cavoodle breeders nsw price

Perfect Pooches 4U are full registered members of The Australian Association of Pet Dog Breeders (AAPDB) No.16288. To ensure a healthy lifestyle for our breeding dogs we have 4 separate securely fenced areas, each approximately 1 acre and the dogs have access to these runs every day. Jervis Bay, New South Wales She has six mini cavoodle puppies. We will fully refund the purchase price or replace the pup if you have any problems of a genetic nature. Our puppies are loved, cherished and cared for from the moment they are born. If you would like to make an enquiry or to register for a current or upcoming litter please fill out the form and send it through. All our male purebred poodles used for breeding are full breed DNA screened and 100% clear. Rare Chocolate Toy Cavoodle Puppies are $6,500 per puppy. The next litter of Cavoodle puppies will be due around May 2021. We live on a 70 acre property and primarily run cattle. We are full members of AAPDB and are audited annually to continue our membership, we also offer lifetime rehoming  of any of our puppies we have bred for any reason. Puppy Prices : Toy Cavoodle Puppy Prices. Perfect Pooches 4U offer free puppy delivery to Newcastle on a set day when the puppies are ready to leave,  plus we can arrange transport to most other locations at the buyers expense. Daisy, our miniature poodle has whelped her puppies on 21st August. Our puppies come to their new homes cleared of over 130 genetic diseases. A.B.N 29 491 649 522, “At Bayside Cavoodles we focus on connecting people with puppies that are happy and vibrant. They are not locked up in small pens in a shed! This association promotes high standards and ethical breeding practices.

We’ll be in touch soon. We breed Cavoodle puppies, Miniature Groodle pups & Toy Poodle puppies. Toy Poodles are lively and affectionate, they make wonderful companion dogs. Price per puppy. Every Puppy will be: - Microchipped. After selecting your puppy a $500 non refundable holding deposit is required. Perfect Pooches 4U offer free puppy delivery to Newcastle on a set day when the puppies are ready to leave, plus we can arrange transport to most other locations at the buyers expense. Perfect Pooches 4U are a family owned registered kennel located Port Macquarie on the Mid North Coast of NSW.

We welcome puppy buyers to our home to pick up their new puppy, they can meet the mum and dad and see our kennels and know where their new family member came from,our puppies go to new home with puppy pack containing a bag of biscuits they have been eating to help with settling in new home, some toys and harness and lead for toilet breaks on the way home also vaccination card, diet sheet, quality assurance sheet and contract of sale also $50 cash back voucher after desexing, and we are available always by phone for support after you get puppy home.

Deposit will only be refunded if puppy doesn't pass it's vet exam, Quality Puppies from Quality Registered Breeders.

Breeder ID for NSW B000623906 DOGS NSW 2100064436. DAISY'S PUPPIES WHELPED. The Cavoodle is Australia's most popular small designer breed due to their gentle nature, an outgoing temperament and a strong desire to join the family.

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