condor club piano death

TIL of an unusual death at the Condor Club, San Francisco in 1983. A Condor Club dancer, the 19-year-old Carol Doda, made headlines worldwide in June 1964 after she performed wearing only the Rudi Gernreich topless “monokini” swimsuit.

Ferrozzo was asphyxiated, while Hill survived only because she was thinner than her companion. Either way, that's an amazing story!

I met a bouncer who works at the Condor Club by the name of Ben, and he told me about an interesting incident that happened in 1983 which made headlines: A bouncer, Jimmy Ferrozzo, was having sexual intercourse with his girlfriend on top of a piano when suddenly the piano lift was accidentally activated and crushed Ferrozzo to his death. The current Condor Club is branded as "San Francisco's Original Gentlemen's Club. The club went "bottomlessness", with the dancers performing fully nude, on September 3, 1969.

Bouncer Jimmy Ferrozzo and his girlfriend Theresa Hill were having sex on the club's famous white piano which descended from the ceiling via cables. In 1963, they hired a cocktail waitress named Carol Doda. Pete Mattioli became Gino's partner in 1958 and promoted the club, which became a jumpin’ jivin’ entertainment center of North Beach, featuring George and Teddy and the Condors. The club has thrived since that date. She was the first topless entertainer there and the most famous.

After talking to quite a few bouncers at the clubs for my crime story, I've noticed that the bouncers at strip clubs are usually the friendliest and most eager to talk to me. Drug and Alcohol Related Arrests 1/1/2011-4/25/2011. Known as the Pisco Bar, it was purchased by Mario Puccinili who called it Pucci's House of Pisco.

[2][3], The club is located at the corner of Broadway and Columbus Avenue. A bizarre death occurred at the Condor Club in November 1983.

[7] Between 2005 and 2007, it was Andrew Jaeger's House of Seafood & Jazz, a branch of the owner's original restaurant in New Orleans. However, in August 2007, it once again became the Condor Club, once more featuring go-go dancers. It was sold a couple of times and in 1958, was owned by Gino Del Prete.

"[8], Historical marker commemorating the Condor Club as the world's first topless and bottomless entertainment venue. Her première topless dance occurred on the evening of June 19, 1964.[2]. His girlfriend survived was found in the morning pinned underneath …

"Nudity, Noise Pay Off in Bay Area Night Clubs". They accidentally hit the "on" switch, and the piano rapidly rose to the ceiling, trapping the couple.

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