addictive drums vs ezdrummer

Like you, I spent a bit of money and have SD, EZd, and various EZxs (Vintage Rock, The Classic - and btw I like the 4 mic version of this - and Americana). Much of what's been discussed in the original post is technically over my head. I’ve read some reviews that say that Superior Drummer basically is EZdrummers’ big brother but with more options and bigger kits and I kind of would have to agree with that. This is just a comparison with data that I’ve collected and yes with EZdrummer you have control over the sounds that they give you ADSR or compression and Distortion, mic placement, room reverb, drum location, mic blend, effects, and it does have quite a large selections of drums that you can pick from but with AD you have that and editable mappings ( I don’t think that EZdrummer can do that although I may be mistaken about that). You also get the option of making adjustments to the different kits and sounds produce to give yourself something unique. The Ezdrummer makes it easy for you to bring together different drum parts without needing to leave the creative space. It consists of a number of preset kits and there are a lot of options to choose from. Loved his willingness to... You can't go wrong with Nick he is a total pro in every way. SD2 can give much more variety because of this. The latest version of the drummer features a new GUI, the sound engine, mixer, etc. You can unsubscribe at any time from a link at the bottom of each email. Probably the most asked question in the history of midi drums, but I’ve been playing a bit with the demos and would like to hear any user opinons. All you have to do is drag and drop a groove you like into the song creator and it will offer you suggestions for the whole arrangement. My trick is to then send that to an awesome drummer friend and let him convert my idea to real drumming on his Roland drums via Superior. There are unprocessed kits that you can customize from the scratch and configurations which have preset tweaks. If you have issues I have found them to be very helpful. There’s an edit page where you’re free to make use of the equalizer as you wish. But which of these instruments will offer you the most convenient and impressive choice? You can toggle through the panels as you wish and even decide to display/hide any panel. You can just drag them onto the midi track and bam! There are unprocessed kits that you can customize from the scratch and configurations which have preset tweaks. I have EZ Drummer 2, Superior, BFD Eco and Studio Drummer. So just to really bring it all together, Which Drum Software Is the Best ? I have both and agree with that. All I would say is - try out the SD Avatar library and the EZxs I mention as I described and see what happens. The backing music sucks. Also, +/- 2dB does make a difference. The Ezdrummer is a great alternative to addictive drums and helps to provide an equally impressive tool kit for producing some of the best beats. The virtual drumming equipment will allow you to record your own grooves. And how did you determine that? Your email address will not be published. Toontrack told me there are only 2 samples per velocity layer in their earlier EZd expansions. Steven Slate Drums have a really complicated interface which is hard to get your head around at first but once you do it’s pretty seamless and can be very effective. To start I’ll say that Addictive Drums sound really good, it’s very easy to use, it has tons of options and it’s not very expensive. Nothing but vague feel-good catch phrases and false assumptions of what the drum sound means to my music. But it is definitely difficult to program techniques such as symbols swells and snare drags and things of this nature with Superior. Hi All My first post here! Also re: 32nd / 64th machine gun effect - not an issue for old guys like me, we can't keep up! I’ve read some reviews that say that Superior Drummer basically is EZdrummers’ big brother but with more options and bigger kits and I kind of would have to agree with that. Toontrack hasn't really been giving you a lot in their midi packs. I really love the acoustic sound and the sampling from Superior especially for snare work ( so I don’t have to do too much compression). So a pattern like for example L L L R L is actually played back as L R L R L. You need an account to post a reply. There have been the inclusion of a number of the new features but the core functionality that makes superior drummer one of the best remains constant. I have found myself using EZ to lay stuff out due to it's awesome interface, then play back the results in Superior. And so between Addictive Drums and Slate and Superior Drummer I’m going to have to say Superior drummer 2 definitely takes the cake and of course opinions are like assholes as I’ve said before, but if you’re looking for good mixing an authentic sound and for your own sound; if you’re creating something very authentic, Superior drummer 2 definitely is the way to go. You must be logged in to reply