action background music

For filmmakers, music can be a powerful tool.

2 minutes of action music with various break points and intensities. A hard and dynamic hip hop loop for action-packed videos on the topic of crime, criminal chase, rescue scenes, war, drug dealers and city gangs. This dynamic and aggressive music is perfect for sport videos, hardcore racing, urban scenes, actions, x-sports, presentations and more. Destroyer –hard electronic track with distorted dirty drum sounds.

Cinematic percussion and stomps. Episode 2 is dark middle tempo background music optimal for increasing a sense of tension or premonition of trouble. It creates a sense of anxiety and anticipation.

It has a loop structure. Epic hip-hop beat with powerful urban drums and dramatic orchestral instruments.

This track will undoubtedly bring the urban spirit into if the video is used as a background for a feature film. A sense that all is good.

Energy increases gradually by the end of the track pushing up the nerves.

They are 100% FREE COPYRIGHT MUSIC - Please read the license details when you download each track (Some tracks require attribution to the artist). as long as you credit background music. Make your own Presentation Templates, Slideshows, Business Presentations and more. with a great electric guitar riff, synths, energetic drums, groovy bass line - perfect for corporate and commercial business projects, sport and action videos etc. DESCRIPTIONS OF TRACKS  (brief descriptions are also available in Spanish): Savage law –groovy background music track created in typical cinematic flavor. Dynamic space ambient track. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and much more! Energetic and powerful stomp percussion track with a the tension goes up. Carefree and easy going.

Perfect for creating an aggressive mood in action type film or video -game.

Fast paced rhythmic action music with prominent action bass synth.

Zombies on the way – Anxious tremolo violins at the beginning of the track creates an expectation of events that is about to begin.

Suitable for any martial arts promotion, hot fire shows, Indiana Jones jungle adventures, or anything which requires a distinctly robust Asian themed piece of music. A powerful cinematic motivational epic trailer with emotional and dynamic orchestral strings, brass, taiko drums, hybrid effects, etc. It is good for a scored film of thriller, mystery, drama, documentary, science fiction or historical type.
When the rhythm and pace of the music slow down, the viewer also relaxes.

This high energy, catchy and addictive percussion track contains very strong kick, big foot stomps, hand claps and finger snaps.

Explore the full background music catalog and free background music list. The loop is designed in the style of Trap, with leading violins, tense beats, and sound-effects of sirens and police walkie-talkies.

Royalty free music is a great way to add interest to your video or project. Downtown. Royalty Free Music - Background Instrumental Downloads. There are many ways to have music behind an action movie, but the typical action scene has something upbeat. Ready for After Effects, Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro.

Role of action music.

An energetic, action packed, adventure track with driving drums, electric guitar, synths and orchestra. Stream Tracks and Playlists from Free Background Music on your desktop or mobile device.

Powerful rock track with overdrive guitar riffs, synth, hard elements, powerful guitars, cool epic toms. Instruments: strings orchestra, violin, cello, flute, darabuka, taiko drum, piano. And remember, not every scene has to have a piece of music on the background. Unrealistic sound effects in combination with violins underscore the border between the real and parallel worlds. Booming taikos are the main instrument of this highly energetic action drum track. Background Music That Takes Center Stage.

95 Tracks. Catchy electric guitar with a driving beat of bass guitar and drums.

This track is perfect for sportы motivational videos, workout, gaming, action video.

Use this music anywhere you need to shake up the listener!

During creation, I have used some of the classical musical instruments namely: piano, violins, cello, and oboe.

Pompous, proud, strutting, this track is great for sports and action uses, training videos, extreme sports, bold action movies, triumphant victory, or whenever you need a powerful rock background. Sounds used herein, mainly synthetic, but original flute used in some of the fragments.

Various distortions, sound fluctuations, and variations make the track surreal. High impact and high energy action rock.

Perfect as background music for action films or video games.

Epic orchestral track with driving string ostinatos, big brass, and huge drums. Action movie music is something suspenseful and very intense. Mood: determined, motivated, foreboding.

Rhythmic, flowing and positive. Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity. The right track can make heroes more heroic, and tragedies more tragic. Eclipse – The sound effects here are used to the fullest. Intension.

Inspirational loop for positive videos. This track is perfect for gaming, sport and training videos, workout, fighting video. A motivational and energetic track performed in the form of a mix of a classical string quartet and modern electronic sequences.

