burrito boy calories

Iron (%):   17.7%, HADDOCK BURRITO (Whole Wheat Tortilla) - ALL TOPPINGS, HADDOCK BURRITO (Gluten Free Tortilla) - ALL TOPPINGS

Carbohydrates (g): L. 47.5g  S. 47.5g 

Saturated Fat (g):   6.9g Calories From Fat:   148

Trans Fat (g): L. 0g  S. 0g  Protein (g):   27.8g Trans Fat (g): L. 0g  S. 0g  Sugars (g): L. 7.73g  S. 7.73g  Trans Fat (g):   0g

Iron (%):   18.9%. Protein (g): L. 22.6g  S. 17.1g  Protein (g):   33.8g Iron (%): L. 37.3%  S. 33.3%, HALIBUT NAKED BURRITO A Salad.

Cholesterol(mg): L. 196mg  S. 146mg 

No Toritlla Included - ALL TOPPINGS Daily Goals. Calcium (%): L. 60.2%  S. 48.7%  Saturated Fat (g):   6.9g No Toritlla Included - ALL TOPPINGS Carbohydrates (g):  45.1g Trans Fat (g): L. 0g  S. 0g  Calories: L. 1380  S. 1300  Cholesterol(mg):   59.8mg Vitamin C (%):   29.5% Vitamin A (%): L. 16.7%  S. 16.7%  Dietary Fiber (g): L. 14.4g  S. 12.9g  Iron (%): L. 35.3%  S. 31.3%, STEAK NAKED BURRITO A Salad.

Calories From Fat: L. 445  S. 343  Trans Fat (g): L. 0g  S. 0g  Calories From Fat:   187 Calcium (%): L. 65.7%  S. 61.2% 

Calcium (%): L. 55.2%  S. 48.7%  Total Fat (g):   21.8g Cholesterol(mg): L. 61.3mg  S. 46.3mg  Dietary Fiber (g): L. 9.89g  S. 9.89g  Cholesterol(mg):   52.3mg Sugars (g):   8.06g Cholesterol(mg): L. 179mg  S. 141mg 

Total Fat (g): L. 25.8g  S. 25.4g 

1,190 Cal.

Vitamin C (%): L. 25%  S. 25%  Total Fat (g): L. 26.7g  S. 26.1g 

Trans Fat (g): L. 0g  S. 0g 

Protein (g):   39.8g

Carbohydrates (g):  45.1g Serving Size: 13oz

Vitamin A (%):   187%

Saturated Fat (g): L. 8.9g  S. 8.9g  Calories:   740 Iron (%):   21.7%, SHRIMP BURRITO (Whole Wheat Tortilla) - ALL TOPPINGS, SHRIMP BURRITO (Gluten Free Tortilla) - ALL TOPPINGS

Saturated Fat (g):   8.18g Carbohydrates (g):  45.1g Serving Size: 13oz

Vitamin A (%): L. 16.7%  S. 16.7%  Vitamin A (%):   187%

Total Fat (g):   21.9g Calories From Fat:   166 Serving Size: 13oz Total Fat (g): L. 29.5g  S. 28.1g 

Serving Size: 13oz Sugars (g): L. 19.7g  S. 7.23g  Vitamin C (%):   17.5% Vitamin A (%): L. 545%  S. 15.2%  Dietary Fiber (g): L. 9.89g  S. 9.89g  Dietary Fiber (g):   7.52g Calories: L. 1160  S. 1210  Protein (g):   21.1g Calories: L. 1250  S. 1160 

Saturated Fat (g):   12.9g

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