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“You are right your majesty. He goes to the pond but finds no eggs. Make sure that these people get good alms tomorrow at the bazaar.”, Birbal looks at the list, goes to Akbar and remarks, “Your majesty, this list is incomplete.”. Do the world a favor, shut up, focus on your kids and give them a mother. During the season, she ignites violent feuds with Tokyo Vanity, Spice, Sierra and Shekinah. Days turned into weeks and months. The next day, Akbar found that the tub was filled with watery milk. I have a test for all of you,” Akbar said removing his waistband. When Birbal arrived at the man’s house, he noticed that there were several people already present. Season 9 "On the Plus Side" (8.03)Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta There is silence for a few seconds and soon Akbar begins laughing, followed by the courtiers. When Akbar returned, he found the tub overflowing with fresh milk. Without replying, Birbal continues to weave the cot, takes the scroll from the servant’s hand, and hands it over to Akbar. Please do that if possible,” said the intrigued Akbar. But one among them is a guest just like you. All rights reserved. @akbar__v “I think my people love me,” beamed Akbar during his stroll with Birbal in the royal garden. Therefore, he tells all his courtiers to go to the royal pond and bring one egg at a time. The nobles tried their best, but the cloth was too short to cover the entire body. Birbal obeyed the emperor’s order and left. I am pretty sure you will not mind giving him sweets,” replied Birbal with a smile. These stories are short but they are enough to display Birbal’s intelligence. “Yes! Akbar understood the intent and pardoned the gardener. The nobles apologized to Akbar and Birbal, and left the court never to challenge Birbal’s position again. While your lookalikes kept giving you glances to see your reaction, you continued seeing straight without the need to see the reaction of others. @akbar__v There was silence in the court. Why is my name on the list?” the irked emperor asks. Tell me what came first, the chicken or the egg?”, asks the scholar with a thunderous voice. 1 Before Love & Hip Hop 2 Love & Hip Hopfranchise(2019–present) 3 Appearances 4 Trivia Akbar V is a rapper. “Why did you do that Birbal?” asks Akbar. “Didn’t I tell you, sir?” asked Birbal. The man told a joke, and all the guests in the house burst into laughter. “I am surprised, Birbal. Akbar’s son, Dorribion, has made an appearance on Love and Hip Hop Atlanta. “This time people poured pure milk because they were afraid that you will find out there is no milk in it. Leo "When y'all h**s even mention my kids ima say what i want to u don't speak bout them period or on them don't worry who got custody or who don't," she said. Akbar’s challenges to his loyal courtier Birbal and the latter’s witty and smart ways of facing them not only bring smiles but also teach some valuable life lessons to children. “Your majesty, I only sold the well. There were demands for the maximum punishment for the culprit. There were some who did not believe her at first because she was supposed to be having a surgery, but the "Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta" star insisted that she was not lying. Despite the sale, the farmer continued to draw water from the well. an Instagram user said. She has five children from previous relationships, including Dorribion who appears on the show. Birbal entered the court. The courtiers were astounded by Birbal’s reply. Akbar realized his mistake and began to miss Birbal. 5 "I'm not sparing ur kids ur mother nobody cause my kids see these comments an they gonna also see they mother going in on all y'all h**s let's goo.". “That man over there is the other guest,” Birbal said pointing towards a man. But Birbal replies with confidence, “Ask me just one difficult question.”. “No, he should be banished from the kingdom!” exclaimed the treasury minister. One day Akbar asked Birbal what would he choose if he were given a choice between a gold coin and justice. “Well done Birbal. She’s hoping she’ll be able to get custody of her other children once she signs a record deal. Instagram But the guest only smiled, and that is how I could identify him,” replied the smart Birbal. According to her profile in VH1, she is on a mission to reunite with her five children, but in order to do so, she’ll have to get out of her own way—working with her notoriously hot temper to channel her pain into music. Your subjects care for you, but they also fear and that is why they filled the tub with milk this time.”