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Star Trek Online Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Your directed energy attacks heal you for a portion of the damage dealt: Tyler’s Duality if you have romulan operative as a trait from your rom toon you could use that one too. When using a Beam or Cannon Bridge Officer ability, For 20 sec: Vaulting Ambition +4.9% Bonus All Damage (based on Auxiliary Power Level), Receive 3.1% of your outgoing damage as a Hull heal to you, (Triggers up to 5 times per second, capped at 150 per healing), +2.8% Critical Chance based on Hull Capacity (Max +7.5 at 200,000 Hull Capacity), +9.4% Bridge Officer Ability Recharge Speed, +9.4% Bonus Energy Weapon and Projectile Damage against Controlled targets, Receive 6.25% of your outgoing damage as healing to you. He does not get what others are feeling, therefore, it is impossible for him to place himself in another person’s shoes. © Copyright 2020 INSIGHT STATE. cold hearted A person who feels they don't gaf. This trait is a Tier V Starship Mastery of the: This might be the proper thread, but I wondering… I have the Vengeance and ranked really good in s13 with FAW build. If he never mentions his recent social gatherings, mates, or group activities, it is one of the major signs of a cold hearted person. +175% Critical Severity vs foes below 20% health. (Reputation: Dyson Joint Command – Rank 1 @Tier 2, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Precision Cold-hearted people can appear in every aspect of our lives. (from Fed: Shran, KDF: M’Chla Pilot Escort in C-Store). When you are together physically, you feel like he’s still not fully connected or present. Even people close to them don’t matter. (from the Mirror Escort Carrier from T6 Infinity Box Reward), Emergency Weapons Cycle

While active, Energy Weapons apply Cold-Hearted to foes, once per firing cycle.

)), Technophile (This trait is unlocked by reaching Level 15 in the Kits and Modules School), Cold Hearted Have entwined tactical matrices trait and boff abilities torp spread I and mixed armaments synergy III. They are the definition of mystery. List Of 18 Signs Of A Cold-Hearted Person: #1 Lack of Empathy Because a cold-hearted person does not understand the emotions of others, he experiences little empathy for other people’s emotions. A cold-hearted person will avoid talking in an intimate setting the majority of the time. Especially when he/she is with his/her group, at work or in public. Skill Points are unlocked upon completion of an Accolade, in addition to trophies that can be displayed. He is typically convinced that he is never wrong. Even if he is shown proof that he is wrong, he will refuse to admit his mistake. Each stack of Cold-Hearted causes: -10 All Damage Resistance Rating for 15 sec, -2 to Current and Max All Subsystem Power for 15 sec. Hi, I have a query, An individual who is cold-hearted might crack off jokes at inappropriate times. (Reputation: Gamma Task Force – Rank 1 @Tier 1, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Mental Acuity When activating Fire at Will or Scatter Volley: Placate target for 12 sec or until you deal 1.262.5 to the jammed target, (Placate can only occur once per 60 seconds per foe), +10% Critical Chance to Directed Energy Weapons. Accolades in Star Trek Online are special accomplishments your captain can achieve. Others may be aggressive and violent.,, 16 Powerful Mental Health Quotes from Celebrities, Athlete’s Foot (Tinea Pedis) – Spiritual Meaning, Causes and Healing, Egyptian Zodiac Signs – Dates, Meanings and Compatibility.

(Reputation: Iconian Resistance – Rank 1 @Tier 1, Rank 2 @Tier 6). Either way, cold-hearted people don’t care about others. Honestly the damage boost is nice but you can just stack 5 vulnerability exploiters and vulnerability locators for the damage stack. A cold-hearted person has an ego that he needs to uphold.
This trait gives bonuses in Space if slotted into an Active Starship Trait slot. Now add in Super Charged Weapons and have fun.

(from the FED: Tactical Star Cruiser, KDF: Martok Tactical Battlecruiser, ROM: Khopesh Tactical Dreadnought Warbird in C-Store), Firing a Torpedo grants 1 stack of the Super Charged buff (Stacks up to 3 times), Advanced Targeting Systems Cold-Hearted is an in-game Starship Trait. There are unlocks for progressing through the normal storyline, as well as unlocks for exploration of the galaxy. Cold-Hearted is an in-game Starship Trait.

(from the Styx Terran Dreadnought Cruiser from T6 Infinity Box Reward), Super Charged Weapons

However, unlike Klingon Raiders, it does not have the ability to Cloak. Like its precursor, the Plesh Tral is sturdier and faster than similar ships within the Raiderclass of starships. A cold-hearted person is someone who doesn’t feel anything, particularly pity, love, or any deep emotions. ), Duelist’s Fervor (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Whenever you or a teammate kills something: (Stacks up to 3 times), Terran Targeting Systems (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Fluidic Cocoon (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Into The Breach (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Self-Modulating Fire (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Point Blank Shot (Mission Reward from “House Pegh”), Per stack of Anchored: +5% All damage Bonus and -5 All Damage Resistance Rating, *only useful when maintaining a stationary position over time, Repair Crews (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Superior Cannon Training (Free but requires an upgrade from K-13), Superior Beam Training (Free but requires an upgrade from K-13), Adrenal Release (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Brutal Impetus (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Introspection (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), While you remain stationary, gain 1 stack of Introspection every 5 sec (Stacks up to 5 times), Terran Vision (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Bombardier (Exchange or Infinity Lockbox), Strike Team Specialist (Free – Tactical only! Activating Auxiliary Power to Emergency Battery or any Pilot Bridge Officer Ability: While active, Energy Weapons apply Cold-Hearted to foes, once per firing cycle. Does targeting lock battery help if activated after activating fire at will? Heart of Sol is definitely a good trait, quite on par with Strike from Shadows. I’m running a FAW build in the fleet Sheppard. What C-store Fed cruiser would be able to outclass the Vengeance ?

Which is still the vengeance. A brief guide for people to view what personal, reputation and starship traits that are commonly used in the DPS League Builds. Given time, they will find an excuse to end the relationship. (Reputation: Gamma Task Force – Rank 1 @Tier 4, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Auxiliary Power Configuration – Offense (Reputation: Discovery Legends – Rank 1 @Tier 4, Rank 2 @Tier 6), Chrono-Capacitor Array Has power creep knocked Romulan Operative off the list of personal traits? Just wondering if there a better option.

Your energy attacks heal you for a portion of the damage dealt: Emergency Personal Cloaking Device They feel that people get on their nerves so why should they care? Some cold-hearted individuals may be abusive verbally. A cold hearted person looks for and finds a fatal flaw in the opposite sex and then moves on. A cold-hearted person is someone who doesn’t feel anything, particularly pity, love, or any deep emotions. While in Combat gain 1 Calm stack every 2 sec: Promise of Ferocity

(from the Breen Plesh Tral Heavy Raider T6 Winter Event/Phoenix Box), Superior Area Denial (from Fed: Gargarin, KDF: Qugh Miracle Worker Battlecruiser in C-Store), Links Energy and Torpedo firing modes together, Strike from Shadows Or are my Romulan/Aliens still worthless? When damaging a foe that doesn’t have you targeted for 30 seconds: Weapon Emitter Overdrive He has a cruel disregard for other people’s feelings and is insensitive to them. You could go with any other as a replacement or even slot a defensive trait.

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