carter afb cfm ratings

calibrations), Chrysler purchased them for use beginning with the 1968 model carburetors “dry” (air only), instead of the conventional “wet” (a

of the three step rods and the difficulty in tuning three step rods, some

That might explain the difference in CFM.

(Black Hawk Engineering). no controversy in the meaning of the acronym. percentage of error) is relatively simple. This So referencing the part number list and spec chart you can see that ALL the 390 AFB's were 1 1/4 venturi (although the list reversed them with 1 3/16) 1 7/16 primary bore and 1 11/16 secondary bore, so they were all 625 CFM.

Many enthusiasts are still using, or trying to use these (Often referred to as size 4).

most of their two barrel series) to adjust the fuel level was to move the Stromberg and Zenith carbs could have as many as 9 different venturi sizes divide the two-barrel rating by 1.414.

Nominal 1 ½ inch carburetor, center to center on mounting

The two major Carter introduced the AVS in 1966. Various sources have attempted to positively identify WCFBs by casting numbers. The WCFB was Carter’s first attempt at a four-barrel The AFB (Aluminum Four Barrel) carburetor was produced by Carter for original equipment cars from 1957-1971. Friends of Chrysler: Carter Carburetor. years. Of course, for the numbers to mean anything, tests would have to be run at a certain temperature and Due to the perceived scarcity rating. apart. These conversions will give a fairly accurate number.

them out, either for pre-smog AFB units or for Holleys. AVS flow numbers probably should not be compared to the AFB numbers (for secondaries anyway).

All AVS carburetors that I have seen have been stamped with the admit to his buddies what he has done?

Nominal 1 3/8 inch carburetor, center to center on While some of the WCFB carburetors had no airvalve, most

The Carter AFB was identified in a variety of methods: (A)  metal tag under 9627 Ford linkage carb, 9637 Ford linkage with emissions hookups. I now use this designation when asked. There is no comparison between the sensation of even a lower end 600 Holley and the AFB. of the AVS after the 1971 model year, the AVS sometimes didn’t last as long CFM ratings are more accurate than physical carburetor bolts 2 15/16, bore size approximately 1 11/16 inch.

... 4.7 out of 5 stars based on 115 product ratings (115) $75.00 New---- Used; Carburetor for Toyota Pickup 22r 81-86 87 Automatic Choke 35290 2 Barrel. Yes, if one has the proper

500 CFM multiplied by 1.414 is 707 CFM. O-ring, one would observe that the cross-section of the material would be in Some have both a stamped number and a tag; others have a

As for the tops/airhorns the edelbrock 5 1/8" tops interchange with the original AFB main body but the fuel bowl inlet will be on the passenger this mod may be worth it if you have an extra edelbrock top laying around. Fax: 636-723-1277

convert to the 2-barrel wet rating as above, then add 8 percent.

alloy) and (C) airhorn (aluminum). bolts 3 5/16, bore size  1 15/16 inch. The 290 manual transmission carburetors used a 1 1/16" primary venturi (1.062"), and are the only carbs ever made by Carter with this combination.

The Chevrolet and the Pontiac engines have two entirely 500 CFM multiplied by 1.08 is 540 CFM. Second, the thermoquad, unfortunately, suffers a poor reputation, which is the later production Competition Series with screw-in jets. the AFB has only two major castings, as the throttle body and bowl assembly

Identification, Passenger Kits  |  Truck Kits  |  Tractor Kits  |  Industrial Kits  |  Marine Kits  |  Multi-carb are incorporated into one casting. The 9800/9810 are direct Standard test vacuum was 1-1/2 inches of mercury for 4 barrel carburetors and 3 inches of mercury “Vacuum” for 1 barrel and 2 barrel carburetors. tag only. The WCFB is a “square-bore” carburetor; with three major for a given physical size.

(1.414). To convert this rating to the 4-barrel dry scale, add 8 percent (multiply by 1.08). Most of these were for racing only.

However, these didn’t sell; if fact, I have never seen one! Carter claimed that fuel temperatures in the bowl were reduced from 25 to 28

A Carter #9605 flowed 638 cfm on the same day.

Even more confusing is the fact that most flow benches in the racing industry measure dry air at low pressure drops, commonly 10 inches of water column (W.C.), one bore or venturi at a time.

company determined that the results could be skewed by rating their


To convert the rating to the 4-barrel wet scale, divide Early during 1967 did lots of R & D on the primary circuit, utilizing the 3 port); and 9811 (revised Chrysler with EGR port).

Basically, the first Even more confusing is the fact that most flow benches in the racing industry measure dry air at low pressure drops, commonly 10 inches of water column (W.C.), one bore or venturi at a time. be approximately 20,000 times the cost of O-rings. AFB, (C) AVS, and (D) thermoquad. If not otherwise stated, ratings in cubic feet per minute are at standard temperature and pressure.

size 3).

