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Nicolette demonstrates the correct way to approach a cow, or, how she likes to call it, how to ‘cowmunicate‘ with them. Guy, yarn crafter here. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our. The truth behind dairy products is that cows only produce milk after having given birth to calfs, which are taken away from the mother within hours and – in case it’s a male and hence of no value for future dairy production – killed for their meat. So when we arrived at the farm where our cow cuddling initiation was going to take place, a comforting sense of nostalgia washed over me. My heart was already melting.” Me: “Woah slow down, Tiger. Nicolette, our host whose sister once founded this farm, welcomes us with coffee and tea. You’ll be welcomed with coffee, tea and cookies. This is their address: Voorst is a very small village in the middle of farmlands. Although today’s purpose is relaxation, a farm is definitely not a beauty spa. ??? I loved this experience and it was even better experiencing it with people I love! (It can go from sunny to wet in a matter of seconds in The Netherlands). Because of her size, she is so solid and just wonderful to lean into. My heart was already melting. The more you connect with others — on even the smallest physical level — the happier you’ll be.”. Mooooove over ? (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Input your search keywords and press Enter. The absence of humans in this setting is almost a little dystopian. She has worked as a professional writer for a number of international companies in the Netherlands. Remember to check out and then check in again at Apeldoorn station, because you will be switching transport providers. I wonder what my grandpa would have thought of this! I learned that all cows are queens. Cows can be very friendly, but it’s important that the contact between human and cow is not forced. But she is huge. We have worked very hard to make these animals accustomed to visitors”. Geeske — her names means Grace in English — knows the personalities and names of her cows. Why hug a tree when you can cuddle with a cow? “Offer your hand so it can sniff you by way of becoming acquainted. • #cows #farm #farmlife #dairycow #dairyfarm #rotterdam #eurovisionsongcontest #eurovision2020 #esc #esc2020 #green #visitholland #holland #thenetherlands #netherlands #nederlands #hapa #brother #sister #brotherandsister #allcowsarequeen #drinkmoremilk #eatlessbeef, A post shared by Suzanne Adams (@suzadams1) on Oct 14, 2019 at 1:42pm PDT. And then we saw them: More than 200 cows eating, laying, grazing and generally hanging out. I greeted my first new friend by stroking her from behind and then on the side before sitting with her and enjoying a bit of girl time. It seems that the practice originated here in the Netherlands, which is not surprising considering the country is one of the world’s largest exporters of dairy products, and, therefore, home to a lot of cows. I pick a large mostly black girl that lies lazily in the grass. Especially a creature as cultivated and gentle as a cow. Twitter: Please enter a Twitter Consumer Key. As I sat up against my beautiful big boned girlfriend (I had no idea how large cows are! If you enabled this API recently, wait a few minutes for the action to propagate to our systems and retry. Fast forward a few decades and that distance — me to window to road to cow — remained the closest I’d ever been to our bovine friends. Geeske Holtrop — the matriarch of the farm and queen of its cows — joined us and walked us into a public dining area where she educated us on the history of her family’s farm, which dates back to 1753. The aforementioned use of boots and overall are included in the price, as well as a short tour of the farm. The cow bows her neck and rests her giant head in my lap. But we quickly learn that these cows are truly gentle giants. Boerderij Farm & Recreation in the beautiful province of Friesland. • @williamleeadams & I stopped eating beef after making these new friends. But don’t worry if the weather is not in your favour. It is my first up-close encounter with a cow, and I am slightly nervous. Her skin is warm (cows have a body temperature of 39 degrees!) We used to be colleagues who couldn't stop daydreaming about traveling - now we are best friends who run this online travel magazine where you will find practical and honest travel advice and inspiring travel stories. Do you wear leather? i absolutely adore bovines, they’re amazing animals and of course i don’t eat beef. This is an actual thing you can do in the Netherlands! If the cow is accepting, you can go ahead and start petting and massaging its head.”. She irregularly jerks her feet the way a cat or dog tends to do when lost in a dream. Tamta films new music video with a drone and her mobile phone, “Light It Up!” Eleni Foureira electrifies the dance floor in high-energy music video, Malta at Junior Eurovision 2020: Chanel Monseigneur with “Chasing Sunsets”, Tiny but mighty – ‘Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga’ is retold in LEGO, Ukraine: Inspired in quarantine – Go_A singer Kateryna Pavlenko talks about creating new Eurovision song, I have not eaten beef since my visit to the farm. There are a few specialized farms around The Netherlands that offer these kind of sessions. All images on are readily available on the internet and believed to be in public domain. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Disclaimer: I received a discount on the price of the cow cuddling workshop in return for publishing this story. From the Voorst-Emple station it is an easy and pleasant 20 minute walk to the farm on rural roads. They are playful, curious, clumsy, and they use their mouth to investigate whatever crosses their path. We’ll reveal all on @wiwibloggs when we start sharing the footage in a few weeks as part of our @visit_holland adventure on the road to #Eurovision 2020 ?? It’s like… Read more ». It won’t be easy as, much like Sanne, I love cheese (foodie trips are our favourites!) Facebook: Please enter a Facebook app id. Cow cuddling in Amsterdam. #instatravel #farmcats #friesland #leeuwarden, A post shared by wiwibloggs (@wiwibloggs) on Oct 14, 2019 at 10:59am PDT. You don’t have to give your shoes to a whale to kill it. No matter how familiar the sight, walking among them is still a little bit scary in the beginning. Her manner is very calm and zen. . Pack your bags and slip into your overalls — we’re headed to the farm! Required fields are marked *. I wish I wouldn’t have to say goodbye to my new bovine friends yet, but the Dutch skies help a little. The smell of manure and hay still transports me back into those childhood memories. We don the rubber boots and farmer’s overall that are provide. Alternatively, you can get there quite easily by train. Thank you for the kind words! Luckily, cow cuddling sessions here in the Netherlands are a lot cheaper than in upstate New York. I could easily doze off and fall asleep right here. She shares some history of the farm with us. The cows can come and go as they please. With the below information you’ll be ready to go. Many farms offer the use of overalls and wellies. They have tools to scratch their backs and there is pop music playing in the background. We indulged in the King’s cake — sweet, soft, frosted and delicious — and washed it down with some tea and coffee. . The story I wrote about this cow cuddling experience is based on my honest evaluation of the event and reflects my own personal and unbiased opinion. All they have to do is walk up to one of the two milking robots where they feast on some food while the robot empties their udders. The number of cattle in the Netherlands is far too high anyway. A part of me was hesitant to venture to the farm. It’s so that the women can live in peace without the constant tension that comes with horny bulls running about. Their anatomy even includes a crown. Not a pleasant video, but sometimes the truth has to be heard.

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