catching killers: proving poison worksheet answer key

Across the creek, about a quarter a mile away, there is a farm with 300 cows The pastures the cows graze in is a very hilly area that is on higher ground. You're disappointed to find that many of the tests come up inconclusive. Most people will be exposed to it during their lifetime, but very few will become sick from it. Never use saline solution or rewetting drops to disinfect lenses.
Most of those who have become sick don't know each other, except for one household where 2 people are sick. Most of the sick people (26 out of 28) went to the community garden. You were born in the United States before 1980. Perhaps there's a common ingredient in these 2 dishes that is to blame? Educate or remind owners, managers, and workers about the importance of hand washing and avoiding bare-handed contact with ready-to-eat foods. This fictional outbreak was based on a real-life outbreak in the North Eastern Province of Kenya in 2006. In this outbreak, lead dust from the mines was to blame. Do they just have a bad virus, or is it something they got from working close together in the scorching heat? Vampire bats prefer to feed in darkness. Your detective skills are right on! Although the characters in this story were not real, this scenario is based on a real outbreak that CDC helped solve. Anthrax can be found naturally in the soil and can infect domestic and wild animals like cattle, sheep, and goats. Nearly all of the sick people (90%) went to the county fair. The recommended first line treatment for adults and children of all ages is doxycycline, a special antibiotic that's most effective if started before the fifth day of symptoms. Upon further investigation, you learn that the dorms use the same water as the city and no one else in the community is reporting any symptoms. In addition to live poultry, there have been recent outbreaks in the U.S. linked to chickens, ducklings, hedgehogs, small turtles, and frogs. Use mosquito nets, insect repellents, and wear long sleeves, pants, and socks to avoid mosquitoes. Disease Detectives worked in each of these cases to determine the cause of the outbreak. Chelation therapy saves lives. This will help protect other kids and staff. Wash table linens, napkins, and other laundry thoroughly.

Major magazines are putting the outbreak on their covers! Most of the sick are complaining of fever, muscle pain, weakness, and dizziness. To help stop the spread of Q fever, you recommend to the government various veterinary measures, including new hygiene procedures, limiting the movement of goats/sheep, and placing a temporary ban on new breeding. Clean any equipment or materials associated with raising or caring for live poultry outside the house, such as cages or feed or water containers. A person with chickenpox can spread the disease 1 to 2 days before they get the rash, up until all their chickenpox blisters have formed scabs.

The affected muscles are limp, and the person has no reflexes when a doctor tests the muscles with a hammer. The attack rates among those who did not do these things are much lower. Sorry, but there's no reason to suspect birds at this point. No. Many students at a university in Texas haven't been able to keep their lunch down for the last 2 days. Constantly draining ponds or taking away people's livelihood by removing all domestic animals are not practical solutions for the camp. The first thing you should do is interview the sick people about what they've been doing lately, to get a better sense of how they might have caught this illness. By letting a few more out of quarantine, you risk the chance of having more people get sick with chickenpox. Contact dermatitis isn't contagious, which means it can't spread from one person to another. Anthrax is rare in the United States, but outbreaks do occur in wild and domestic animals. So, people who live in or travel to tropic or sub-tropics regions, including the Caribbean, can get sick with dengue at any time of the year.

But that could have backfired on you. You note ages, occupations, and gender of people who are sick and compile it into charts. Anthrax spores in a person's body typically take 1 to 6 days to be "activated" - to start releasing their toxins - but some spores can take more than a month before they do so. Remember, only one hotel worker got sick, and you haven't uncovered any evidence that it's contagious. With the large number of government workers who are sick, you decide to look into it more. More cases of the mysterious illness are being reported in Chicago and Milwaukee hospitals. West Nile virus is closely related to St. Louis encephalitis virus and causes a similar illness. What is chelation therapy?Chelation therapy is a treatment used to address lead poisoning. He finally saw his doctor a month after the problem started, and the doctor told Justin he had AK.
Doctors Without Borders has been doing some routine health work in northwestern Nigeria. Flu outbreaks can spread quickly, so you need to keep working before it spreads even more!

Is that something to worry about too? Since the activity pool is mainly used by children, including the kids at the birthday party on August 1, many children got sick after using the pool. Close, but not quite.

In recent years, more people have been putting chicken coops in their backyards and buying their own chickens to hatch eggs or use for meat. Note: Several aspects of the original outbreaks and investigations have been altered to fit the format and length of this application. AK can permanently damage your vision or cause blindness. There are a few theories to explain how West Nile virus came to the United States: Mosquito bites are more than an itchy pain. That means it's unlikely to be the problem - it's just a popular kind of lens. Some people who got sick never even set foot in the hotel or drank the water.

To get a better handle on the data you've collected, you make an epidemic curve, which can help you determine the pathogen (bacteria or virus) that's infected the brothers. When interviewing the families, you ask about the types of mining activities they do. Local doctors need your help to solve the outbreak!

After the anthrax starts to grow, it releases toxins - or poisons - that will attack your body and make you sicker and sicker. The data tells you that people who use Solution D have an attack rate of 41%, much higher than the 27% attack rate for people who didn't use it. Vaccination is important but not everyone needs to be vaccinated. On July 26, he dies in the hospital. Focus only on inmates you think had close contact with a probable or confirmed case. That's a pretty strong link. You're right! Don't give live baby poultry as gifts to young children. Film Description. One or more of them most likely infected the prairie dogs, which then infected 14 people. Note: Several aspects of the original outbreak and investigation have been altered to fit the format and length of this application.

On July 21, which is 10 days after he first felt sick, he slips into a coma. Many of the cows and donkeys on local farms have bat bites, and so do some dogs. Instead, you notice that 26 of the 28 (93%) sick people went to the local community garden before they got sick. Don't let live poultry inside the house, in bathrooms, or especially in areas where food or drink is prepared, served, or stored, such as kitchens or outdoor patios. Each of them had a fever, two reported splitting headaches and one had nausea.

In talking with a few of the attendees, you learn that most of them met a lot of new people at the Welcome Party, shook hands, and ate some food. The best way to fight the flu is to make sure that as many people as possible have received a vaccine that will protect them from the virus. When investigating an outbreak, it's important to identify everything the patients have in common, including food, drinks, and activities in which they participated. Reviewing chlorine log books and the chlorine levels by date and location, Reviewing the source of water for the region and a distribution map, and. There are 3 villages in this area. If it isn't treated with the right kind of antibiotics right away, it can kill.

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