best persona game

With an amazing soundtrack, stunning visuals, stylish UI, and a solid narrative, the game did not disappoint. What makes Persona 4 very different from the other instalments is its overall presentation.

Controls feel clunky, levels look boring, and shifting between perspectives is jarring.

Luckily the Persona series is known for having a really fun and interesting jazz soundtrack because that's what you'll be grooving to the second you boot up Persona 4: Dancing All Night. Get the best gaming deals, reviews, product advice, competitions, unmissable gaming news and more! This is the best game of the series, no question about it. Together with her friends, she hunts the mysterious “Joker”, who murders on request and has the power to make people act on their worst desires, which is similar to the later Persona games’ interpretation of the Collective Unconscious. Be sure to share this full list of iconic Persona series games by clicking one of the social media icons on the top or bottom of the page. RELATED: Persona 5: Every Possible Romance, Ranked. The player's character is faced with supernatural incidents allowing them to use their personas to fight creatures that pop up around their town. Are you and a friend arguing over what the greatest Persona series game of all time is? Persona 4 Golden somehow managed to get the same score as the universally beloved Persona 5. Revelations: Persona is the first entry in the Persona series. It’s aged alright over the years and stands in the shadow of its ­Vita port, but Persona 4 is still one of the best games in the series. As they invest more time, they’ll find it to be a lot darker than modern Persona games, too.

While the game doesn’t take too many risks and its characters aren’t as interesting as those in Persona 3 or 4, there’s no denying that it evokes more style than most other games. The game retains a lot of features found in its predecessor, but gives fans more activities to take part of as a student and more characters to interact with outside of the classroom. Overall Persona 3 asks more difficult questions, without delving into silly or problematic territory as often as Persona 4 and Persona 5 do. From Persona 4 onwards, players can control each party member individually if they want to, which allows for better strategizing, but if you enjoy the combination of regular JRPG turn-based combat with using your Personas and exploiting the weaknesses of your foes, you’ll find that in all three titles, albeit with various levels of grinding involved. Learn more, Find out how the rest of the series stacks up against the Phantom Thieves that have captured your heart. RELATED: Persona 5: Every Main Character, Ranked By Intelligence. It’s hard to ignore the impact that Persona 4 has had on the RPG genre. Persona Q: Shadow Of The Labyrinth is a slight departure from the mechanics of the main series because most of its focus is on first-person dungeon-crawling rather than some dungeon-crawling with turn-based RPG fights, and it really doesn't have very many of the high school simulator elements that a lot of people seem to have issues with. Best Overall: Persona 5, if only because it's the only game that has gameplay good enough to support the game by itself. Persona 5 gets the most out of the gameplay series of the system, making sure that no encounter gets too long if you exploit your enemies’ weaknesses properly, but unfortunately this also makes it pretty easy on normal difficulty. But for the majority of gamers, the mainline series is where it’s at. As the first part of the series to use social links, we owe Persona 3 the social and dating elements that added a lot of flavour to the series. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. After going through several delays, it finally released to universal praise from the majority of critics and fans alike. Unfortunately, battles become unbalanced due to a challenging levelling and spell cost system for Personas, but it’s an overall better game both in plot and mechanics and should be recognised as such. Persona 4 aint bad either, but it has too many forgettable characters. Eternal Punishment is set in an alternate timeline to Innocent Sin, and Maya, a team member from the previous entry, becomes the protagonist here. Persona 5 is one of the best JRPGs of recent years, but is it the best Persona game? GamesRadar+ is supported by its audience. The following is a ranking of every main entry and spin-off in the franchise, in order from weakest to strongest. In short, the basic building blocks are much the same. Thank you for signing up to GamesRadar+. The plot was just as engaging, if not even more so due to the cast and narrative already being somewhat established in the previous entry. At a playtime between 80 and 120 hours depending on your style, it even segues into an ending before going whoops, wait, there’s more. The Shin Megami Tensei series and the Persona series within it are absolutely colossal. Persona 3 is still one of the most popular titles in the franchise, and it was reflected in how much love the game got from Atlus over its lifespan.

It really was a great move on Atlus’ part and looks to be something they’re looking to replicate with Royal.

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