best eviolite pokemon

Calm mind or nasty plot for set up for its own, pain split for recovery, destiny bond and memento if you can't do anything else before it goes down. Dusclops is freaking scary and will hurt your team before you can even get it down to half health..... let that sink in a bit, nearly 200 in it's defenses.......yeah. Rock Head. It has amazing overall bulk, reliable recovery, Defog, and stealth rock. This pokemon with Eviolite can become incredibly trolly. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Also you listed the defenses but not the hp, which is just as important. Please read the. The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over. If holder's species can evolve, its Defense and Sp. Run Away. Another eviolite Pokemon that is great due to it's ability, speed boost. While Oddish is adorable, it evolves into Gloom, one of the ugliest and most disgusting looking creatures in the Pokémon universe. Pokemon that is holding an Eviolite will receive an increase in their Def and Sp. Here is my top 10 Eviolite users in Project: Pokemon. Its physical defense is actually the same as its Aegislash's Shield Form, so boosting Doublade with an Eviolite could really give you an edge in battle (no pun intended). Oh wait I did... Trapinch has a 100 base attack stat and mediocre defense making Eviolite essential to live some kind of attack Fun fact Trapinch has the same attack stat as Flygon. Not only is it a damn fine physical wall in lower tiers, it can also pull double duty as a cleric with Heal Bell. This, with Calm Mind and Protect, make it one of the most frustrating and annoying walls ever made. He has once again got a boost in gen5 thanks to evolite giving him 105hp 180def and 67spdef which is still pretty allows it to be ohkod by any super effective special hit, but its a very differant story if its a pysical. Eviolite was a held-item that boosted the Defense and Special Defense stats by 50%, but it could only be used by a Pokémon that could still evolve. If this Pokemon is at full HP, it survives one hit with at least 1 HP. Def are 1.5x. It is a good choise for any team, from E4 teams to PvP teams. Weavile is one of the best non-Legendary Pokemon for Elite Four. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. It's special defense isn't too great however it has 115 base physical defense and with Eviolite it has a crazy amount of physical bulk. If holder's species can evolve, its Defense and Sp. Tangela's move pull is good for a wall as well with moves like morning sun, giga drain, leech seed, knock off, pain split, and the ability regenerator. It can set up a swords dance and is bulky enough to live an attack to do it. How dare you it’s chansey. Gligar is another amazing eviolite mon that wasn't on the list. It has good 105 Special Attack. While Purugly certainly has its advantages in Pokémon battles and can pack a punch, evolving a cute cat into a Purugly is something that ought to be avoided. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Eviolite item helps unevolved Pokemon stand more of a chance in competitive play. Misdreavus is a very versatile Eviolite user that only has 2 weaknesses and can counter both with its move set it has OK defense which can be made up for with will-o-wisp and decent special defense. Long-suffering post-graduate student and lover of pop culture from Game of Thrones to DC. It can be used to set up hazards like spikes and toxic spikes. Eviolite is something that you're going to want to give to Pokemon that you haven't evolved. Dusclops got nerf so him been number 2 is not true any more. Shelgon is completely overshadowed by Salamence almost everywhere, especially with the Mega Evolution. Eviolite: Moveset ・Recover ・Thunder ... And that's our latest Tier List of the Best Pokemon for Ranked Battle as of September 2020. Some odd-ball sets I've seen include eviolite Pikachu, Quilladin, Roselia, Misdreavus, and Piloswine, and lead Omanyte. However, it still has a 4x weakness to the Fighting type. NEXT: The 10 Biggest Problems With Pokémon Games (They Need To Fix), Writer living in Adelaide, Australia. Chansey is by far the best eviolite Pokémon due to its immense bulk, ability to 1v1 basically all special attackers, and it's support as well, having stealth rock, access to moves such as wish and heal bell etc. This Pokemon's weight is doubled. However, evolve this creature at your own peril. Holding it it has 200 base defenses and special defenses. Anyone have a living dex? The only way I see to make it unusa6is if it gets a status condition or if the other team completely walls it. For those who may not be too familiar with Glameow, the cat Pokémon is an adorable and fancy looking cat Pokémon. A Murkrow can be given an Eviolite, which boosts its defense and special defense, making it a particularly tough nut to crack. Alola! In gen 5, the item known as Eviolite was introduced, and it gave Not Fully Evolved (NFE) Pokemon the chance to shine, and in some cases, even outclass Fully Evolved Pokemon. #2 - Dusclops Roselia is a decently bulky pokemon with Eviolite. Its attack stat decreases as it evolves into vibrava. Rather than evolving a Chansey into a Blissey, it would make far more sense to simply give a Chansey an Eviolite, greatly boosting its defense and special defense stats, making it far more difficult to kill than a Blissey. Dazzling Gleam to counter dark types. With WoW and hazards on the field, this thing can be really annoying to go against if you rely on physical sweepers. If held by a Pokémon that is not fully evolved, raises its Defense and Special Defense by 50%. Dusclops is an unsusual case. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. As a result, Sneasel is totally outclassed. I didn't think anyone else knew about Eviolite Misdreavus! Porygon2 is the classic eviolite Pokemon, being extremely bulky, freaking 90/95 bulk is absurd on an unevolved Pokemon, and able to toxic stall the opponent, or defeat them with amazing coverage moves, notably thunderbolt and ice beam. Chansey does indeed evolve into Blissey, but doing so would be pointless in terms of strengthening a Pokémon team for battle. If this Pokemon has no item, it finds one used by an adjacent Pokemon this turn. The Eviolite (Japanese: しんかのきせき Evolution Stone) is a type of held item introduced in Generation V. It boosts the Defense and Special Defense of a Pokémon that holds it if the holder is not fully evolved. Disclaimer before I start this list is my opinion/favorites (whatever you want to call it) and you are entitled to your opinion if you feel a pokemon should be on the list leave a comment about it. The Pokémon is the perfect round shape, combined with a perpetually happy face that never seems to look upset. Thanks to the Eviolite, Magneton is a realy viable Pokemon and recommended for PvP Rated battles. Eviolte is a held item that boosts the defense and special defense of not fully evolved pokemon by 50%. We'll be continuing to update with the top Pokemon as the season continues! I tried an eviolite Skiploom once. Yamper is one of the most adorable Pokémon to ever grace a Nintendo game system. Additionally, Doublade looks rather cooler than its final evolution, which is an additional bonus. Gligar has a solid 105 base Defense, and with an Eviolite, it can actually surpass Gliscor in both Defense and Special Defense.

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