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i just will never understand how he just stopped caring and not wanting to work things out so quickly i don't want to believe all the times he said "i love you" was a lie but i don't know what to believe. Take this quiz to find out! I never confessed my feelings because he's been my brothers best friend for 12 years and his family is like our family and I don't want to ruin anything but it's so hard. I've seen him have a crush on every single girl at our Church except for me.

Take this test and find out if you're an Alpha, Beta, or Omega! I don't even know if I love him or if its the fact that he was my first and only crush that I just feel attached to him. We did everything together. And in advance, my apologies for such short quiz.

I had a guy I was seeing when I was 17 but we stopped as he told me he had a girlfriend, I dated her for 6 months, she broke up with me on Valentine’s Day for my best friend...I’ve been broken for 2 years and I just feel like I’m just a worthless depressed man over a girl, and even when I try to tell people about it, they just say I hope you feel better, and I just feel loss now I’m a cinder while seeing all of my friends dating girls and everytime I see her, my head goes heavy and my heart hurts to death..., I broke up with my bf of 5months (our history goes much further back than that) he cheated on me, only a small thing he did but it completely broke me I, My crush hates me he told it straight to my face it's been a few weeks he diyed his hair red pinkish on the ends and now he's dating my best friend I just want to die. Send feedback about GoToQuiz, report a bug or error, make a suggestion!

She stopped liking him very fast, and recently we were playing t or d with my other friends and they asked me who I liked and I said "Keller" and they were surprised I still liked him. BOOKSTR’S EMAIL NEWSLETTER. even though i want to be in him arms right now and i miss him vv much. Your soul is kind and poetic, just like Quinn! I gave him my all. They all think he is a douche but he's... idk... perfect? Make quizzes, send them viral. I know im young.. but im completely falling down a black hole of just nothingness.

When you look at a person you like do you: When you see couples on the street do you: When you look in the mirror, you see: Are you always crying for your-self? He comes before everything, and I won't let my happiness get in the way of his. We argued a lot tho... but we both fought for each other each time we never gave up because we knew we had too much already planned for now and later. Yes, I like the gender I was born with. we face timed most nights and we both admitted we liked each other a few days into talking. The fact that he can speak his mind and not care what people think in this world where everything has to be pc is... nice. You are like the cute, single-neuroned drummer of the MoodBoards! The Taste Test - the Sushi or Hot Dog Dilemma, Why Doesn't She Like You? Earlier i denied his thoughts thinking that he's being extra protective but noe i feel how much he loved me..i understood this when i felt the same pain when i saw him with other girls...we broke up..but even se still loves me and im feeling kinda guilt for supressing hi thoughts...plzzz tell me now what should i do? And in advance, my apologies for such short quiz. I then realized he looks better w/o me so i broke up with him because of that. You can share it with your friends :) Are You An Alpha, Beta or Omega?

I could never live without him. Uh! Quiz topic: How much of a heartbreaker am I? and she laughed saying "I love that you admit that but still like him" and the thing is I don't know what to do!! My sister was even surprised she said "Him?

☻ Hope you'll enjoy!-----Question 1. Are you more of a Daisy Buchanan or a Mr. Darcy? I’m lost and everyplace, everyone and everything reminds me of him. a few weeks after this me im and my best friend had a group face time which meant alot to me that he wanted to make such an effort so i told him i loved him when she left the call and he said it back, it was like a dream he was perfect and i loved him.

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