cemu xenoblade chronicles x crash

(file name is same as SaveDir in Cemu's titlebar). Lighting issue introduced inn 1.6.0 is still present, (excessively bright) appears to be AMD-GPU specific. Dual and triple-core recompilers are now supported but extremely unstable, using them will likely cause crashes in all areas in around 5 mins of game time. Game cycles through day night cycles in about 10 seconds. However, after a couple loading screens, I had alt-tabbed away from the game... while alt-tabbed away CEMU crashed. Sometime, some visuals glitches appear on face, body and hairs for characters. The Framerate is the best with this version and the most stable, but the game is not playable, crashes in some islands and there is a day/night cycle bug causing the screen to flicker wich make it prety much unplayable, Very smooth game experience, 30fps with 4K texture packs and shader cache, day/night bug was fixed, but game still randomly freezes, very often in Noctilum, problems with textures and sound. Graphical bugs still exist such as purple and missing textures. New v5 mods download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wgiDEIUU0qANmkGZl9FSCJxFbxrHJWxM/view?usp=sharing. Encountered audio issues until I switched from DirectSound to XAudio2. 3. Way too much bloom. This error might be in-game, in which case all is fine. I discovered this issue in Noctilum in certain areas. Runs as well as 1.14.0c. Broken starting space cutscenes, constant small audio stuttering. Thanks for reporting this. 3. It currrently does not have multi-core support which makes it limited by CPU power more than many games, and more importantly the audio is unreasonably unbalanced. (either 15-20 or 25-30), Character not render and crash on 1st Loading (after cut scene), Texture Erros/Extreme Slowdowns During Gameplay. Music volume can be adjusted with this. It is very difficult to enter the protagnoist's name, but it might just be me being stupid. Which game version do you use? The Cemu team has confirmed that they are working on this. (May be fixed in 1.20.X, May be caused by multi-core). If this issue was an emulation error, it has been fixed by Cemu updates. For some reason this issue always goes away when you're close enough for the game to load the highest quality versions of textures. Now seems to consistently crash before the title screen when shader cache is present, remove/delete appropriate .BIN file in shader cache folder before loading the game to bypass this. Beside that, the game can be completed. Posted by 6 months ago. I cannot say that this game is truly playable right now. Texture on particles from Follow Ball still broken. Frequent hangs. 1.20.0-1 had serious issues, but this version seems to fix all issues that were not present in 1.19. Use of the v5 Graphics Packs (non-default as of cemu 1.20.2) is highly recommended. That being said, the graphics are overall excellent, and I anticipate that the next releases in the coming month or so will fix whatever few graphical issues there are. hi, i'm pretty new to cemu and i was trying to play xenoblade chronicles x on my pc, it is a laptop but i can run some games, when i create my character i can only see his head and when i finish creating him the emulator crashes, my pc has: i5 8250u, mx150 and 8gb of ram . FPS outdoors ranges between 8-15fps. First cutscene still has to be skipped, following cutscene now plays with proper audio and is at a consistent 30fps. The game centers on the player's customizable player character, and main characters Elma and Lin Lee efforts to survive and coexist with the indigenous creatures on a hostile alien planet while striving to protect humanity. 2. Some textures, primarily in NLA and on the foliage in Noctilum, will be corrupted or checkered at a distance. Purple textures and small voices issues are still present. Fps stays at 30 as long as buffer cache accuracy is at low. The game is playable with crashing every hour until entering sylvalum. In order to edit this wiki, you must register and verify your account. Text-entry is now visible when using the keyboard, no major changes from 1.6.2 otherwise. I've also noticed the presence of shafts of light that indicate where your quest is in the vicinity. Apology's for not seeing this sooner.Just to let you know this has fixed the freezing\crash issue for me when crafting,I am now playing XCX (EUR v16 i think) with CEMU 1.18.1 and no cemuhooks on a r7 1700 and 1070 in OpenGL, All seems seems good now. Performance far better than 1.19! However, I'm leaving the link since it is still useful, as there are no audio setting in-game. Half FPS drop compared to the 1.7.2. As Mentioned before, known issues still exist in this version, though black/missing textures aren't as common as they were in 1.11.1. 30fps in title screen and cutscenes, 25-30fps in-game. Cemuhook no longer needed. save hide report. Can be partially fixed by using this workaround. (accelerated streamout), Still having micro-stutters when running towards scenes that hasn't been pre-loaded (maybe caching problems?). Runs a bit better than 1.15.3b. Getting closer to perfect. The elevator to get into the town doesn't work at all. lots of graphical issues, crashes after first area. Xenoblade Chronicles X: Fully Playable avec quelques drops de 10-15FPS toutes les apparitions de particules en combat Super Mario 3D World: Fully Playable, sauf quelques mini-jeux avec 5-10FPS de perte SSMB Wii U: Fully Playable à 3 CPU, Playable à +3CPU Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate: Fully Playable « Modifié: 13 Juin 2017, 22:44 par iLyan » Asia81.

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