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0000026975 00000 n Many of the lakes are stocked and offer trophy-sized Brook Trout. sϣ����T�� �`��`c��r_�,�l ����f Copyright © 2020 Utah Office of Tourism. 12 (Escalante/Boulder) in south-central Utah. 0000014924 00000 n 0000021294 00000 n Extra1. 0000064472 00000 n 0000013221 00000 n Some Boulder Mountain lakes are closed to fishing November through April, so make sure you check the specific lake you wish to fish. Please follow local guidelines for safe, responsible travel. When the fishing is good for the one and a half to two pounders, having two on at once heightens the challenge. The Boulder Mountains are unlike any other place I’ve been. !���Q��I���7L�d� 24 (Loa/Torrey) and Hwy. The area is managed by the Dixie and Fishlake National Forests. 0000003171 00000 n Utah Travel These environmentally productive waters sustain healthy fish populations, preserve a wonderful part of fishing culture and provide an economic boost to local communities. The famous Boulder Mountains make up half of the Aquarius Plateau of South Central Utah in Wayne and Garfield counties. ��e���0��r�o�{Z�y{����+�ۙ�ZI�S�3�{���i��-im�;��:�4 ԕ_�_��vۡf�����$(8-y�BEl+P �*�+�jÆ��CyF>�me$����ƾfl+�4H���f���KMݯ> #��~�XS After picking up the llamas in Torrey, UT (they’ve were in Torrey all summer working for Wilderness Ridge Trail Llamas) we headed to the top of the Boulder Mountains. There are countless roads on the mountain, providing direct vehicle access to many lakes. trailer <]/Prev 753570>> startxref 0 %%EOF 164 0 obj <>stream Many of the lakes are stocked and offer trophy-sized Brook Trout. I�j������� e�m�(F�#r��T��D�(h݅��ߕk�6u�L�\� 9/�a�2�+{CE�b����-��?Y� �m֑�=4�-h,�H���Er�&��[6*�ʁ���e���}�Ŧ���NO��K�J���w��(L�LP�>{r}� u =3�@���� �vi6f��W�3�.k�UhF,I�jm�Nƶ`N�5)ZÈ���� Lakes with slow fishing may hold trophies. UTAH’S BLUE RIBBON FISHERIES COVER PHOTO, HORSESHOE LAKE There are over 50 fishable lakes spread across a high country plateau, most of which require some amount of hiking. %PDF-1.5 %���� The Utah Fish Planner also provides the legal fishing rules approved by the Utah Wildlife Board. This flower is native to the mountain and found nowhere else. Most back roads are extremely rough (in harmony with the name Boulder Mountain), and can only be traveled using high clearance, four-wheel drive vehicles. Boulder Mountain is famous for elusive trophy-size trout. Dream fishing at Boulder Mountain awaits anglers who seek both solitude and world-class fishing. � �P After a day in Bryce Canyon, we hit up Boulder mountain in search of some big brook trout. 1 catches; 15 followers; spots; The area loosely referred to as the Boulder Mountain is located in Wayne and Garfield counties and includes Boulder Mountain, the Aquarius Plateau, Griffin Top and Escalante Mountain. Small lures are also effective. ��p̶�QZ����+�Kl�[n"C�춬F.�w2�c^�Vӕ0V�Qz���T��S���w��rZ[b�Me�S�����Y�:3��ol��m6y���c�����>q�薟 1Ź�����d����NL�Pã�|�¡�/O��-[J�Ec��N��f�S64L��j3)���\U��xws�?�lf�/�W,~>hX���o���2����ȝ��) ������q7WaZ�ã��cžj.��|� JNt�AV�&$�at�� ��L��h��iEG�hhhP�$�(((hl�5H@"S0-- � Boulder Mountain is famous for elusive trophy-size trout. Last year was the first time I had ever fished the Boulder Mountains in eastern Utah. Dec 4, 2017 | Fish Story | Last year was the first time I had ever fished the Boulder Mountains in eastern Utah. Site design + code by us. 0000064433 00000 n He had picked out a couple lakes to hike into, so we picked up the pack llamas and made the drive. Small streams draining from the mountain into the Escalante (Boulder Creek, Calf Creek, Sand Creek and Pine Creek) offer good fishing in rugged canyons with classic red rock and sheer cliffs. The mountain’s claim to fame is that the state record brook trout — 7 pounds, 8 ounces — was caught in its waters in 1971. Get to know us more. Some lakes require hiking or backpacking to, especially in the winter. More importantly, there are … Boulder Mountain Lakes Description: Fish Species: Brook Trout; Cutthroat Trout; Rainbow Trout; Brook Trout; Directions/Location: Current Regulations: Statewide Trout limit - 4 fish; Bonus limit of 4 Brook Trout (if at least 4 fish in your bag are Brook Trout, then you can keep a total of 8 trout). Walk-in access areas . The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources' Utah Fishing Planner is an interactive map designed to help hunters research fishing areas. 