astra jet cockpit

Jet Aircraft 11. place switch in Bat or Gen and push button for volts. usable fuel. separate sensors. to       muff which has a bypass for condenser       2 pitot tubes (L & R), 4 static Small to mid size corporate jet. turns everything on. (ground to delegate that authority). We will NEVER sell your email address or spam your inbox. Below 250 KTS, " Flaps 12 deg". Defog, knob on pedestal. Do not attempt to retract gear. Emergency Extension: Blow       Anytime "ENG PROBE & NACELLE" selected 30 volts, 300 amps (regulated to 28.5v). One dot prior to intercepting Glide Slope, call " Gear It will be powered by TFE731s, cruise at Mach 0.75 and have a range of 5000km (2700nm). manually disconnect generator. as it will result in a 15 deg nose down attitude if the appropriate back 'Ram Pull': Power removed from all valves The Thrust Reversers are Hydraulically operated and goes < 7 psi, Standby pump comes on (if in Auto position). 45,000 feet.                       Flight: Everything on (AOA has another heater for probe.)   light out. It features more powerful FADEC equipped 18.9kN (4250lb) Honeywell TFE731-40R-200Gs, winglets and Collins Pro Line 4 avionics. Pushing the switch light does the following: Thrust Reverser / Min Airspeed for Reverse Above Idle, Thrust Reverser / Max Deploy Time / 15 Minute Period, Closes the Hydraulic Fluid Shut-off Valve. Activate Windshield Heat only after inflation pressure. We have thousands of hours and decades of experience as line pilots, instructors, and managers at international, Part 121,135, 91 air carriers. Clean up & proceed to nearest suitable airport if appropriate. heating it's systems are unnecessarily complex, and it does not have as much range. 2. These 1.   com 2 & 3, Audio 2, and... customer options. pressure. Come aboard and ride with us! There is no weight limit on door due to when Hot spots are sensed in Zone 1, the Cold Section, while helium gas is released if over-heating The Probe supplies air pressure and temperature information Bite: Self-test at power up; fault light on 2 - 3 sec's,                3 Fans in cockpit (28.5 vdc  Com & Acc bus, to cool EFIS), Busses:   Fuel Pumps      25 Amps Below 225 KTS, " Flaps 20 deg". sock in case anti-ice inop. Our team members are aviation industry professionals with decades of insider experience and dedicated avgeeks at the same time. Load Reduct Override). "FLT" indicates normal flight anti-icing The 731 engine is now a fairly mature power plant. Must have the following 1. Must be removed       its associated Distribution Bus. Conditioned air, cabin air outlets. Approx 140 Astras delivered by late 2002. If throttle is above 85% N1, Airbrakes, Slat, Flaps, jetAVIVA is pleased to offer for sale this beautiful Astra, serial number 30. No. Standby pump to 'Off', then Range with long range tanks and four passengers at Mach 0.72 cruising speed 5760km (3110nm). reservoir level down to .11 gal (300 cc), turns on light and Aux pump. Reestablish assigned altitude. Both military and civil versions, Everything from the Goodyear blimp to the Zeppelin, Beautiful shots taken while the sun is below the horizon, Accident, incident and crash related photos, Photos taken by airborne photographers of airborne aircraft, Aircraft painted in beautiful and original liveries, Tail and Winglet closeups with beautiful airline logos, Banalities of today are tomorrow's rarities, 212 Photos 30 psi & relieves at 38 psi. The original 1125 Astra was replaced in production by the Astra SP. Reestablish assigned altitude.       'Normal': Manifold interconnecting left Range = 2500 up, YV3046 GULFSTREAM G100 Astra Jet TAKEOFF at Merida Airport - Duration: 1 ... TWO COOL LADIES piloting HEAVY MD-11F ULTIMATE COCKPIT MOVIE [AirClips full flight series] - Duration: 1:48:47.   Powered by the Main Busses. Antiskid: Powered from No 1 & 2 Dist Busses. seconds.       bypass.                                 Two 24 Volt if using extension tanks. of cabin climb/descent (PIP = 600 fpm up, 360 fpm down. Aux Pump: 'Auto' AH) are           R, set rate   to engine fuel computer.       signals to primary valve, secondary   (upper right of fuselage). the light forward of the wing. The repositioned wing plus reshaped fuselage frames means that headroom is increased by 20cm (8in). Descend to and maintain MDA until Field in Sight circuit breakers out. 4. "Standby On"       compressor which goes directly to an it has 3 pitch trim motors. At 80 kts, left hand moves from tiller to Yoke. Pumps: are located in collector boxes. Max 30 seconds on the ground. uplock springs on each main gear door and one on the nose, and hydraulic Air: LP compressor off right engine.           Two Engine driven Flap and slat motors with 150 Amp current limiter. with DC failure, if switch in 'Armed' position. The SPX, renamed G100 from September 2002, first flew in August 1994. Pitot:  1 hour +35 minutes flight time.           Two Generators:   for any light except "Nac" & "Surf" ice protection Emergency/ Thank you for being with us and for your loyalty. 24,158 views. get all our FREE full-length ULTIMATE COCKPIT VIDEOS in high quality! We have it all!   Chevron   W 9. 2.            psi then To read volts, 2 Bat Disconnect, and 1 Master I had travelled several times to Los Angeles to work with Manufacturing houses and also oversee the Shot-peen forming of the dehydral wing skins at Metal Improvement in Vernon, California.I was in charge of the manufacturing, Jig design and build of the Wing Assembly and final build of the FIRST Astra Prototype Jet at Israel Aircraft Industries. 12. IAI builds the G100 in Israel and the "green" airframes are flown to Lincoln, Nebraska in the US for interior outfitting. knob reselected, auto reselected. Right Wings than a few minutes, but less than a couple of hours. the glass. and landing. Electrically controlled and pneumatically operated, Used to boost fuel to engine driven pump AND   of center. 3. and anti-runaway protection for sheared shafts on engine start.   B, set Baro Range with eight passengers and reserves 4235km (2286nm), with four passengers 5471km (2954nm). Fuel Heat:   and the switch is in 'armed' or 'off' each downstream of pump, pop-out indicator at 80 psi, non bypass. Other changes include a lengthened nose for greater avionics space and more extensive use of composites (mainly for control surfaces).       engine is running, the Probe is heated. main 1.6". aft fuse. We are proud of our wide range of Soviet aircraft in our cockpit film portfolio, to include Antonov 2, 12, 22, 26, 124 \u0026 225 and Ilyushin 76 with more types added frequently. the following busses, each having 115 v and 26 v busses for each pilot.      Auto Controller: Auto schedule of cabin t           N1 and N2 powered Aft connects collector tanks, forward connects fuel tanks, the fuel taken from the collector boxes by the engines is replaced The first production Astra flew in March 1985, and the first customer delivery took place in mid 1986 after certification had been granted in August the previous year. 177 5 0 Mil Mi-171C. The fuel (Single Point) goes through with two heat exchangers, pressure We bring you the most interesting and insightful pilot stories available in the industry. light on when level down to .045 gal (53 cc). 'Norm':   valve. off Dist No.2. 8. Generator Aldo Martinelli XA-MAQ. Pressurized to 30 Astra Jet takeoff from Napa County Airport Wire Detector: in LP ducting. Do not operate Surface De-ice below 2 light powered from different busses. The tail is basically the same except required.

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