alliant 2400 load data

The individual accessing this site assumes the risk of safe loading practices. Have at one time or another used any and all of these they are all outstanding . Good, because I’m about to show you some of the most useful reloading data tools on the web and it would be really awkward for both of us right now if you weren’t interested. For shotgun reloading, just put in the gauge and shell to browse your options, or get specific by also inputting your preferred load type, shot weight, manufacturer, and powder. Home Forums > Ammunition, Gear, and Firearm Help > Handloading and Reloading > alliant 2400 in .223. View product detail, “I was one of the lucky people selected to test the RL50 powder earlier this year. …well I do, but the point I’m trying to make here is that these days you can find anything and everything online, including digital reloading data tools. With 158 XTP'S I use 12.0/2400. 19. Reloader's Guide Alliant Powder Reload Recipes ← Back. This information and data may vary considerably depending on many factors, including the components used, component assembly, the type of firearm used, reloading techniques, safety precautions practiced, etc. Wasn't 2400 orignally supposed to be used with mag primers? Much below 16 it won't cycle. Use the guide, New Sport Pistol provides consistent, clean-burning, temperature-stable performance that precision and action shooters can rely on when a competition is on the line. The site itself is straightforward enough. Poll: Where are you finding reloading primers and powder? For years ALL my .357's have eaten is my cast 168 gr SWC pushed by 13.5 grs. The guide is primarily focused on shotgun reloading data, so from the main page you’ll follow the link for your gauge and shell type and then from that page, you’ll find your hull and shot weight and follow that link to pull up your recipe. Ultimate Reloader is not responsible for errors in load data on this website. 30 M1 Carbine. You can print the data or email it to yourself or someone else to share it or have it to refer back to later. I use a hard cast Hi Tek coated round nose flat point with 15gr of H110. Unlike Hodgdon, Alliant Powder provides reloading data for revolvers, but also only provides reloading data for centerfire rifle and handgun loads. This gives 1450 fps from my 6" M28. It’s more of an index. 11FC powders. One thing to note about the Alliant Powder Reloader’s Guide is that it provides recipes rather than ranges for powder, which makes it more difficult to figure out how much of what powder to use to get the velocity you want. Instead, I want to really quickly talk about two terms: starting load and maximum load. It may not be a "magnum" type load, but I figure being able to use 2400 (a powder I have plenty of) for pushing such a big hunk of lead at a decent velocity, makes it just different enough from my 45colt/44mag loads (and more economical) to make reloading for it worth while. After 50 years of rollin' my own........2400 & Unique are my go to powders. 10mm Auto. So I cut some wood away. Accurate as all get out. We know this is just scratching the surface of the world of reloading, we have a lot more information in our Beginner’s Guide to Reloading! 7 Accurate No. I have used 2400, H110, and AA #9. as a resource to get the information they need. One with a 4" mdl 28. None are any way more useful than others . Now my bullets mostly come out at 1.253 in OAL. I used a gas checked 165 gr cast (Kieth Style) or Coated 158 to 185 grain. Any of these reloading data tools will serve you well. 2400 can leave unburnt powder and burns dirty. For rifle and handgun ammo, you’ll follow the link for your category (Cowboy Action Handgun, Pistol/Revolver, or Rifle) from the home page, then follow the link for your cartridge and bullet type. Plus it’s just plain. Hodgdon Reloading Data Center only provides data for Hodgdon manufactured powders, but the odds are pretty good that you’re using one already and with such a large selection of powders available from Hodgdon’s brand, you’re sure to be able to find a powder that works for you. 2400 is my favorite powder for cast bullets. I have used 2400 over the years and I have loaded a charge of 14.5gr 2400 under a few different 158gr jacketed bullets and that makes a good load. Alliant bought the Hercules line of powders. But I still don’t have a favorite full power load. Tried some Lil Gun and most recently used some HS-6 that need used up. Alliant Powder neither assumes nor authorizes any person to assume for it any liability in connection with the use of any product or data. Though extremely rare, overloading a round can even cause it to explode, ruining your firearm and sending you to the hospital. find a plethora of revolver data including 38, 357, 41, 44, 45 etc calibers. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. All Reloader Gear. Not fishing for reloading data, can get that from manuals. Poll: What Reloading Components Can’t You Find? Rather, the diary function is a dream come true for load development and recipe recording. Out of stock. Bullets will probably be 158 XTP. – and in a way that won’t get your gun, your hands, or your face damaged – you the right reloading data. The amount in the recipe is the maximum load, so don’t exceed it. Shotshell components are typically much easier to find than some other more popular reloading components (small rifle and pistol primers, 9mm and 22cal projectiles, etc) – but it’s been a challenge to get all geared up for shotshell […], March 23, 2013 Gavin Hornady 366 Shotshell Press, Reloading Blog, Shotshell Reloading, Uncategorized Alliant 2400, Alliant Blue Dot, Alliant Red Dot, Alliant Unique, Reloading Blog, Reloading Data, Reloading Primers, Reloading Videos, Shotshell Components, Ultimate Reloader, For quite a while now, I’ve been waiting to try Alliant 2400 in my magnum revolvers (for 357 Magnum, and for 44 Magnum). When developing a new round, start with the minimum starting load and build up from there to determine exactly how much powder you want in your recipe. Ohio's best CCW resour, I would like to dispute the statement that the Hodgdon data center does not have revolver Much above I get overpressure signs and loss … Or a +p load? The full power load uses the same bullet and 15 grains of 2400. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. Your freedoms of Speech, Assembly, Religion and to Keep and Bear Arms are brought to you courtesy of a Veteran. Feels like about 90% of a full power load, and shoots accurately. Workin' On Our Night Moves Night Shooting Helmet Setup Overview. You can always print out just the pages you need if you’d still like a hard copy but not the whole thing. 2400 with a 158gr Hornady XTP works great in all my 357s. 357 Magnum. Large Rifle it is then. Hodgdon Powder Company is one of the world’s largest powder manufacturers, producing smokeless powder under the Hodgdon, IMR, and Winchester brand names, as well as black powder as GOEX. I went the H-110 route. I have a Dillion Square Deal Reloader. Okay. data. Alliant suggests starting your round with 10 percent less than the recommended amount of powder in the recipe and working your way up to determine the right amount of powder for you. Check out our beginners guns video course. They are free. I like low-medium power 357 loads with 158 grain hard cast or coated lead bullets. When it comes to overloading your round, the best case scenario is creating a round that’s more powerful than you can manage, hurting your accuracy and possibly you with excessive recoil, but you can also end up with a round that creates too much pressure, damaging your gun. Canister Sizes: View All 2400 ® … I use 230 grain Berry's Plated over the Min Load of 7.6 grains of Accurate #5. thanks, fred. The PDF format also means that you can download whichever version you prefer to your computer or mobile device for offline access whenever you need it.

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