0000067663 00000 n All rights reserved. All Maps; Utah's Best Trout Waters Map; Tiger Muskie Fishing Map ; Wiper Fishing Map; Utah's Best Bass Waters; Fishing Techniques. We spent Memorial Day weekend exploring the diverse landscape of Southern Utah. A pontoon or float tube may provide an advantage when you are targeting the big ones. Powell Point, on the southwest edge, provides an amazing panoramic view. _gԑ��:Z� &5p`aM1�T1�6����H�;�i"[+,F����>>�E�΀��&a6�1k�)����\ ;�L��i�5V�n�gswTIwºn������ϣ�������l��ٰ��]D�N6���dJV|��DN> ���%S+���0^�B07ſ���3 ���Ә�"L�n5�� F�4 H�\��j�0��z A pontoon or float tube may provide an advantage when you are targeting the big ones. �8E,�;���)t��*���8���d1C��< Cutthroat and brook trout thrive in these undisturbed clear mountain waters, as do wild cut bows and browns. The second day we wandered around a few of the lakes on the southern end of the mountain that were supposed to have some decent brookies and tiger trout. Lakes on Boulder Top usually become accessible in early or mid June, depending on the mountain snowpack. Central Utah This area of southern Utah has a diversity of landscape like no other area in the state - red rock formations and canyons, pristine meadows, alpine forests, as well as lush green valleys. “Fishing from a boat with a motor is unlawful, except at Wide Hollow Reservoir, Pine Lake and Lower Bowns Reservoir.” (. �Y� Of the lakes not accessible by vehicle, virtually all are within three miles of a road. Hiking to Ptarmigan Lake for Finicky Fish, Summiting Humphreys Peak, Arizona's Tallest Mountain, Backpacking Rocky Mountain National Park for Greenback Cutthroat Trout, In honor of National Park Week, we wanted to share, It’s amazing how many awe-inspiring places like, This winter has been a doozy. We would fish for a while, then run back to the car when the freezing rain hit, then the sun would come out for a while and we would fish again. For Memorial Day weekend this year, we headed up to explore more of southern Utah. Ice fishing pressure is light or nonexistent, depending on the lake, so you may find great fishing success if you can get there. 0000079667 00000 n We repeated this process for most of the day. We knew there was a trail that led from Raft Lake to Blind Lake, but we thought we could take a short cut off the trail, but we were wrong… After hiking for a couple hours, we finally came to a 2000 ft cliff. take along scuds, olive damsel nymphs, callibaetis nymphs, wooly buggers, CBS leeches, prince nymphs and blue dun squirrel tail. We drove a truck all the way to the lake and we do not recommend that. Not only is it home to rare flowers, it is home to huge fish too. On Boulder Mountain, which sprawls over an expansive 50,000 acres and is the highest timbered plateau in North America, you’ll have more than 80 lakes and ponds from which to choose. Along with big brookies, we also found plenty of aspen, rain, sleet, splakes, and even some tigers (trout). Many roads are closed due to snowfall/weather November through April. 0000003260 00000 n Utah’s DWR says, “35 percent of the lakes on Boulder Mountain are managed for trophy brook trout, and 83 percent have a trophy fish component in the fishery.”. �& Jason’s first ever grayling. �q���(�+A���_�!�Y,o��s�-gt�g��R��$ET] �#���h��(��zK���6 Ł���^7/G�Z�?A���YY#3&��CV`�[+"(�zk&D�qD>gv4"Q �� D5�:�#��a��Sy��VC�i�f���5���t�*a±�V�YA&��yI�)�O'%�˪}��O��%�)0�Bx7#5i��yȈZ+��e��ws��jlr#�����#Y�. Uinta Mountains; Utah Lake Fishing; Willard Bay Fishing; Willard Bay Fishing Map; Yuba Reservoir Fishing; Yuba Reservoir Fishing Map; Other Waters; Fishing Maps. 0000000896 00000 n From Boulder Utah on highway 12 take the Hell's Backbone Road and follow it to the McGath Trailhead sign. Ever since then I have been wanting to return. We arrived at Raft Lake right as the sun was setting so we decided to camp there for the night and continue on to some other lakes the next morning. Boulder Mountain Garfield - Utah. Uinta Mountain Lakes.

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