You can also get your Royalty Free sound effects and choose from a wide range of genres. Download royalty free action background music for any use.

Feeling good, active and driving rock and roll with an uplifting rock guitar riff and a straight groove of drums and bass.

While Tarantino can afford to use music from his personal collection in his movies and negotiate the use of the pieces with the copyright owners, smaller producers and directors don’t have this luxury.

Discover a wide variety of royalty free action music to download for free. Contact us to get it made!

Broken electronic beats, tremolo violin in the background and powerful bassline and. The track features electric guitar, hip hop drums, voice cuts, and a beautiful piano. Royalty Free Action Background Music Downloads Action Rhythms.

What does power and elite performance sound like? Some say this is my best epic suspense music.

We associate suspense and chaos when thinking of action music, as the music tends to be faster than usual for the audience to feel the chaos! Monsters are here – Heavy and somber gait of unknown creatures with eerie howls of violins is complemented by mystery sounds of the environment. Production music starting at $15. With …

Good feeling, powerful rock and roll.

A powerful, positive and motivating track! Motivational and heroic epic track with a powerful hybrid orchestral sound and celestial choir part.

Great for the scoring of madness, horror or action in the half-mad state. Ideal background and shimmering tune for emotional YouTube videos, atmospheric soundscapes, reflective drama, meditation, films, inspiring speeches.

Wanted to run – Hasty bassline and scathing drum beats create a feeling of anxiety, expectations of upcoming events, and require continuing.

Download high quality music for your next film project!

Nice background for advertising, drone videos, nature views, cinematic scenes, travel adventures, science and sci-fi videos, documentaries, technological progress videos, or more. Cyclical. Energetic and dramatic rock background music with aggressive synths, drums, and hard guitars. It is looped, so it may be used several times in line. Filled with driving guitar melody and catchy drums. Featuring driving percussion, snaps, and claps to create a powerful, inspiring mood. Great for scenes involving the Wild West, cowboys and Indians, horse riding, gunslingers, outlaws, North American road trips, western saloon, frontier based action and adventure.

Great for action, sports, cars, websites, commercials, presentations, media.

Great for action movie trailers, big adventure scenes, the final victory in video games and films, key culmination points, Olympic Games performance, etc. Nevertheless, the track has a little cosmic flavor.

This is an action-packed dark hip-hop music track with trap elements, powerful boomy bass, epic brass and strings. Our music library has been curated with the unique demands of visual storytelling in mind. Perfect for action trailers, fast paced games, extreme sports clips or promos, barbershop commercials, motivational videos, and any other media projects. Features electric guitar, drums, bass, acoustic guitar, tubular bells, and pow wow drums.

Perfect music for action scenes, chasing cues and for an extreme sports project.

Energizing, inspiring, motivating and very exciting percussion for any kind of your projects.

Free Music - No.110. Years of wandering is a mid-tempo background orchestral music track created with the piano, violin, and flute. Mixing different images and music on completely different levels is also a great way to toy with viewers’ emotions. Best for films, games, trailers, youtube videos. This collection of instrumental music features a faster, louder and heavier music style than in other categories. Perfect for tv commercials, action videos, extreme sports, car racing, drift, skateboard ride, surfing, etc. Great for ads, commercial, youtube summer vlogs, travel videos and much more. Excellent beat and percussion, elecronic synths, low bass and energy drums. All this is creepy and makes one want to close with a blanket over his head. BROWSE NOW >>> Relaxation, ambient and airy mood will give your projects more emotions.

If you want to promote your music on FreeBackgroundMusic send it to: Please add in an email this agreement: I give a full permission to Free Background Music. It sounds like this. Energetic tropical house music loop with a great summer vibe featuring a female voice and modern dance rhythm best for party videos, fun zone attraction, aqua and swimming activity.

Amnesia – The composition was performed at the medium tempo. Suitable for scientific projects, presentations, medicine marketing, education videos, innovation and other commercial technology projects. Suspenseful action royalty free music featuring a huge epic rock and roll feel.

Featuring digital drums, synthesizer, arpeggiator and atmospheric sound effects. Simply assess what piece you would like to have on the background of each scene or key-scenes, and select from the options available on the platform.

Perfect for technology advertising, futuristic sci-fi movies and action games about alien invasion, robots, etc.

Uptempo, naughty, and energetic rock track with a high school feeling. 120 BPM. Tense, bright track in military style.

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