bernedoodle fort collins colorado

Sassafras - female f1b mini labradoodle.
They are calm, patient, often gregarious, and sometimes goofy when they play with their families. Coat. It’s been an adventurous time of fun, travel, outdoor pursuits, and now, breeding Bernedoodles. F1 (1st Generation) – Bernese Mountain Dog bred to a Poodle (50% Bernese Mountain Dog, 50% Poodle). Jane was prompt in returning my calls and emails and was more concerned about making sure we were absolutely ready for our new pup than she was making the “sale”. Size. Crossing dogs of different breeds tends to result in puppies that not only have the best attributes of each parent but are also healthier than either of their parents. “SABLE” is a color that is usually of a dark brown tone and later will turn lighter. More of the Berner characteristics come through in these pups compared to other generations. Mature weight of between 40-65 Pounds, ________________________________________________, ______________________________________________________________, _______________________________________________. Please note that PayPal charges 3.5% service and only $600.00 will apply towards balance. Sables have darker tips on their coat. Quick View. Their coat color’s are predominately black with white spots, with some that carry the markings similar to that of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Parti puppies are 2-toned, with 50% or more of the coloring being white, Abstract puppies will be mostly black with white markings, Beautiful black, white, and tan colors of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Her adult dogs are all healthy looking, well fed and friendly. Price $2,500.00. Her kennels are clean and well kept. His coat will get lighter and lighter as he matures. Due to the outside influences that can be carried in on clothing, shoes and the like, puppies will only be viewed by photographs until they reach 8 weeks of age. If there is a request to see individual photos of the puppies, individual photos will not be provided until the puppies reach 7 weeks of age.

All four legs with be a lighter color.

Deposits are NON REFUNDABLE UNDER ANY CONDITIONS, but can be transferred to the next “available” litter. In addition to their striking good looks, these dogs have wonderful temperaments and are known for being eager to please, highly devoted, tolerant, and extremely loyal. Their teddy bear appearance will melt your heart while their smart and lovable personality makes them the perfect companion. Multi-Generational – F1B bred to an F1B or a Multi-Gen bred to a Multi-Gen.Multi-Gens also have a fleece, curly fleece or wool coat and are low to non-shedding and allergy friendly. They exhibit the most desirable qualities of both of their parents’ pedigree: the loyal, kind, and calm personality of the Bernese Mountain Dog and the trainable intelligence of the Poodle. The Bernedoodle is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle; or in some cases a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and Labradoodle (sometimes referred to as an Australian Bernedoodle). Many Bernedoodles do shed, although the coat usually sheds less than that of a Bernese Mountain Dog. They are typically bulkier than a standard poodle with a wavy coat.

A law was passed several months not allowing any more animals to be imported into the United Sates for the next 10 years. COLORADO MINIATURE BERNEDOODLE AND LABRADOODLE PUPPIES WELCOMES YOU WITH OPEN PAWS. A low to non-shedding, low-allergy coat makes the Bernedoodle an extremely low maintenance addition to any household. Chocolate puppies are light or dark brown in color. We are adjusting to our new world with three boys within 2 years of each other and are excited for the wild and crazy life we have! Black (Traditional) Tricolor  $3,500.00, F1 & F2 Moyen/Miniature Bernedoodle…… $3,500.00-$4,200.00 (price varies for size and color), F2 Micro-Miniature Bernedoodle ……… ($4,000.00- $4,500.00), ALL PUPPIES ARE SOLD WITH A SPAY AND NEUTER AGREEMENT, My husband, Steve, and I have been married for 8 years. They can be expected to live healthier, longer lives than either of their parents. Proudly bringing high quality Bernedoodles to the Front Range and Northern Colorado. A Bernedoodle whose parents are both Bernedoodles. Hybrids such as the Bernedoodle are only likely to inherit a health problem that is common to both the BMD and the Poodle, and these two purebreds share few common diseases. We are trying to adjust to these changes along with dealing with the COVID-19 laws when it come to visiting and adopting our puppies. Steve is a fireman and I am now staying home with our sons: Luke- 2, Cole- 3 months, Dean-3 months.

Exclude Sold Dogs. Males tend to be larger than females, regardless of the size category.Medium Bernedoodles: Height: 18-22 inches to the shoulder; Weight: usually 25-49 pounds.Miniature Bernedoodles: Height: 12-17 inches to the shoulder; Weight: generally under 25 pounds. Their coat color’s are predominately black with white spots, with some that carry the markings similar to that of the Bernese Mountain Dog. Breed.
Participating in family activities is where the Bernedoodle is most happy. Generally, the wavier/curlier the coat, the less these puppies will shed due to the poodle influence. We love our bernedoodles, and we know you will too! Bernedoodles’ hair can be anywhere from wiry to soft, and may be wavy or curly.

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