. Birbal once visited a kingdom as an ambassador of Akbar. Everyone was surprised by Birbal’s reply. “The loyal gardener felt sad that you had to use a silly reason to hang him, and your decision might be criticized by the people. Instead, they're all now living with her relatives as the star received assistance from her cousin Kandi Burruss to get her life together. You just opened my eyes by proving me blind!” says the amused Akbar. We are at the destination.”. “Here is the list of blinds your majesty.”. One day, Akbar stumbled upon a rock sticking out of the soil in the garden. “Your majesty, the confidence on your face set you apart. The stories of Akbar and Birbal have mesmerized children since generations. I recommend you to give the culprit some sweets.”. So she left to her shed.”. The village chief decided to give Birbal a chance. Amidst all the noise, Birbal stayed silent. Such stories help children develop their presence of mind while having a good laugh. “Wonder how many crows are there in the kingdom, Birbal?”, “There are ninety-five thousand, four hundred and sixty-three crows in our kingdom, sir.”, Akbar looks at Birbal with amazement. “No sir, Birbal. A courtier passing by the bazaar sees Birbal, asks, “Hey Birbal! He said something into the ear of the gardener. Birbal commented that he could shorten the road. “Jahanpanah. “Last evening, someone dared pull a hair from my mustache. “What if there are fewer crows?” asks Akbar skeptically. “How did you know I was the real king? Therefore, he decided to give you a grave reason to hang him.”. Valerie RavenAugust 22, 1989 (age 31)Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A. Akbar looks at it and is shocked to see his name at the very end of the list. “Jahanpanah, now that the cow has eaten away all the grass, what would she do on a piece of barren land? It is soon Birbal’s turn. Akbar decides to test Birbal’s wit by playing a trick on him. Akbar understands his folly and bursts into laughter. Birbal separated it from the plant and sent the pot to Akbar with a note, “Remove the wit without cutting it or breaking the pot.”. Since all the courtiers presented an egg, they are all hens. “I am sorry, your majesty. How do you expect me to reward someone who dared to pull my mustache?” asked Akbar. Take this list to Birbal. She endured a rough childhood growing up in Cleveland Ave, including experiencing drug addiction, sexual abuse, the death of her mother and having survived a gunshot wound to the head. And kids can read them at any time – whenever they are bored or feeling low. Still, everyone laughed. “What do you mean incomplete?” exclaims Akbar. “What is this, Birbal?” the emperor asks. Birbal, who was hiding in the very village, said, “I will provide a pot of wit.”. “Would you prefer to answer a hundred easy questions or just a single difficult one?” said the scholar in a pompous tone. Ethnicity Last year, Akbar revealed that she has five children with five different baby daddies, but none of them are in her custody. Aren’t the stories full of wit and intellect? The king got a dozen lookalikes to dress like him and made them sit on a throne identical to the real throne. He set his gaze on one of the kings. If they are unable to fill it with wit, then they must fill it with diamonds and precious jewels. He ordered the arrest and execution of the gardener for his negligence. Your rule has ensured that there is justice everywhere. Soon the situation is clear. Therefore, I chose the gold coin.” Akbar broke into a warm smile and rewarded Birbal with 100 gold coins. We can prove that we are no less than Birbal,” said the leader of the consortium. “I did not expect that reply, Birbal. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. “Jahanpanah, you and all the others in the list asked me what I was doing despite it being evident that I was weaving my cot. "Chilee how she gonna have another baby when she don’t custody of her other kids," another echoed, as one other sarcastically wrote, "The state will be waiting right by her bed side .... congrats ! In response to a fan who said, "No you not… You already scheduled for your surgery...You are not about to play about that," she replied, "No I'm pregnant. 6 Best Ways To Deal With Jealousy In Children, How To Draw A Mountain: A Step-By-Step Process, 30 Informative And Fun Camel Facts For Kids, 121 Positive Words Of Encouragement For Kids, 65 Science Quiz For Kids of Grades I to X. “Why do you draw water from the well when you have already sold it?” Akbar asked the farmer.

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