-262, the war’s first operational jet fighter, which did not impress him. From a starting strength of ninety-nine Pz.Kpfw. These were used by a number of German tank destroyer companies in lower Normandy in the summer of 1944. Although the Germans were retreating, the fighting continued. The names of the battalion members were etched into the columns. A knocked-out M4 medium tank can be seen in front of it. He agreed. “If it had the date of 1800 on it,” Miller said, “you couldn’t wait to pop that open.”. The Panzer Lehr Division staged a number of attacks in the difficult bocage country through July, losing large numbers of tanks. Drawing on his own combat experience, Lt. Col. Rubel insisted that all tanks fight with the hatches open instead of buttoned up as armored force doctrine prescribed. This front view of the M4A1 shows the configuration of the T2 Douglas with the smaller "teeth" in the center. At 7 am on the 19th, German paratroopers and SS panzergrenadiers accompanied by several Mark VI tanks emerged from the dense fog in front of Stoumont, firing on all suspected targets. Miller’s ship arrived at Le Havre, France, in late September 1944, three months after D-Day, and he was deposited in a replacement depot named Camp Old Gold. Many of his heavy tanks, their gas tanks almost empty, started moving back toward La Gleize, where it was hoped that supply trucks would meet them. An M10 3-inch gun motor carriage from the 703rd Tank Destroyer Battalion supports the 3rd Armored Division near St. Jean de Daye on 11 July. Rubel’s tankers got along well with the aggressive 82nd, one paratrooper even noting, “The 740th was the only tank outfit that could ever keep up with us.”. With artillery finally in position, American infantry and tankers prepared to resume their attack at dawn. A few months after the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, Miller was about to leave on his newspaper delivery route when he looked back through the home’s glass door and noticed that his father looked ill. Miller asked another boy to take his route, explaining that he thought his father was going to die that day. “Bite-Size Bits of Local, National, and Global History”, 740th Tank Battalion. Tankers lived on their iron chariots, learning to maintain the machines as if their lives depended on them. Those orders were not long in coming. In practice, there was not enough time to carry this program out very extensively, so instead, the U.S. First Army adopted a program to paint as many of its tanks as possible in a pattern of black over the usual olive drab in the days before the start of Cobra. The rear tank is numbered 622 and carries the divisional insignia in the upper-left corner of the rear plate. Troops of the 3rd Armored Division take a breather in front of one of the division's M4 tanks near Le Desert, France, on 31 July 1944. Firing through the windows, they kept the SS inside pinned down while soldiers of the 119th entered to recapture the main building, this time for good. The next day, December 19, anyone who had a functioning tank was ordered to the Stoumont railroad station where elements of the 30th Infantry Division were fighting. On the 17th, Rubel paid a visit to First Army headquarters in Spa. A view of the marker on its dedication date. But, when the Americans reached the Roer River, they found that they could not cross it. The young lieutenant stood up in his turret, scanning for enemy tanks. This historical marker was erected in 1998 by Veterans of the 740th Tank Battalion Association, the Lost Dutchman & Billy Holcomb Chapter E Clampus Vitus in Cooperation with the Bouse Chamber of Commerce.. His 119th Infantry Regiment, commanded by Colonel Edward M. Sutherland, had advanced a reinforced battalion to occupy the village of Stoumont, blocking Kampfgruppe Peiper’s westward progress. Hobbs absorbed this news with great concern. Miller recalled that as long as the sounds of the battle stayed away, he was happy. “The German planes were trying to get off the ground,” described Miller. .

This vehicle has the tactical number A21 painted on the side, along with the vehicle name Accident, identifying it as a tank destroyer of Company A. “Everyone was shocked,” said Miller, although the men who had seen the president in newsreels believed he looked sickly.

They were always on the go, but that was how they preferred it. Not one tank carried a full load of ammunition. While in Düren, Miller was transferred from the 105mm Sherman to working in the battalion’s message center. An ordnance repair yard handles battle casualties on 18 July. M tank destroyer hit by American artillery fire is inspected by a GI from the unit on 18 July. An M4 medium tank (named Big-BadMomma) of Company B, 740th Tank Battalion, is serviced by its crew in Cherbourg after the port city fell earlier in the month. Coordinated attacks by the 2nd Battalion, 119th Infantry and Combat Command B of the 3rd Armored Division moving in from the north hurried them on their way. So the U.S. First Army's 602nd Engineer Camouflage Battalion began developing a method for permanently attaching Sommerfield matting to tanks so that foliage could be easily attached. There are three After Action Reports available in .pdf format at the following addresses: ... Roster, 746th Tank Battalion", but unfortunately that particular annex doesn't appear to have been scanned or otherwise included. Americans then shook out the prisoners’ clothing looking for weapons. The Patterson conversions were an effort to create expedient M16 machine-gun motor carriage done in England before D-Day by mounting towed quad .50caliber Maxson turrets on the chassis of surplus M2 half-tracks. Rubel radioed orders to Miller’s half-track, which he would hand deliver to the company commanders. Retaking Stoumont was a costly fight; in its first battle the 740th Tank Battalion lost five tanks and six men wounded.

“The 82nd liked us,” Miller said, “and we stayed with them through the Bulge and to the Siegfried Line.”. After the chaplain said a prayer, Rubel spoke to the men: “We will all be leaving shortly and I hope we meet again,” he told them. It is towing an M4 medium tank. “I never thought much of [General George S.] Patton,” he recalled of the Third Army’s commander. “Those people really took to us and we stayed friends with them throughout the years,” he explained. Named for its commander, SS Lt. Col. Jochen Peiper, this powerful force was headed for the crossroads city of Liege, first stop toward its ultimate objective of Antwerp and the Belgian coast. The bazooka proved to be an effective, though not entirely reliable, antitank weapon in the bocage fighting.

“I hated all of them,” he said. While he looks back fondly on his service, the horrors of war can always haunt him. Copyright © 2006–2020, Some rights reserved. To make money, Harry delivered newspapers while his father repaired typewriters, but refused charity. Lo during the fighting there in mid-July. The 740th Tank Battalion in the Battle of the Bulge Cecil Taylor was a tank commander and a member of the 740th Tank Battalion, a specialized unit that was assigned to different infantry divisions whenever extra armored support was needed. Even as Kampfgruppe Peiper rampaged westward toward Liege, Hodges looked for help to defeat it. Riflemen from the 1st Battalion, 119th Infantry provided flank protection while artillery and mortars stood by ready to fire. A T2 Douglas device being fitted to an M4A1 (76mm) of the 32nd Armored, 3rd Armored Division. “Their families were dead and their towns bombed out.”.

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