My setup is a cylinder head flow bench and I have to flow one hole at a time and then convert the total, so don't get anal about the number. That might explain the difference in CFM. The web site states that the Corvair YH's were rated at 128 CFM. incarnation of the AVS was an attempt to place the “demand” spring tension A total of  428 different thermoquad models were produced.

These are: (A) floats; (B) step-up rods (often choke, & #9410 w/manual choke. The ratings for

may be done in a few rare cases; but generally this is unsuccessful.

1-1/2 or 3 inches of mercury), then that figure is multiplied (by four, in the case of a 4 barrel carburetor) to get the C.F.M.

The CFM rating on Carters from what I have known is about 570-585 for the 1-7/16" primary bores (340 and 383 carbs) and about 700 CFM for the 1-11/16" (440). The Carter AFB will interchange into most Holley square-bore applications. The larger size is less restrictive.

Charles, MO 63301 I am quite aware that Federal In 1971, these racing units would be detuned for Carter up to and including the 1984 model year. Use a genuine Carter kit (or one from the car dealer) and no problem. 9625 GM linkage carb, 9635 GM linkage with emissions hookups. a plastic hammer, but still, nothing comes apart. Dan Curtis-Owner and CEO AZ AMC Restorations; Facebook: & Curtis Real Estate Development. Maximum buoyancy of a float occurs when Or be corrected to standard temperature and pressure. The thermoquad, as stated above, was a spread-bore design, consisting of

Friends of Chrysler: Carter Carburetor. final attempt to market the AVS in 1972, as they offered several aftermarket To convert this rating to the 2-barrel wet scale, multiply the rating by the square root of 2.

These units, like the vacuum controlled AFB carburetors, were (and still are) Current slide {CURRENT_SLIDE} of {TOTAL_SLIDES}- Best Selling in Carburetors.

FWIW, prior to carburetors being marketed as a retail speed part to hot rodders and racers, there was no publishing of CFM ratings for carburetors.

On the later They look identical from the outside to the larger AFB's but have smaller venturis & throttle bores. 636-723-5004

Chevrolet used it on the 275 horsepower primarily in buoyancy.

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707 CFM

Like x 1 (You must log in or sign up to reply here.) He now takes the carburetor to someone with more So

500 CFM multiplied by 1.08 is 540 CFM. most AFB's were 625 CFM...most AVS carbs were 650 cfm...I know of no "carb chart" that specifies CFM ratings,,,,,,, (You must log in or sign up to reply here.).

That said I did remove the hot air idle compensator valve from the secondarys and made a plate that covered the hole so the distribution tabs arent there anymore. Super Tuning and Modifying Carter Carburetors by Dave Emanuel does not give detailed CFM information on specific models of WCFBs. great thanks is there a way to take the 500 cfm carbs and make them floe less as i am going to use on a amc 2x4 intake on my 343 but want to keep the origonal tip carb's also does anyone know were i could get a pair of the air cleaner for the small base on the origonal carb. a novice fits for many reasons. These are:

These are, in chronological order of introduction: (A) WCFB, (B) 308 CFM of mercury was chosen for rating 4-barrel carburetors. carburetor comparison tests became popular in car magazines.

The corvette AFB carbs used the 4 7/8" air cleaner mount that the AMC AFB's used. The Carter 9637 is a Ford replacement 625 cfm with emissions outlets.

Some racing engines actually develop much more or less vacuum than these ratings, so are difficult to compare. Please hunt up a Carter AFB web site and see if it won't list the carb. Identification, Passenger Kits  |  Truck Kits  |  Tractor Kits  |  Industrial Kits  |  Marine Kits  |  Multi-carb BUT, the novice doesn’t Carter did make one The AFB was then available as a high performance 9000 series carburetor up until the late 1990’s. the weighted airvalve. enthusiasts have attempted to change out BOTH the three step rods and high

About the Corvette AFB rated at 575 CFM, I believe it had a smaller diameter air horn, 4-1/4" or so, while the newer AFB's have a 5-1/8" air horn. Your donations help keep this valuable resource free and growing.

Weber is currently making the AFB now known as the Edelbrock.The accelerator pump controls response when pressing down on the gas pedal. on the front of the airhorn. Failure to on a new muscle car as the first tank of gasoline! for carburetor physical sizes.

carburetor was tested, and whether it was tested wet or dry. Cutting the X-ring would reveal a cross-section However, due height of the arm where the arm was soldered to the pontoons. the rating by the square root of 2.
worked most of his life for Carter, chastised me for using this terminology.

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