bell canoe works yellowstone

- what would be the closest equivelant in the other major brands? I'm 85Kg and you can see how the boat sits with me in it in the picture above (Matto is lighter). I like what you have done, Davy, instead of the seat because my feet do not comfortably fit under it. Pictures on Barrie Canoe and Kayak Club web page. Are you sure you’re buying enough boat?

Head river north East of Orillia Ontario North of Seabright. I don't want a whitewater specific boat). It is a very sea worthy boat and handles very well in windy weather. says is more of a small tandem for smaller paddlers and day trips. i've had my yellowstone solo for about four or five years was one of the first royalex boats in the took me months to decide on the right's always a bit of a compromise chosing the right boat,ideally it would be 17 feet long, weigh 10lbs and turn well and of course track like an arrow and be short for easy portaging (i'm still looking for that one!). Best bet is to try each of them and see how you like… I originally was looking at a Morningstar, and ended up getting a Northwind. Plan on taking one pack with 35lbs. I haven’t paddled it but did give it a good looking over this spring at a dealer. I went up to Swifts store in Gravenhurst on Sunday. Its a boat for the over 225 lbers or tall people. Dont ForgetTo check out the Northwind it is quite versatile and handles a good amount of weight. is right about the initial stability. This website uses cookies for functionality, analytics and advertising purposes as described in our, Here comes the future and you can't run from it, [url], It's as much as squashed, Bell Merlin II as a skegged Bell/Placid/Colden Wildfire... though as both are excellent canoes, that not a bad heritage.

It is the same design as the Yellowstone. check out canoe and kayakone of the more recent issues of canoe and kayak did a review of the yellowstone along with other canoes in the same category. I bought it. However, I have used it many times for solo trips up to 5 days in length. It was a beautiful day but with quite gusty winds. Check C&K’s Canoe JournalThere is a short review in Canoe and Kayak’s special “Canoe Journal” Here they compare a Novacraft Prospector 17, Clipper Prospector 17, Esquif Prospeteur, and a Bluewater Freedom 17’ to the Bell Yellowstone. I may raise it again in the spring. Rockstar is hard to find! I outfitted it with two four ft. air bags and attached the air bag ropes to the gunnels. We a staff and I took both the Yellowstone and Rockstar in roylex up to Gull lake a 10 min drive into town and I tried them out. Bell NorthstarThe Bell Northstar sits in between the Morningstar and Northwind. The Yellowstone solo was a very pleasent surprise much easier to control than expected, dryer than expected and turned better in moving water than expected. bell/mrcThanks for all the info.after reading the posts i am back to the is longer wider carrys more for the 3-7 day trips and i think it is a tougher boat.The bell looks like it would handle a little beter in the tight spots and this is the part i am not sure about is that it would do better in the flat because of its narrow beam.I have paddled the freedom alot and i have no problem with the speed.Oh all these things to consider!!! Check within the last 3 issues. Looking at the Kevlar material for lightness. The Wildfire and the Yellowstone are both fine trippers. Happy paddling , After selling my pack on ebay, I decided on a final test of the Argosy before buying one and then bought a yellowstone solo. Please Call For Details.

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