chapter 14 physical science test answers

A weight lifter raises a 1600-newton barbell to a height of 2.0 meters. Which change will increase the power of the machine? Report results. 5. An inclined plane reduces the effort force by. The temperature of a substance is proportional to the average Kinetic Energy of the substance's particles. Physical Science Chapter 14 Test DRAFT. Students will determine relationships among force, mass, and motion. 29. When you use an ax to split wood, you exert a ______ force as you swing the ax toward the wood. Physical Science Chapter 14 Questions - Work, Power, and Machines. Spell. In which of the following is no work done? If you exert a force of 10.0 N to lift a box a distance of 0.75 m, how much work do you do? What is the efficiency of, 18. What is the efficiency of the machine? Write. As the. 10. c. 11. b. How much power is used to lift the box. A mechanical device requires 400 J of work to do 340 J of work in lifting a crate. d. none of the above . Some simple machines like knives, scissors, and doorknobs, are used everyday to make doing work _____. Being aware of possible hazards and taking. How can you make the work output of a machine greater than the work input? How are work input and work output related for a machine? SPS8. Your family is moving into a new apartment. 11. If the force is applied to the _____, the input distance is larger than the output distance. The actual mechanical advantage of a machine. e. Calculate amounts of work and mechanical advantage using simple machines. If the force is applied to the _____, the output distance is larger than the input distance. STUDY. quizlette319494. Match. To increase power, you can ________ the amount of work done in a given time, or you can do a given amount of work in ___ time. What is the formula for actual mechanical advantage (AMA)? STUDY. Spell. Test. What is the formula for ideal mechanical advantage (IMA). Does an athlete do work on a trophy as she lifts it overhead? Solo Practice. Match. ; The ideal mechanical advantage of a fixed pulley is ____ 1. In a second class lever, the _______ _____ is always located between the input force and the fulcrum/ the input distance is always _____ than the output distance. Created by. Which of the following is an example of a wheel and axle? All machines use some amount of input work to overcome _______. 25 N•m. A worker uses a cart to move a load of bricks weighing 680 N a distance of 10 m across a parking lot. A 16-N force applied to the handle of a door produces a 30-N output force. The mechanical advantage of a second-class lever is always ______ than 1. 6. physical science. 7. Terms in this set (47) Temperature in Terms of Kinetic Energy. 23. 6. The blade changes the downward force into a _______ force that splits the wood apart. Because the barbell is motionless, no work is done on the barbell. PLAY. Is work done on the trophy as she stands still holding the trophy overhead? ; The mechanical advantage of a pulley can be ____ or _____ than one. A machine has an efficiency of 60%. laboratory. ; A large mechanical advantage can be achieved by combining fixed and movable pulleys into a _____ ______. The mechanical advantage of a pulley system depends upon the..? If a machine has a mechanical advantage much larger than 1, its output force is? Practice. Physical Science Chapter 14 Test Practice. 22. 0. Introduction to Matter Chapter Test Using Science Skills Use the figure below to answer the following questions. You test a machine & find that if exerts a force of 5N for each 1N of force you exert operating the machine. Match. 14. A force acting on an object does no work if. What is the ideal mechanical advantage of the crowbar? What, 16. A construction worker moves a crowbar through a distance of .50 m to lift a load 0.05 m off the ground. Learn. If you perform 30 joules of work lifting a 20-N box from the floor to a shelf, how high is the shelf? What information is required to calculate the actual mechanical advantage of a lever? A 100-m long ski lift carries skiers from a station at the foot of a slope to a second station 40 m above. The ideal mechanical advantage of a pulley or pulley system is _____ to the number of rope sections supporting the load being lifted. Test. Play. If you have to apply 30 N of force on a crowbar to lift an rock that weights 330 N, what is the actual, 14. Analyze data. 10. katieiscrazy4god. Terms in this set (30) 1. Work is needed in both examples. The ______ _____ of a third class lever is always located between the fulcrum and the output force. When does a force applied to an object not do any work? In science, work is the product of _____ and _____. a. increasing the distance through which the force is applied. Inclined planes: The distance traveled is the ______ _____. A machine with a 5-N input force & a 25-N output force has a mechanical advantage of..? You exert a vertical force of 72 newtons to lift a box to a height of 1.0 meter in a time of 2.0 seconds. An example of a compound machine is a, 25. ; A wedge has a mechanical advantage _____ than 1. the inclined planes force the wood fibers a[art as the wedge is driven into the log. Key Concepts: Terms in this set (25) Work is the product of: Force & distance . Physical Science - Chapter 14 Review Sheet 1. Write. A machine is used to lift boxes in a warehouse. Which of the following is a unit of work? The mechanical advantage of an inclined plane is ______ than 1. You have just designed a machine that uses 1000 J of work from a motor for every 800 J of useful work the machine supplies. d. increase a force and increase the distance a force moves. 8. International System of Units. Joule 3. If none of the force is applied in the direction of the motion, the force does ___ _____. (There are three things), The location of the output force, the input force & fulcrum. The mechanical advantage is ____ than 1. To play this quiz, please finish editing it. Although nearly equal, the output work is ____ than the input work because of friction. The weight lifter applies a large force to hold the barbell over his head. Finish Editing. A ____ ____ is an example of a machine that increases an applied force. 12. Write. Physical Science Test Chapter 14. PLAY. a. climbing stairs c. pushing a shopping cart b. lifting a book d. none of the above. Flashcards. Explain. Created by. 60% of the work is the work output & 40% of the work is work input, it is lost to friction, What determines the class of a lever? Work is done when some of a force acts on an object in the _________ the object moves. A ______ pulley is attached to the object being moved rather than to a fixed location. When there is no displacement 2. The input force of a pulley system must move 6.0 m to lift a 3000-N engine a distance of 0.50 m. What is the. Write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. If the output force is 50.0 N & the input force is 12.5 N, what is the actual mechanical advantage? Your family is moving into a new apartment. The jack increases the _____ force, but he doesn't increase the work done. Played 80 times. 7. 24. Homework . How much work does a 25- N force do to lift a potted plant from the floor to a shelf 1.5 meter high. Learn. If you exert a force of 500 N to walk 4 m up a flight of stairs in 4 s, how much power do you use? Reach a conclusion. Write. Doing work at a faster rate requires more _____. Calculating The test tube pictured above contains 10 grams of each of the following liquids: alcohol, water, corn syrup, and cooking oil. 9th grade . Test the hypothesis with an experiment. The force exerted by a machine is called the _______ ____. The ideal mechanical advantage of an inclined plane is the ________ along the inclined plane divided by its change in _______.

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