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For almost a decade, Āḡā Moḥammad was involved in a ceaseless campaign of warfare, diplomacy, and treachery to unify the Qajar factions, to expand and consolidate his hold on Iran’s northern provinces, to stave off threats from his brothers Mortażā-qolī and Reżā-qolī, and to defeat successive Zand pretenders. Āḡā Moḥammad, having returned to Tehran, launched a second campaign across the Aras the following spring.

Ḥāǰǰī Ebrāhīm, the kalāntar of Shiraz, engineered a coup in the Zand army and denied entry to Loṭf-ʿAlī on his retreat. He was tortured to reveal where he had hidden the remaining jewels from Nāder Shah’s hoard of Indian booty and died on his way to captivity in Tehran. Erivan capitulated, though Shusha held out. Odes 1-61, with full notes, translation, explanation, life of the author, an elaborate introduction, &c. President's address to the nation : July 28, 1970, Library of Congress Authority File (English), Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, Mount Sinai Hospital (Minneapolis, Minn.), St. Barnabas Hospital (Minneapolis, Minn.), St. Joseph's Hospital (Saint Paul, Minn.), 27 Agha Mohammad immediately galloped toward the north and reached Esfahan, a distance of 316 miles, in Ebrāhīm Ḵalīl Khan was ousted from the fortress of Shusha by a coup d’état, and Āḡā Moḥammad was invited to take control.

Sir John Malcolm, a British representative at the time, in his History of Persia describes the eunuch shah's character: "The person of that monarch was so slender that at a distance he appeared like a youth of fourteen or fifteen. 131, 180). Artist

Agha Mohammad Khan Qajar (tiếng Ba Tư: آقا محمد خان قاجار ‎; 1742–1797)‎ là hoàng đế khai quốc của nhà Qajar ở Iran. Submitted tags will be reviewed by site administrator before it is posted online.If you enter several tags, separate with commas. languages and

This cruel deed was perhaps one of the chief causes of the evil in Agha Mohammad's character and behavior. The cruelty and treachery of Agha Mohammad were matched against the nobility and gallantry of Lotf-Ali. At this juncture, a trivial incident in the camp brought about Āḡā Moḥammad’s death and put an end not only to this campaign but to all Qajar aspirations north of the Aras. As Karīm Khan’s health deteriorated in 1193/1779, Āḡā Moḥammad rode out daily, ostensibly to hunt, and was kept informed of the ruler’s condition by his sister or aunt, who were in Karīm’s household. 1829). 242-43). By all accounts, Āḡā Moḥammad was treated more as an honored guest than a prisoner throughout his sixteen years at Karīm Khan’s court. 1742-1797) was the founder of the Qajar dynasty that ruled Persia until 1924. He immediately marched on Mašhad, ostensibly on pilgrimage, but in fact to reclaim Khorasan as part of the Safavid patrimony. Loṭf-ʿAlī Khan fled eastwards and in 1209/1794 was besieged in Kermān, whence he fled to Bam. 161-74. [1971 India-Pakistan War - India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi lauches military идент Пакистана (1969-1971), ياحيا-حان، اعا مۇحاممەد, يحييٰ خان پاڪستان جو ٽيون صدر, یحیی خان دیپلمات و رئیس‌جمهور پاکستان, یحیی خان دیپلمات پاکستانی, ইয়াহিয়া খান পাকিস্তান সেনাবাহিনীর প্রাক্তন সর্বাধিনায়ক, აღა მუჰამედ იაჰია ხანი, ( In the end, the two protagonists for the throne of Persia were Lotf-Ali Khan Zand, a grandnephew of Karim Khan, and Agha Mohammad Khan. The rest of the army disintegrated, except for detachments from Fārs and Māzandarān, which Ḥāǰǰī Ebrāhīm rallied and led back to Tehran (Fasāʾī, I, pp. Book On ʿAlī-Morād’s death, Āḡā Moḥammad three times drove the forces of his successor Jaʿfar Khan from Isfahan back to Shiraz, and became undisputed master of the northern half of Iran. Visual ), Ten days that dismembered Pakistan : March 15, March 25 1971, the real story of Yahya, Mujib, Bhutto talks, The breaking of Pakistan : Yahya speaks about the Bhutto-Mujib interaction which broke Pakistan, Janral Āg̲h̲ā MuhÌ£ammad YahÌ£yá K̲h̲ān, SÌ£adr Pākistān : shak̲h̲sÌ£iyat o kirdār aur un ke rufaqā-yi kār : aÊ»er mārshal He married Agha Mohammad's sister and ordered his young brother-in-law to live in Shiraz, his capital, as a hostage. His acts of cruelty can usually be interpreted as politic or exemplary, to terrorize the disaffected (as at Kermān), or to ensure unquestioning obedience. Yahya Khan, Agha Muhammad 1917-Yahya Khan, Agha Muhammad, 1917-1980.

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