consequences of not paying italian traffic fines

EMO seems not to be a true debt collecting agency in the aggressive sense but more an outsourced administrative mechanism. 10. (See “Limited Traffic Zones” below). We have no information as to whether debt collection agencies have ever been employed for this purpose. Thinking of coming to Venice in November. EPC, like EMO, is more of a translation, notification and collection service than a debt collector. It appears that the notice was issued by a third party contractor. Regarding fines paid by the rental car company and charged to your card (if this ever happens), neither your card company nor the car rental companies will assist you unless you can prove that: – it was not you driving the car, – you were staying at a hotel within the relevant ZTL on that day, or – you were nowhere near the area and that it was therefore not your rental car. Since August 13th 2010, the amount of time traffic fines have to be sent out to Italian residents has been reduced from 150 days to 90 days – Art. You agree to the fees when you sign the rental contract so don't expect the credit card companies to refund your money this time. 12. Keep an ey on whatever card you used for the rental, they may have the same policy. And we were on our way to the car to get a new one. Tourists in cars who need to travel within the ZTL to reach their accommodation facilities or a garage can obtain a temporary access permit, although they should still pass through the authorized ‘access points’ only, excluding the lanes reserved for public transport and the pedestrian zones which may not be used at any time. It is permissible to drive to a hotel within the restricted traffic zones or to a parking garage, but IT IS IMPERATIVE that the hotel or garage communicates your license plate number to the traffic authorities. I have read too may ridiculous stories about the traffic fines. Because of the rental, your credit card is on file and the fine will eventually be charged to it if you don’t so something about it sooner. Besides, there is a 5-year statute of limitation for enforcing a traffic related fine. Best Place to travel in Europe October/November? Years later a collection agency says i owe $800.00 for two traffic fines. If you no longer have the contract, make contact with someone within the car rental company who can speak authoritatively on whether there is any circumstance where they would pay your fine. Of course the VERY strict European blood-alcohol limits for drivers are well known to most travellers as another area where the US and Europe have very different standards…. There is no direction for how to contest the ticket. Mrs Baker’s fine was for driving 8kph over the speed limit on the ring-road around Milan. 5. …were you in actual possession of the rental vehicle on the date this allegedly occurred, and in the vicinity of where the ticket was issued? If the answer is no, you were not authorized to drive into the ZTL, therefore I don’t understand the ground for your appeal. Use a taxi and rent a car from a location outside the ZTL for excursions into the country. If you were staying at a hotel within a ZTL on the day of your infringement and EMO is handling collection, you could ask your hotel to contact EMO confirming that. However, the longer the person ignores the ticket, the greater the penalties are and may increase. Do not park where there are white lines. Of course, you have little hope of winning if you are wrong. They are not likely to reject your payments. You need to be a subscriber to join the conversation. Limited (Restricted) Traffic Zones – ZTL (Zona a Traffico Limitato) are a problem. Guess I’ll find out the next time I go to Italy! Assessment made ​​with devices installed in a fixed location and automated referred to in Article 4 of the Decree-Law of 20 June 2002, n. 121 (Article 201, paragraph 1 bis letter f) C.d.S). Request for access to administrative documents. Knowledge, common sense and strictly observing all local traffic laws will help keep you out of trouble. Same here, except we avoided driving in Florence. 13. This appears to be a revenue-raising effort more than a law enforcement effort. 5) Car rental agencies are obliged to and always do provide the traffic authorities with the name and address of the individual who rented the offending car. Italian drivers are just as pissed as you are, actually more, because it happens more often to them than it happens to you, plus, in addition to the fine, Italians also get several points deducted from their license in case of speed ticket (3 to 10 points depending on speed) and after they lose 20 points they have 30 days to retake all tests to get a brand new license (otherwise they take the license away indefinitely until they retake all the tests). Is this worrying you? I can only guess the number of tourists from the USA who are a part of that number/cost. 6. Yeah, what **Bear_Nenno **said. The second notice will be registered.

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