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When comparing the differences, here is what they found: Also noted was that differences in body composition affected numbers in men more than women. Experimenting with different variations and grip styles can challenge you, and you may find one more comfortable. If you do any type of exercise at the gym, you need to do it right to reap the benefits. Barbell Vs Dumbbell: The Endless Battle Of Muscle Training, Treadmill Vs Rowing Machine: Efficient Solutions For Your Home Cardio. Try it out and see what you think. With these two compound exercises, is one better than the other? Your email address will not be published. Before you even attempt to do either chin ups or pull ups, improve your grip strength by just hanging from the bar, resting your legs on the floor or on an elevated surface like a chair or aerobic step. Or you might like a mixed grip (one hand facing you, the other away) works best for your chin-up. There are many different ways to build muscle and lucky for you, we have many great workout options here at T3: have a look at the best full body workout routine, this two-day push-pull workout, we also have a two-day push-pull upper body workout as well as the best beginners calisthenics workout too, just to mention a few. For the same reason, chin ups are better to build arm definition and to really make the biceps pop. In other words, with chin-ups, you use less physical power than pull-ups. The difference here, in simple words, is how actually each technique activates a specific muscle group. Don’t let them touch the platform, but know that it’s there to step down when you become too fatigued to hold on. Find out more here. In contrast, pull-ups require a pronated (overhand) grip which allows your palms to point outward and away from you. So you’ll either go all the way up and then half-way down then back up again before coming back down. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. The thought here is that the wider the grip, the wider the lats. For instance, after eight weeks with chin-ups, you can practice pull-ups during the same amount of time. And it’s not just for bodybuilders; athletes can use pull-ups and chin-ups to help improve their sport. Besides, pull-ups are recommended for additional upper back muscle building. In the other case, if you want to train lower lats, you should take into consideration a wide grip with pull-ups. Again nice article!! Try this core exercise to improve core strength and get a six pack: the power of science compels you! Regardless if you agree or not, they aren’t the same. If you have some excess body fat, we have a few handy tips on how to lose weight fast (relatively) as well as many articles on different diet methods (link to these are in the article above). Many people who can powerlift twice their bodyweight would struggle to do eight clean reps of pull ups. This move can also help with grip strength. Choosing one over another very much comes down to what muscle groups you would like to focus on more in your workout routine. As with most exercises, have a spotter when you do a traditional chin-up or pull-up. Keep your chin parallel to the ground and above the bar throughout the hold. On the next upward phase, change legs and complete the crossover to the other oblique. If you have a bodybuilding goal, would you rather do chin-up vs pull-up? As you complete the upward phase of the pull-up, lift up your leg and bend the knee towards the opposite oblique. Scroll down and find what you need in this article! Beginners should focus on chin-ups first while bodybuilders can perform either or both depending on the muscles they are focusing on. T3 is part of Future plc, an international media group and leading digital publisher. But the differences between chin-ups and pull-ups do exist. Make sure the pull up bar is drilled in properly at home. However, if you have great grip and upper body strength, you may not find that to be true. If you’d rather focus on your upper lats or biceps, then add chin-ups to that day’s workout routine. The pros and cons of the two best back-builder variations. Pull-ups and chin-ups will also help build core strength and improve posture on anyone who does them regularly. Like we discussed in the beginner section, most people will find the pull-up to be harder than the chin-up. During each phase of the chin-up, count so you take at least five more seconds on the upward phase. If you’re a beginner who’s just getting started with these exercises, you want to focus on chin-ups first. When it comes to traps training, scapular movement is an essential concern. However, fundamental differences are the crucial factors that can answer the question which one is better for you. Complete a traditional pull-up and as your head comes over the bar, let go of the bar. Hand placement is the most apparent differences between chin-up and pull-up. Both pull ups and chin ups are undeniably effective ways to enhance and improve your grip strength. This bodyweight workout for beginners at home will get your body ready for some serious muscle building. « The 9 Best Pull Up Bar Reviews 2019: Choose Like An Expert. If you struggle with the upward phase, then add the half rep on the downward phase. The chin up vs pull up question may never go away but the truth is, they are both excellent compound exercises, albeit not easy to perform correctly. Pull-ups provide lower lat and trap focus while chin ups are great for biceps, pecs, and upper lats. Required fields are marked *. Pull yourself forward as if you were performing the upward phase of the pull-up, then back to the starting position. To perform a chin up, grab the bar with an underhand grip (palms facing you), hands being shoulder apart.

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