charlotte milchard the fourth kind

Julia….well said. It is an eye opener for the people who are wide thinker let us accept that we not alone in this universe so. Science doesn’t even have all the answers to every thing on Earth, they are still discovering new things everyday, new animals, plants, medicine, etc. I can’t believe how small minded some folks are…believing that Jesus will save you and that there is nothing beyond what we see here on earth is silly, bordering scary. They each report waking up at 333 a.m. and seeing a white owl outside their window. He insists that he remembers everything and keeps asking what "Zimabu Eter" means. it is a non fiction book author who spent his entire life studying the ancient puctures,writings…it explains how mankind out of no where.. we’re civilized and hence..Mesopotamia. Second: The actors seemed bland. religion is written to control the masses..yes there is good and evil The interviewer ends the interview as Abbey breaks down in tears. If there are UFO’s, this movie went to far and crossed a very thin line to sell this movie and it appears they still are. I am actress Milla Jovovich, and I will be portraying Dr. Abigail Tyler. Reading all of these posts shows why most wars are fought due to religion. When will people wake up to reality , I will never understand how people can believe in something like religion and believe in God when there is no physical evidence to prove it . There just isn’t that many people who are that stupid when all the evidence points to staged, fake, pushy, forceful, it’s true and believe what you will based on factual events the just are not. if you like try and die right now. In the film's epilogue, it states that Abbey was cleared of all charges against her, leaves Alaska for the East Coast, and deteriorates to the point of being completely bed-bound and requiring constant care. the spiritual realm is home to “aliens” in spiritual words, these aliens are called Angels and demons. And one more thing, aliens don’t drag around people who are fighting to escape from them. censored As a Christian, I know what you have said is true. They claim that it takes away from any real investigation into the disappearances. Then I tried to call out for my parents but I had no voice, my vocal cords would not move. Tommy Fisher (Corey Johnson), her first patient to go under hypnosis, refuses to admit what he sees and returns home. Sheriff August, not believing in her abduction theory, accuses her of her daughter's disappearance and removes Ronnie from her custody. I do believe it’s Spiritual Warfare. you know what…maybe your just covering **** up so people dont belive…your probably from goverment…come on the police dont want to part of the movie…so they hiding the thruth…and they are afraid to…, Read Quran Quran believe you will think differently. 1 in the middle of the street in broad daylight and 1 at 7 in the evening above my deck. When I watch a movie about a certain place and about a certain group of people I would like to see the place,, and the people who live there. The stories, accounts, and discussion in this article are not always based on proven facts and may go against currently accepted science and common beliefs. Usually people who practice these things find it impossible to submit to God and they hate talking about Jesus. Lutheran Campos remains a psychologist and Odusami becomes a professor at a Canadian university. The Dark Forces At Work Over The United Kingdom In 1963? me too after seeing this movie more and more it looks like posetion disguised as aliens. It succeeded on the profit scale, pulling in $25.4 million dollars domestically on a $10 million investment. They don’t care about the Truth about the missing people’s family. They had a fake story that was reportedly from the real-life Nome Nugget newspaper. The details included in the article are based on the reports and accounts available to us as provided by witnesses and documentation. The only one that wasn’t memory wiped. Abbey tapes hypnotherapy sessions with three patients who have the same experience: every night a white owl stares at them through their windows. Your email address will not be published. They just looked at me like, um no… in a surprised sort of way. i don’t know where r or not this is occurring or not’ but what i do know’ is even that small town bully of a sheriff needed to acknowledge therapist client privilege! How do you know what they’ve seen? That something was the demons that live in the spiritual realm. He never returned to his village of Savoonga. When the encounter ends, Campos and Odusami rush over to the now unconscious Abbey and then notice something out of camera's view. People are being deceived by things like hypnosis and channeling. you got that from contact, the movie. The film is a pseudodocumentary, purporting to be based on real events occurring in Nome, Alaska in 2000, in which psychologist Dr. Abigail Emily "Abbey" Tyler uses hypnosis to uncover memories of alien abduction from her patients, and finds evidence suggesting that she may have been abducted as well. This one is fake. Thank you for your explanation of exactly what is happening