bmw e46 clubsport production numbers

All 330Ci Convertibles must be ordered with ZPP - premium package. The E46 M3 doesn’t have a production number low enough to spark any positive value forecasting nor does it have a Hollywood-hit movie.

I hate not knowing wether or not my car or the next guys is rare or not, and you would have NO clue! The first BMW 3 Series E21 North America version began production in 1976. Myrtle wood is no longer available as a stand-alone option. Power seats are a stand-alone option on 323. The volume planned p.a. Then I found this 5 pages deep in google.

Price Trend . One correction, E46 production went into 2006 (verts, for example), it didn't end in 2005. 325xiT and 330xiT get new Sport Package wheels.

Lumbar seat support added to the premium package on the 325. Styling 137 (17 x 7) with all-season tires replaces Styling 73, also known as the Radial spoke.

The Premium Package has wood trim and moonroof standard, with 16-inch wheels only (no more 15-inch offered).

I found a handful of threads that only had very little info on M models. The BMW 3 Series was again, by far, the BMW Group***8217;s best-selling model series during the past year.

This is not completely relevant to what you are looking for but you get the idea (. First, it is ridiculed. I am too a statistical junkie. The CSL also has various aesthetic modifications over the standard M3. 323 and 328 E46 sedans introduced in the US (The 316 to 320 models were not released in the US to the general public at any point).

The final stage resistor on cars with climate control partially burns out, leading to a loss of proper heater fan control. The number of BMW brand cars sold increased by 5.2% to 1,185,088 units (2005: 1,126,768) units. These features were previously only available with the Premium Package (ZPP). The GTS was designed as a "road-legal clubsport-oriented model" and produced only in the coupé body style. JavaScript is disabled.

The 323 has 15-inch alloy wheels standard (replacing hub caps for no-option package 323s). This is achieved through a high flow carbon fiber air intake, modified valve and camshaft timing, and a retuned DME. The devices are part of the iPhone series, and were released on How much does a BMW E46 3 Series Coupe 330Ci weighs? Though derived from the 3.2-liter S50 B32 unit, the S54 features the following enhancements: The E46 M3 utilizes a Getrag Type D six-speed manual gearbox with the following ratios: 05/2003 through 12/2003 (includes 19 pre-production examples), 06/2003 through 12/2003 (includes 10 pre-production examples), similar not identical to the M3 ZCP and M3 CS, BL91, BL92, BL93, BL95, BL96, BR91, BR92, BR93, BL91 (ZCP only), BL92 (CS only), BL93 (ZCP only), Anthracite Impluse cloth + Black Nappa leather, Anthracite M Texture Alcantara + Black Nappa leather, Anthracite Reflex cloth + Anthracite Amaretta, BL91, BL92, BL93 (1U.S.only)BR91, BR92, BR93 (1U.S.only), BL91 with ZCP, BL92 with CS, BL93 with ZCP, BL91, BL92, BL93 (Canada only) BR91, BR92, BR93 (Canada only), BL91, BL92, BL93 (1U.S.only) BR91, BR92, BR93 (1U.S.only), Second-generation Sequential Manual Gearbox (SMG II) introduced as an option (3/01), Bi-Xenon headlights offered in place of previous Xenon units (9/01), Revised (optional) navigation/audio unit with larger (6.5-inch) monitor (9/01), Radio presets added to Car and Key Memory functions (9/01), Rain-sensing wipers and automatic headlight control standard in North America (9/01), Black High-Gloss interior trim replaced by Titan Shadow interior trim (9/01), In-dash CD player standard in North America (9/01), Strut brace added to front shock tower (3/02), 19-inch forged alloy wheels offered as an option in North America (3/02), Brushed aluminum interior trim offered (9/02), DVD-based navigation system incorporating in-dash CD player replaces CD-ROM version (9/02), LED adaptive taillights introduced (3/03), Revised automatic climate control panel introduced (3/03), Mystic Blue metallic replaces Topaz Blue metallic (3/03), Silver Grey metallic replaces Steel Grey metallic (3/03), BMW Assist and Bluetooth phone interface introduced (9/03), Laguna Seca Blue and Oxford Green metallic paints discontinued (9/04), M3 coupe suspension revised to reduce understeer (12/04), Competition Package (ZCP) introduced to M3 coupe for North America only (12/04), Phoenix Yellow metallic paint discontinued (3/05), Competition Package (known as the M3 CS in the UK) offered outside North America (9/05), Impulse cloth/Nappa leather interior discontinued (9/05), Cross-drilled brake rotors (enlarged to 13.7 inches in front) with two-piece compound rotors (aluminum hat and outer portion connected by steel pins), M Track Mode setting for Dynamic Stability Control (raises—but does not eliminate—the threshold at which the DSC intervenes), 19-inch cross-spoke alloy wheels (8x19-inch front, 9.5x19-inch rear), Alcantara-wrapped M three-spoke steering wheel with M Track Mode activation button (audio and cruise control buttons deleted), Specific aluminum interior trim with milled effect, Exclusive Interlagos Blue metallic (A30) paint option, Increased cylinder bore to 87mm (from 86.1mm) for a new total displacement of 3,246cc, High pressure Double VANOS continuously variable valve timing system with faster operation at high rpm, Increased compression to 11.5:1 (from 11.3:1), Advanced BMW/Siemens MSS 54 engine management control, Electronic throttle activation with two M Dynamic Driving Control response modes, Finger-type rocker arms for reduced reciprocating mass and friction, One-piece aluminum head casting for lighter weight, Scavenging oil pump to maintain pressure during heavy cornering, Wider track both front (by 3.4-in.) The interior of the CSL is redesigned with a sporty-weight saving theme.

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