browning citori ejectors not working

Wood-to-metal fit is paramount on the Citori and with tight, consistent junctions it doesn’t disappoint. Browning BT-99 Plus Browning Citori Plus Tristar TT-15 Trap Combo Muller Chokes . Fire both barrels using spent shells or dummies. I may have missed it somewhere in this 12 page thread. They must be relieved at the place indicated in the accompanying trip-rod diagram. If the problem with ejection is timing related, that is, the shells are ejected too soon or not soon enough, the solution lies in the ejector trip rods or the ejector sears. Just did this mod on my Older BT-99 Plus, Fairly easy to do, works Awesome! Corrosion resistance is also greatly improved. The article mentions an adjoining diagram, but I see no diagram. If you can’t get one from the factory, or if there’s no repair center close by that will cut in the headspace for you, check with Brownells. In fitting new extensions, it is best to obtain as close a fit as possible with no binding. Sight down the barrels. The automatic ejectors eject fired shells when the breech is opened and elevate unfired shells for easy removal. I wouldnt do it anyway cause of its collectability. I just removed the ejector sears on my Cynergy Classic Sporting as suggested at the top of this thread. To delay ejection and make it necessary to open the action further before the ejectors are tripped, focus on the trip rods. It’s a good idea to take a look at the forearm assembly and eliminate reasons for ejector troubles there before turning to the barrel assembly. Top . Insert a small screwdriver through the hole in one extension and completely loosen the screw. Make your next to final cuts with the blank installed in the barrel, the barrel secured in the same padded vise, and use extreme care not to file into the breech. My question is what to do with the little rods inside the spring? My gun is a 725, slightly different. It’s the reason people say a Citori wears in, not out. 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Proud new owner of a late model Citori here. I ordered the 1911 springs but before they arrived was fooling around with the ejector mechanism. It appears that you are accessing the Browning Website from outside North America. This pic shows the forearm iron removed, the right side ejector hammer in the tripped position, and the end of the screwdriver I modified to remove the ejector spring. No that appears to be a firing pin spring. Stuck or balky ejector hammer sears, and their springs, have to be closely examined to determine the cause, such as burrs, dirt, and broken coils. You can pick up a set of cheapo hollow ground screwdriver set (bits and driver) at Harbor Freight for under $10. Do not, under any circumstances, attempt to make this adjustment without the proper tooling. You remove any material by hand with a fine file, and you work slowly, checking your progress often. Morgan UT 84050 The tapered locking bolt engages a full-width tapered recess in the rear barrel lugs. Full-width hinge pin. No over and under has more fans than the original Citori and it continues to reign supreme in top performance and incredible durability. I purchased a Browning Citori a while ago. (remember citori has inertia triggers, the second trigger need to be set by bumping the gun butt or switching barrel selector). At the same time, pins on the sides of each hammer cam the ejector trip rods forward to protrude about 3/32 of an inch from the receiver, and the ejector extensions are being cammed rearward by lugs inside the receiver. I'm not sure if that'll cause problems or not (running without any springs). IT throws fired hulls out of the gun also. It took me less than 5 minutes. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry the guns’ prices at the time of the original review. This website contains many older reviews. The extensions’ rearward travel is limited by striking lugs inside the receiver. Driven by powerful springs in the forearm assembly, the hammers strike the ejector extensions, which are butted to the ejectors. To prevent galling during closing of the action, surface “B” in the same diagram should be polished and its two adjoining surfaces slightly chamfered. It must be shortened and rounded to match the contour of the forearm bracket before you make timing adjustments. The extensions are held in the barrels by two screws, one on each side. 1911 versus Buckmark Recoil Spring Observations/Comparisons. The taper allows the bolt to seat deeper over the years. Use a punch to depress the corresponding ejector sear, maintain pressure against the rear of the hammer and ease it to its lowered position. 800-333-3288 | 801-876-2711, Obsolete Browning Firearms Parts and Service, X-Bolt 300 Win Mag Magazine Service Bulletin. Its a very expensive and Gunsmith required modification to convert that gun. The most common mechanical reasons a Citori fails to eject are: (1) A broken ejector hammer or a broken ejector hammer sear; (2) A broken ejector or ejector extension; (3) An improperly timed or broken trip rod, or a trip rod failing to cam forward off the pins attaching them to the receiver. If you can get a set of 1911 springs without too much trouble, that's the path I'd take. I also have a couple of double guns. I accidentally popped out the springs and my fingers weren't strong enough to get them back in. Open and close the action and throw it to your shoulder. Browning The Citori is more than a shotgun, it is the quintessential representative of the quality of the Browning brand. The springs are extremely strong, so be careful. I have done this modification to my 12 and 20 ga. Citori's. I was looking for information on my shotgun as after many thousands of rounds, the lower barrel started misfiring.

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