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“Whatever you do, do not provoke her.”. They yelled and kicked their horses back into action, although none of them were eager to enter the dark woods.
Come in, come in! The other soon followed, shaking dirt off itself and standing tall. The caws grew louder the faster I ran, and the leaves above rustled while the trees moved back and forth. The woods could be seen in the distance, encouraging the men to move their horses faster. The lead horse carried the king himself on his dark, muscular shoulders. However, my friend was someone who believed in this junk. She held my hand again and pricked my middle finger with the pin, letting my blood drop into the cup. Roth came back supporting an injured Simone, who was dripping crimson from his right leg and arm. Known throughout the whole kingdom for her kind yet witty heart and her amazing gift. There the prince laid, looking nearly dead with his hollow eyes, pale skin, and shallow, ragged breaths. PLEASE NOTE: This is the character description template I use, and have used in varying forms for the past twelve years. Screams and scratches filled the frosty air, even though there was nothing alive here. How will humanity survive in the long run? “Go north until you fined a burned oak tree…”. A thick fog covered my feet as tears threatened to fall down my eyes, both elements making it difficult for me to see. They needed to reach the cottage. “Your friend came here a few weeks ago, I gave her her fortune, everything came true–obviously–and now you want your fortune told after she told you about this. The men took the rest of their journey by foot, all becoming uneasy as they spotted the cottage. “Kaal, Shoc! The men jumped in surprise and took a few steps back, expecting the trees to catch on fire. I watched the cabin as I took in gulps of air, realizing that it wasn’t cold anymore. “Extremely detailed character sheet template”.
© Copyright 2014 Arnie - web design Oxfordshire - Blogit theme - Install this theme. Oh! Send him tomorrow, and I will give you all the help you need.”, thank you @character-prompts for the inspiring prompts. The woods were thick, and the fallen trees and heavy vines that hung off them were difficult to maneuver around. ‘She’s been living like this this whole time…’ He winced. “It wasn’t black magic! He opened his mouth to say something, then closed it again, before repeating the same action again and again. GET OUT OF HERE, AND NEVER RETURN!”. Need some clothes? The witch in the forest gave everyone shivers. She knew she would be able to take anything he threw at her. It groaned from my weight, but felt like it would stand just a little longer. I run into a clearing and stop, almost like some sort of force was holding me back from going further. Her curly red hair was tangled and matted, and her rosey cheeks had turned to gray. I often start by filling in this basic information, and then I spend the rest of the time I’m working on a character adding on to it as I discover more things about them. “Anything, you say?”, A grin spread on her face, and the king’s eyes widened as he gulped in fear. “Ah! She dropped the cup, letting it shatter with the other items. “Please, we need her help! Are they human?

Some successfully scratched my arms and pulled my hair, while others tried pecking my shoulders and back. She never wanted anything more than his love. She had tan skin and a long, brown dress, and dreadlocks fell all the way down to her hips. The planet is consumed in fire and the air is slowly thinning. Levana knocked on the mahogany doors to the prince’s room, waiting for them to open from the other side. Extremely skilled at: Extremely unskilled at: Nervous tics: Usual body posture:Mannerisms: Peculiarities: Traits Optimist or pessimist?Introvert or extrovert?Daredevil or cautious? PLEASE NOTE: This is the character description template I use, and have used in varying forms for the past twelve years. The wind batted and scratched the guards’ faces, doing no justice to the horses, either. Exile me because you were too cowardly to do anything else.”, He took a step back, ashamed in himself.

They let their horses catch their breath for a minute. Their balance was incredible. The walls were covered by shelves, housing books older than time itself. Hollytuft is a short-legged, sane, and calculating warrior, with lustrous, red ticked tabby fur, cracked yellow teeth, and starry blue eyes. That’s enough, my lovelies. Of course she didn’t care about his threats. In 2018, SOC moved off of Tumblr to Discord. Snow covered every branch of every tree, just waiting to collapse to the ground. “Thank you…”, “Levana,” king Gerald whispered in a hoarse voice as his eyes began to tear up, “what… what has happened to you?”. Levana pulled up a chair and got comfortable, before holding the prince’s weak hand. I was wondering when you’d finally get here. As well as that, there are no other beings that will willing help you, seeing that half of the races on this world are against you. Which OC takes everything way to seriously? “I’ll explain when I’m done, deary. “I agree.”, She hummed and kissed his forehead, standing up. And before anyone gets worried, it is not a requirement for you to use this template for your submissions! I put my right foot on the first step, adding a bit of pressure to it to make sure it was stable. Four horses ran in the cold night, the rhythmic sounds of metal from the saddles following the powerful beasts. Their roots began to protrude out of the ground, slithering like snakes on the forest floor. They were so old, they seemed as if they would collapse right then and there. How long does it take for your OC to trust someone? CHARAT ORIGIN is an anime character creator that can play for free! So. He looked back up at her, tight lipped. General Resources. I squinted at the paper, trying to see in the dim light from the moon, before looking up hopelessly at my surroundings. I edit it and update it as necessary for different settings, but it’s always worked for me and for my roleplaying groups.

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