antithesis in susan b anthony speech

And it's been very, very popular. "She certainly knew how to get one," Gordon added. Nearly 150 years ago, Susan B. Anthony was arrested for voting when women weren't allowed to. Susan B. Anthony's arrest and trial after she voted in the 1872 presidential and congressional elections helped galvanize the women's suffrage movement, leading ultimately to the ratification of the 19th Amendment decades later. She is putting into question the credibility of the court, while adding credibility to herself by speaking plainly yet proper and making valid points. Behind every stride towards Civil Rights were individuals who swayed opinions, demanded equality, and inspired. Standing in the White House Blue Room on Tuesday, President Donald Trump expressed surprise that Susan B. Anthony, the woman's rights activist who … This essay has been submitted by a student. "This was brought up a week ago, and I was so surprised that it was never done before," he mused, announcing he would take the step later in the day. Susan B. Anthony and Nineteenth Admentdment to the U.S. Constution Essay, Susan B. Anthony And Her Contribution To Equal Rights And Anti-Slavery Movement Essay, Women Rights In The Speech By Susan B. Anthony, “On Women's Right To Vote" Essay, The Life and Contributions of Philanthropic Visionary, Susan B. Anthony Essay, The Use of Hypophora, Pathos and Logos in the Speech Women's Right to Vote by Susan B. Anthony Essay, Susan B. Anthony: A Life Of Activism Essay, Rhetorical Analysis Of The Speech By Susan B. Anthony "Women's Right To Vote" Essay, Admiration and Misogyny: Controversial View of Women in Elegy 19 Essay, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: The Desire to Share the Dangerous Knowledge Essay. There are many examples of rhetorical devices in Susan B. Anthony's speech, On Women's Right to Vote. "Robbed of the fundamental privilege of citizenship, I am degraded from the status of a citizen to that of a subject," she said.

"It is our understanding that there were discussions about a pardon for her as well and she didn't want it," Hughes said. this essay is not unique.

"What took so long?". "Well-meaning people have brought it up before," Hughes said. Anthony." The efforts made lit a fire in all their hearts, which would only burn stronger until they got what they wished and fought all these years for, not even death could stop this powerful movement.

This was a very big and much needed step towards the change of women’s suffrage just being within a localized group and people, to being something talked about and protested nationwide. An example of an appeal to logic in this speech would be ‘It will be my task tonight to prove to you that with that vote, I not only did not commit an offense but merely exercised my citizenship rights, which are guaranteed to me and all citizens of the United States.’ As Anthony was using logic and reason to prove her point, she stated clearly that she did not do anything wrong and she was merely exercising her right as a citizen in the United States. Are you interested in getting a customized paper? "When you're asking for a pardon, you're saying, I did something wrong.".

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