to this topic. No one knows why the whole world fell in love with virtual drumming. I currently own Superior Drummer 2 but I lack midi grooves ..... can I buy some without buying additional soundbanks ?? It wasn't worth waiting for. Very professional. I really enjoy sampling with a Superior Drummer 2, it’s just amazing. But as a simple user - and I use a customized Yamaha e-kit, consisting of nearly 4 kits combined, with 4 drum trigger modules, and about 40 triggers to shake a stick at - I've used Superior 2, EZDrummer 1, and earlier Addictive Drum VSTi's. Addictive drums have managed to create a constantly expanding library of drum kits and they have looked to include different options from the 1960s. It’s possible to adjust the layout as you can resize the window to fit whatever device that you would be using. I started with AD but have come to prefer Superior. SD2 €139 vs. EZD2 €129 at the brainer, if I really decide to pull the trigger now before Xmas... 2 active installations with a total of 4 authorizations. I want a drum track/song generator to create backing tracks for a Jazz/Blues duo (Guitar/Vocal). It’s easy to download and install and you can choose to do that whenever you are pleased. It means you can add just any features you want to create the “perfect” groove. This new interface makes it quite easy to get some of the best musical parts. So a snare track that wanders up and down +/-2dB is... ...well it's problematic. If it interest you my guess is between now and first of the year Toontrack will have some good pricing. I haven't tried all the libraries, but with the ones I have tried, Ezdrummer sounds fall apart if you start tweaking them heavily. Same applies to anything else in the mix too: 4dB on your faders makes a big difference. I use SD and AD daily, but always prefer Superior Drummer and their different expansions (mostly Roots and MM really). Your email address will not be published. They say nothing in 2:43. There’s just so much to enjoy that makes the choice of Addictive Drums to be a no-brainer. Which one do you prefer and why? It is also compatible with MacBook and Windows formats. Users are free to edit the grooves to perfection. The ability to combine different kits of choice on Ezdrummer is impressive. "Tons" of features. My initial use is mostly for demo, but I’d like to learn to program realistic drums and in perspective even use them for actual productions, so long I manage to make them of the quality I need. They really do have the problems stated and, together with the overhead / room stereo imaging issues in SD/EZD/EZxs makes Addictive better IMHO. Now lets talk about how some people have difficulty writing a concise posting. It may not have the same level of adjustability as a number of other top choices but it still well offers everything which you could think of. Both the ezdrummer and superior drummer are impressive options to pick from. When compared to the stress of setting up and making use of a real drum, these virtual instruments are impressive. I love these different software’s and they all have different purposes and should be used for different things. Powerful differences between Ezdrummer vs Superior drummer, Gibson Dove vs Hummingbird: A Tale of Two High-end Guitars from Gibson, Shure SM57 vs SM58 – some simple tips to help you choose the better, Line 6 PODxt Live Reviews: What You Must Keep In Mind. back and forth. Superior Drummer is really close to the price point of Slate and the SDX expansions are a lot better with samples and more comprehensive. AD is actually somewhere in between EZdrummer and Superior Drummer. Occasionally I do some fusion/jazz without the band, so there the plan would be to use the package for actual production work. I hired Nick to deliver some drum tracks. Primarily because the earlier AD's mapping was whacked, plus AD didn't seem to fit within the context of a mix, though sounds great all by itself. You pick a center point whether it be the kick, the snare, or somewhere in between. About the built-in libraries which come with the basic package, is one of the two more flexible than the other (that’s mainly for the demo angle of course). A lot of people I’ve talked agree that AD sounds much better than EZdrummer. I had to have them reset one of my installations due to failures. What are the features that make up the Esp Ltd ec-1000p review. The EZDrummer 2 demo was full but worked for 10 days so could play around a little more. Also Superior will play any of the EZX or SDX drum packs but EZ can't play the SDX drum kits. Just a friendly reminder that political discussion, (including "offhand" and 'sideways' commenting) is. that's what it's all about in the end, isn't it? You sound great! something I've noticed with EZD2, and keep in mind I'm far from an expert with the product, is that if you have a kit with double bass drums and program repeating hits on either the left or the right, the engine always alternates between the 2 drums.

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