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I went down the mountain. The official US Air Force accident investigation board report noted several reasons that led the Boeing CT-43A, callsign "IFO-21" (short for Implementation Force),[4] to crash. There being no phone in his village, he got in his small Fiat, drove five miles down a narrow winding road to a friend's house, and called the police in Cavtat. Anyhow, what also happened was that the weather cut short the president’s visit to Bosnia, so he came earlier than anticipated, but it was a successful meeting in the evening in Zagreb. A Croatian physician pronounced her dead on the way to the hospital. This page was last edited on 27 August 2019, at 01:07. 'https://ssl' : 'http://www') + ''; Anyhow, we went inside the terminal where there was a table set up with food and I think there were some girls dressed in traditional outfits to make an offering to Ron Brown. Tim Schafer, had good reasons to forget about trying to land in the pouring rain at Dubrovnik, Croatia, on the afternoon of April 3. There’s nothing that we can do.”. to an altitude of 2,200 feet, smoothly and consistently, guiding themselves by the one beacon behind them. [11] A flight safety report records that a survivor was discovered at 21:30, some 8.5 hours after the event, and 90 minutes after 90 additional police had arrived to search for survivors. So had Hillary and Chelsea a week or so before that. "I thought, are they shelling it again or what?" Capt. But the Air Force commanders in Europe -- the captains' superiors -- decided to ignore that. The pilots' final radio transmissions to the tower gave no hint of trouble. It was 98 feet shy of clearing the summit. Pilots prefer the system -- so much so that the Air Force refused to fly United States troops into Tuzla last year until American technicians installed one. Special Forces helicopters tried to reach the site, but were defeated by fog and rain. There was an investigation, a very extensive investigation and the determination of the cause of the crash was that the first underlying cause was that they had no business flying into Dubrovnik. Fortunately I was only scratched up and not injured. And they were when other planes landed that day. See the article in its original context from. Airplane crashes are something you read about, but they’re so rare most people, thank God, never experience them. The crash site should have been located immediately. They were right on course. The pilots descended through the clouds �?? U.S. Army - U.S. Army Air Corps Service: 1904 - 05/10/1911 Private Samuel S. Kelly *KIA* Born 1832 - 08/14/1863 Died C.S. THE PLANE The 22-year-old Boeing CT-43, the military version of the 737-200, lacked many safety features found on commercial aircraft. Fearing she had a spinal injury, they did not move her. He was in no position to know that or say it. Everybody expects that when the President comes, we make the world stop, that we boss everybody around. The Final Minutes The Fatal Mistake Remains a Mystery. 's around the world. The village was on the front lines back in 1991, and the surrounding hills had been shelled periodically since. She was bleeding from her mouth and nose and from her leg. As the rain beat down on the runway, IFOR 21's instruments searched for a radio beacon on the tiny island of Kolocep, 11.8 miles from the Dubrovnik airport. He was on a trip to Dubrovnik, flying from Zagreb to meet with President Franjo Tuđman on an official trade mission. The White House advance chief was a guy named Redmond Walsh, who is one of the more laid-back individuals I ever encountered and he behaved nothing like a White House advance man. The Air Force declines comment on its inquiry. The plane crashed into a mountainside; Ron Brown and 34 other people were killed instantly. DEADLY FLIGHT -- A special report. K,L,P, or Kilo Lima Papa. Is it true that she died from a slashed femoral artery? There was one stewardess who was alive in the back of the plane, a military officer, Sergeant Kelly, but she died being transported to the hospital in Dubrovnik. _gaq.push(['_setAccount', 'UA-17438127-1']); I said, “Well, I better make some calls.” I didn’t want to do it on the mobile phone because they could be monitored. Anatomy of a Disaster Difficult Approach, And a Slow Drift. In March 2011, the new United States Mission to the United Nations building in New York City was named in Brown’s honor (see photo below). Although she is not from Central Florida, Tech. If you knew or served with this Airman and have additional information or photos to support this Page, please leave a message for the Page Administrator(s) HERE. General McCarthy said "there is some pressure from the V.I.P. Everyone else on board died at the scene of the crash. Other planes, such as the 737's flown by Croatia Airlines, have a single A.D.F. Ashley Davis and Capt. [6], Shelly Kelly is universally agreed to have survived the crash, but extent of her injuries is inconsistently reported by a range of commentators. The captains had never seen the Dubrovnik airport, and the lowering rain clouds made it impossible for them to see it now. I could have been. I flew four times with Sergeant Shelly Kelly. If they are on course, the needle on their A.D.F. It was Good Friday, sort of commonplace, Biblical passage. var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(ga, s); And she said my husband does the same. On April 3rd, 1996, just before the Easter holiday, Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown was killed in a plane crash in Croatia. The report on Shelly Kelly's injuries is about 1/3 down. At the same time, they are supposed to descend from 4,000 feet to a level flight at 2,150 feet. Seconds later the plane slammed into the peak and exploded, killing all 35 people aboard, including Commerce Secretary Ronald H. Brown. Shelly Kelly of the Air Force, lay in mortal agony on the hillside. He was interviewed by Charles Stuart Kennedy beginning in March 1999. And that she died on the helicopter mysteriously. We then stayed on the plane. Some five minutes later the plane crashed into the peak of a mountain killing all aboard. THE PILOTS Air Force Capt. Watching their one A.D.F. Christopher Ruddy and Hugh Sprunt Pittsburgh Tribune-Review 11/24/97 "...