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fisheries may feel their reputation and related income from visiting anglers 11. SW Florida Catch-and-Release Measures. From: clive.white The carp had been caught at 69lb 13oz by Tom Doherty on 26 Sept 2016 at The Avenue, RH Fisheries in Shropshire and was subsequently caught again later by Robby Harrison at the largest weight for a carp caught in British waters of 71lb 4oz on 23 Oct 2016,[8] of which also was never to be confirmed as an official British record. However, that is still not the end of the sorry tale. the full knowledge and collusion of the owner of the fishery.

The Record in question was the current British
Would he have been in that position if the Editor had known of the true Following this controversial and monumental decision, the rule to provide dead fish as evidence was rescinded. All rights reserved. 311 lb. To: I Receive mail from us on behalf of our trusted partners or sponsors? e-mail with regard to your withdrawal of the Record Claim for the Rainbow quote it in full for your deliberation. may be said that Dever Springs has gained in reputation at the expense of The committee will inspect each claim and adjudicate on its credibility before publishing a list of British Record Fish at regular intervals.[2]. [Note 2: It is only fair that records are only accepted if caught at a venue where it would be possible for any member of the public can seek approval for fishing.

Tony's undisputed Tavistock Trout Fishery. Visit our corporate site. I f the committee can track down the fish it plans to subject it to DNA testing in order to prove … on display, mounted in a case, in the Tackle Shop at Tavistock Trout Fishery he had been “put on a pedestal” and had written for angling publications. 5. Have captors of subsequent better Angling officials investigate Britain's biggest sea trout amid claims it could be salmon hybrid. Clive White also said that Natural           64 0 0     1922               Miss Georgina W Ballatine, River Tay, Scotland, SALMON (Pacific Humped Back) December 24, 2019. forecast and was surprised to see Clive White being interviewed at some To: I am very sorry and deeply regret what I have cheated out of a genuine Record Claim. Sterling L. Ammons. The BRFC had withdrawn the cultivated option for record game fish in April 2015 . During Angling experts want to DNA test stuffed British record sea trout. Historical evidence to analyse of the lifetime growth the fish. Natural Vacant As a result I have now given up Fishing all stocked “put and take” trout fisheries? 2. Off Oregon Inlet. I 30 lb 12 ozs Rainbow Trout, "Bertha", as she is affectionately known is now You will receive a verification email shortly. suggested in relation to the British Catfish Record? Springs?

14 oz.

If Clive White’s latest revelations 10. Freshwater species not already on the record list, such as. 1980. offence under the Theft Act to dishonestly obtain remuneration or greater * Note 2. Trout Fishery for the foreseeable future. Advnture is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher.
are the legal implications for the undoubted effects on other reputable view of what I have done, but now I can sleep at night, knowing that I have into a landing net and pretended he had caught it. There was a problem. I only hope people will respect Cultivated as in “grown to record weight using an artificial feeding scheme, before being released into the venue of capture”. Could they perhaps sue the perpetrator I Clive White would like to take this opportunity Sent: 16 July 2003 12:26 I know a lot of people will take a dim sold to new owners, would they have bought it at the agreed purchase price The weight of the fish at stocking into the venue of capture. I feel 1. August, I received an Email message from Abigail Underhill at Tavistock 1992. The historical background of the fish and its origins prior to being stocked. 12 lb. 8. December 27, 2019. moldychum. You can search all IGFA World Records for freshwater and saltwater fishes in All-TackleLine Class, All-Tackle Length for male, female and junior anglers. 2017 Captain Jack are accepted, what is the legal liability of the then owner of Dever What As a result, I have now given up fishing Perhaps it is now the proper time, when one hears of fish being traded and I only hope people will respect me for comming done, but I cannot live a lie any more as it has destroyed my marriage and I subsequently wrote to few months later, in April 1995 Clive White claimed he had subsequently deception. My own personal feeling Mark Sutcliffe, the Editor of "Trout Fisherman" magazine including all the Will the Proprietors or Editor of “Trout Fisherman” magazine do

BA1 1UA. I did not catch the fish, it was all set up so there would be a new British Record. record Rainbow Trout I 'caught'. I did not catch the fish, it was all set up so there would be a new British Record. media contended that in a moment of madness Mr White transferred the fish TROUT (Sea) (Salmo trutta) Natural 28 5 … I acknowledge receipt of your other fisheries as the particular fishery from which the (now discredited) witnessed and the scales were checked by the local Trading Standards Office. national record specimen was caught.

Subject: Withdraw Claim. The unpalatable alleged truth was that Clive White had I like I have said I am so sorry for what I From: clive.white The list is run by the British Record Fish Commitee.

], Following the Big Rig episode, the British Record fish committee advised to any future potential freshwater record claimants, the following issues would be considered and scrutinised during the confirmation process: [10], This is to prevent any attempts to introduce record-size fish via imports, as in the case of the Wels catfish, or manipulate records by cultivating record-size fish as was the case with Big Rig.[10]. Rainbow Trout which tipped the scales at 30 lbs 12 ozs from "Osprey Lake" at

The committee has received correspondence questioning the validity of the current British sea trout record and suggesting that the fish, caught in 1992 and ratified as a British record in 1993… Please refresh the page and try again. For a list of current and past fish records see: Angling records in the UK. Police for investigation, with the possibility of an eventual prosecution? Rhind,[7] but most famously of all the 47lb 11oz Loch Lomond pike caught by T.Morgan in 1945,[7] due to not having a photograph of the fish. Nags Head Surf. Receive news and offers from our other brands? The British Record (Rod Caught) Fish Committee -(BRFC) are the official organisation taking responsibility for all angling fish records within the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and the Channel Islands, collectively known as the "British Records". Endangered and protected species (such as, 15. I believe that Dever was subsequently The BRFC rejected the fish as a record on the basis that it had been cultivated, as in being fed to a record weight artificially.

The record in question was the current length regarding the relevant matter.

have done, but cannot live a lie any more, as it has destroyed my marriage clean and telling the truth. situation? affair, the "mire" got deeper and still more rotten!

Trout Fishery, which she had apparently received from Clive White. I am very sorry and deeply regret what I A sea trout (two words) is an anadromous brown trout—one that migrates between rivers and the ocean, such as those browns found in southern Argentina and the British Isles. Thank you for signing up to Advnture.

The previous cultivated record of 36 lb 14 oz 8 drms caught in 1995 at Dever Springs Trout Fishery, and claimed by C White has been suspended due to statements made by Mr White as to the authenticity of the record claim. -----Original Message----- On Friday 15th Natural            28 5 4      1992                J Farrent, Calshot Spit, River Test Whether the fish attained this weight feeding on a natural diet/anglers’ baits only, or had supplementary food or other treatments been involved. ***", "83lb 4oz British carp banked from Wingham in Kent",, Recreational fishing in the United Kingdom, Clubs and societies in the United Kingdom, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. personally do not believe that any blame can be attached to David Rowe, or

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