now on our planet. There is no proof that we know of regarding aliens and there is no proof that Jesus will save you (or even agreement about what that means). Where did they admit to it? I was sleep and dreaming but I could hear the dr knob moving. cant qualify or quantify! Your email address will not be published. My god! So it cant be done even though we all know they are here and have been for a very long time..i I’ve seen them on 3 different occasions in 2 different states Utah and Arizona. it will all be over soon. Thank you for the enlightenment about the film, although I must say I’m truly disappointed that it isn’t true. And UFO’s doesn’t mean they’re aliens. Why not juust film in Nome instead of all over the world? He called Nome “a boneyard for the region because there are so many remains there that have never been found.” The FBI began their investigation in response to the growing frustrations of the native population. Science will not prove God one day, because God made it that way. He researched UFOs with the US government, working with various Air Force sponsored studies including Project Sign (1947-49), Project Grudge (1949-52) and Project Bluebook (1952-69). I just watched the movie “The Fourth Kind” on HBO.. it was not the best movie/ Documentary. He said he believes that some of the deaths, including his uncle, were racially motivated, and believes that one or two people were murdering natives. I hope more people read your comment and take it to heart. For what might be going on in your spirit and/or your soul will place an effect on your body phyiscally and mentally. “The movie looks ridiculous,” said Kawarak, Inc. vice president Melanie Edward told the Daily News. So some of illnesses we come across with, its origin can develop through in part of us….God bless. The film disclosed that Dr.Taylor was not her real name. There can be hours not accounted for in their memories. Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist. It was broad daylight. I don’t know if having disorders such as Schizophrenia is linked to demon possession, but I do know in the name of Jesus Christ these disorders can be cured or helped tremendously. Science doesn’t state God’s inexistence and better…might just be proving that God actually does exist. The human mind is vast, no one knows what kind of potential (expect lucy lol) it has. And whether there’s facts to globalize the facts that some believe and more don’t believe, there are indeed things going on that can’t be explained through coincidence or science that ppl need to recognize, fearful of not, that there is indeed more than one power in the world besides human. He has been writing and researching with over 20 years experience. the next thing they remember is when they’re back. I do believe what happened to those people really happened. Either by fear, religion, money, or because they r afraid of how they r being looked @. Universal admitted creating the fake online news archive. The article began after a native named Eric Apatiki, 21, disappeared. And that is where the common phrase “demonic possession” comes from. Some people have certain experiences they cannot understand, whether they see Mary or an alien, it doesn’t matter. I’m an African and where i come from, we strongly believe dat d Owl is a Symbol of Evil and if i had seen something like it at night,i’d have prayed and rebuked it in the Name of Jesus Christ! “There are bodies, Celestial & Terrestrial” Later it is shown that Abbey is paralyzed in a wheelchair, presumably due to her neck injury. He was only 31 when he died. I know it has took me 3 years after it was made to see it. Satan is like an alien and possesses all alien traits, so all alien sighting are in fact demonic. - Buy The Fourth Kind (2009) at a low price; free delivery on qualified orders. If there’s aliens, we’ll know it soon enough because the government will disseminate information over the next ten years showing they created UFO’s and developed their technology theirselves. Like speed of light vehicles and force fields. Just watched the movie myself and must admit for a lot of the movie as I watched I thought it may have been real and based on facts. So we have all these legitimately scientific(medical) names to what is going on in our minds and bodies. Very soon! Demons can lift people, demons can talk through people, demons can kill people and break their bones. As science advances we know more and more about how the brain works and how we interpret the experiences we have. The Sheriff tries to arrest her, but Campos comes to her defense, seemingly confirming her story. They make up some white lie (no racism, but for real made ‘just for the money only’). Witches and satanists are usually possessed with another entity. True but I personally have not been a huge person involved in church participation or praying but I can tell you that my family was. Receive the latest articles directly in your inbox weekly. And what happened to her “children?” Yeah obviously one was “abducted” but what about her son? The girl that went missing was simply killed and her body confiscated.

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