chalino sanchez cause of death

His family was impoverished and lived in an isolated village. Biography. Following an investigation, the DA of the state of Nuevo Leon said the musicians were ordered killed by their original benefactors, the Mexican cartel Los Zetas, as retaliation for playing shows for rival drug factions. Corridos -- narrative songs telling stories of struggle, heroes and anti-heroes have been an integral part of Mexican culture since the 1800s, and the "narco" variation has been around since the early 1900s. The crime scene in Tijuana, Mexico after Lizarraga's murder on March 21, 2015. Born Marcelino Sánchez on December 5, 1957, in Cayey, Puerto Rico, he died of AIDS-related cancer in his Hollywood home on November 21, 1986. However, when the man canceled, Chalino decided to sing his own songs. Both singers, known for narcocorridos -- danceable, accordion-driven songs that tell often-celebratory tales about drug dealers -- survived. Sánchez was born in Torrance, California, the son of singer Chalino Sánchez.He was eight years old when his father was kidnapped and killed in the Mexican state of Sinaloa in 1992. According to his sister Juana Sanchez, he was a curious and mischievous child who always dreamed of … He was born into a poor family and lived a difficult life. Yet the songs, and the violence, go on. Chalino Sanchez Death | Dead – Died | Cause Of Death – Dies Chalino Sanchez Death – It has been… [4] Around this time, Chalino was put into jail and it is said that this is where his musical journey began. was shot multiple times while riding in an SUV in the northern Mexico state of Sinaloa. He was the youngest of 7 children that Santos Sanchez and Senorina Felix shared. Sanchez’s aunt, Juanita Sanchez, wept at the spectacle. The killing spree goes back to the first high-­profile murder of the modern era: singer Chalino Sanchez in 1992. "There's an old saying in Sinaloa: 'I'd rather live five years like a king rather than 50 years like an ox,'" says Corchado. On May 16, 1992, after performing his last concert, he was murdered in Culiacán, the capital city of the Pacific coastal state of Sinaloa, Mexico. That's our sad ­reality.". The killing spree goes back to the first high-­profile murder of the modern era: singer Chalino Sanchez in 1992. in a car accident, those incidents -- which took place within the span of four weeks -- have again turned the spotlight on the dangerous lives of regional Mexican singers south of the border. On Feb. 27, 20-year-old singer Alfredito Olivas was shot eight times while performing at a nightclub in Parral, Mexico. When they got married their first son, Adan Sanchez was already on the way. A small group known as "Los Cuatro de la Frontera" recommended Chalino to go to a recording studio in Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles. [3] After committing this act, Sanchez had to leave the small town located near Culiacan, Sinaloa. Among his many compositions are Lucio Villareal, El Pelavacas,[6] and Jorge "El Coquio" Castro. An edited version of this article first appeared in the April 18 issue of Billboard. Chalino Sanchez was born in the Sinaloa state in Mexico in 1962. "If you're not involved with drug dealers, there's no reason to be afraid," says another promoter, echoing the words of several others who work with regional Mexican acts. At the age of 15, Chalino shot and killed one of the several men who had raped his sister four years earlier. Because underworld figures are the biggest benefactors of many regional Mexican musicians' careers. [1] Chalino's son died in a suspicious automobile accident in Sinaloa.[2]. In 1977, he moved to Los Angeles, California with an aunt. In 1984, he married Marisela Vallejos in a simple and intimate wedding. By 1989, Chalino dedicated his full time to writing, recording, and selling his corridos. In all he recorded 9 … ", Mexican Singer Alfredo Olivas Shot During Concert. Indeed, Rosas (who sang songs about the Sinaloa cartel) and Lizarraga are rumored to have been targeted by rival gangs, and Olivas is said to have been flirting with the girlfriend of the man arrested for his shooting. The deaths aren't collateral damage in a country ravaged by drug-related violence: They're an acknowledged risk for performers of the genre. All rights reserved.Billboard is part of MRC Media and Info, a division of MRC. After the incident, he left for the United States to stay with an aunt in Los Angeles. According to a family friend, Sanchez escaped to Tijuana, Mexico with nothing but his gun and Jesus Malverde chain. "Think about it," the promoter continues. Along with the death of narcocorrido singer Ariel Camacho in a car accident, those incidents -- which took place within the span of four weeks -- have again turned the spotlight on the dangerous lives of regional Mexican singers south of the border.

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