*The survivor. We had a report that a French I-4 helicopter had seen the plane in the water and bodies floating. Peter W. Galbraith, who was appointed the first Ambassador to Croatia in 1993 by President Clinton, describes the events that led to the crash, how Galbraith ended up not going on that fateful flight, and the landing that never should have been attempted. I said, no, first that this was at the edge of what had been a war zone, but that really there would be a great economic boost to Dubrovnik and if the U.S. Secretary of Commerce went there, it would give a morale boost to the city. The second radio beacon stands 1.9 miles from the Dubrovnik runway, broadcasting the Morse code letters Charlie Victor on a different AM frequency. Shelly Kelly of the Air Force, ... they found one survivor, in the tail of the plane, crushed by galley equipment. The decision by the Air Force command in Europe to fly there anyway -- which it is free to do under present procedures -- demonstrates a "disconnect" within the Air Force, said Maj. Gen. Mike McCarthy, director of Air Force staff operations. would confirm she died of an "ill-defined cervical fracture," a broken neck. The U.S. Air Force plane keeping track of all air traffic in the area loses track of IFOR-21, just as it passes over Dubrovnik, Being the military version of a Boeing 737-200, IFOR-21 is not easily lost. The Croatians offered to close the airport when Clinton arrived and he said, “Oh well, it’s not necessary, we’ll just have a little part of the airport.”. When we couldn’t find the runway the first time, as we were circling back around I said to him, “Zlatko, look there’s no point in attempting a landing in this weather because we’ll get on the ground at some risk, but there’s no way that the U.S. air force is going to land this VIP plane if the weather conditions aren’t safe. I should explain that the Dubrovnik airport had been destroyed, it had been taken over by the Montenegrins in 1991 and been looted and destroyed and it was only partially rebuilt at this point. The United Nations, NATO and European nations did not respond to Croatia's pleas for $400,000 to buy a new one. var sc_project=5585388; A beacon approach is "difficult, especially in bad weather, and when you don't know the terrain," said Fran Gavranovic, a pilot with Croatia Airlines who flies Boeing 737's to Dubrovnik. We shouldn’t do it.”. He then shifted from overstatement to outright dissembling. Transcript of US Department of Defense News briefing held on 7 June 2006 "Results of the Accident Investigation Report of the CT-43 Accident". One of the things they didn’t have was the instruments for an instrument landing. to get there," but he and other Air Force officers say they are successfully combating the problem. She died soon after she was finally found. Capt. The New York Times may have fed the rumors by claiming the police found her alive two hours earlier than they actually had, and that "she tried to stand up, and lost consciousness." Then they look down. It was one of two beacons along the coast sending signals to set the pilots on the path to the runway. I think politics was also a little bit in my mind with the notion that it certainly wouldn’t hurt President Clinton’s standing with the Croatian-Americans who are located in some key states for him to be well received. Shelly A. Kelly, 36, will be buried in Orlando by … The question is a "significant part" of the official inquiry, said a spokesman for the crash investigation board. Kelly, Shelly Ann, TSgt. Col. Robert Rhodes, the 76th's Squadron's commander from 1991 to 1993, said he would never send a crew to a place they had never been unless they were highly experienced and had done "intense, intense" analysis of the approach and the airfield. "I was sure they would land," Captain Sehic said. Unlike civilian 737s, the military CT-43A version was equipped with neither a flight data recorder nor a cockpit voice recorder. Croatia Airline forbids its own crews to land there if neither the pilot nor co-pilot has done it before. His friends called him A. J. (function() { Pilots typically tune in this signal after they fly over Kilo Lima Papa. Also, the Air Force pilots had limited experience withe the outmoded navigational system. on Kolocep Island. We stayed on the plane awhile because we didn’t want to get wet and we were waiting for the Ron Brown plane to land. What had happened was a local man had heard the noise of the plane flying overhead and thought this was very unusual that he hadn’t seen anything and then the clouds had lifted and you could see the plane wreckage and he didn’t have a phone. It turned out that about 6:00 I think we’d gone into Dubrovnik and actually left the airport, but the plane was found on a mountain near the airport now known as St. John the Baptist. While attempting an instrument approach to Dubrovnik Airport, the airpla… The rain, wind and fog were bad for April -- but not as bad as early reports about the crash suggested. He flew Hillary Clinton on her trip to Bosnia and Turkey last month. As we went down I slipped and fell off the side of the mountain and ended up upside down in a tree. I mean, I knew what this meant, but it just, it just didn’t seem possible. Only in the final seconds of their young lives did Davis and Shafer realize they were off course. An entirely credible autopsy �?? Army Service: 08/12/1862 - 08/14/1863 American Civil War Technical Sergeant Shelly Kelly Born 1960 - 1996 Died U.S. Air Force Service: ? Capt. Within hours, on orders from Washington, they authorized an "accident investigation." Ashley Davis and Tim Shafer were flying an instrument approach into Cilipi. Ivo Djurkovic of the tiny town of Velji Do, population 45, was taking hay to his cattle when he heard the plane passing overhead. In fact on the night he arrived, he flew into Zagreb on a small U.S. government plane, a very small jet, and four people to join up with the 707 that was going to take him on the trip to Bosnia. This was a complicated itinerary, which he was going to be in and out of Croatia a number of times.

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