a long way home discussion questions

“The things I learned that day, and in the couple of days that followed, helped me to fill in some of the gaps in the picture of my early life.”. Do you think your parents favored one child more than the others in your family? Who did you tell, and what was the result? What two things happened as a result of these conversations? What did Byron do to make sure Saroo didn’t become an Internet recluse? How do we see that unfold in the lives not only of Clara and Peter, but also of Norman and Massey? What were some examples of racism his parents remember that Saroo didn’t understand? How does this technique affect your reaction to the story? Discussion Questions A Long Way From Home. It’s been said of this novel that it goes from ‘a laugh a minute to The Heart of Darkness’. How did you resolve this issue? “I remember feeling hungry most of the time.”. credit-by-exam regardless of age or education level. Blog at WordPress.com. How did their behavior influence you? 'A Long Way Home' is a memoir by Saroo Brierley about being separated from his family as a young child and placed in the adoption system in India. Discussion: What are the sacrifices your mother/father made for you? For example, what do you make of the Salon des Refusés? When have you been the victim of an adult behaving in an inappropriate manner with you when you were a child? DISCUSSION: Who are the women who most influenced your life? What did his sister, Shekila, do to appease her constant hunger pangs? “I didn’t tell many people what I was doing right away.”. What are the most significant discoveries the central figures in this novel make along the way? How does Saroo characterize his relationship with Guddu? What details did Saroo remember about this train station? What thoughts did Saroo try to convince himself of about his Indian family? DISCUSSION: What information about your family did you learn as an adult? Enrolling in a course lets you earn progress by passing quizzes and exams. {{courseNav.course.mDynamicIntFields.lessonCount}} lessons “There were no luxury carriages on this train, or staff in starched white uniforms with gold buttons offering gin and tonics on silver trays.”. What had happened to Guddu that night Saroo was lost? DISCUSSION: When did you decide to get serious about school or at work and who influenced your decision? What do you think contributes to these differences? What is Saroo doing to help Saroj Sood, the director of Nava Jeevan orphanage. I was malnourished but not sickly, whereas I saw children with no legs or arms and some with no limbs at all.”. 3. 2. How are they similar and different? Here are some discussion points to jump-start the conversation at your next reading group meet-up. 8. “My family inevitably asked me about my wife and kids. What do you think of Ruth’s role in this story? 10. “The idea of having possessions took some getting used to.”, “Another thing that took some getting used to was the abundance of things to eat.”. Why was the idea of having possessions difficult for Saroo to get used to? “Mrs. 19 questions answered. How is Saroo's story a commentary on the need for early childhood programs in low income areas? How did you react to that sibling? DICUSSION: How difficult were your parents’ lives compared to the life you have had? “When she was about twelve years old, the pressures from her family’s issues led her to something like a breakdown, during which she had what she can only describe as a ‘vision.’”. Clara first approaches Gamache with great ambivalence: wanting (though fearing) to know what happened to Peter, while reluctant to disturb Gamache’s newfound peace. Why wouldn’t his family understand? How did you feel about the decisions they both make at this point?

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