cz 75b finish

Some have opined that the CZ-75 is a poorly made handgun because the internal finish is rough. The Limited Edition’s Tritium night sights are standard, adding to the firearm’s appeal as a home defense weapon. The 75B features a steel frame with black poly coat finish. The ‘B’ designation is an indicator that the model is equipped with a firing pin block safety. I love the trigger pull of all my CZ75’s, and plan to shoot the most recent CZ75 with the Kadet conversion. About the only thing I can add to your review is a suggestion to try a CZ 75 Shadow or P-01 Shadow. can the Trigger pull weight be adjusted in DA? Its just a lot slower that the Ghost ring and XS Big Dot. Features. In terms of precision and reliability, the gun was the Glock of its day. Width: 1.4in Oh: Nice touches: mine came with snap caps and a mag loader. However, CZ has been producing a ‘New Edition’ which is similar to the Limited. Once you wrap your hands around an all-steel CZ 75 B all thoughts of grip angle angst or finger positioning paranoia disappear.

Amazing pistol! All rights reserved. It utilizes the frame and trigger group so you have the identical pull and break points just less recoil. I put different color lenses on the glasses as well. Those are the ‘factory customs’ from CZ Custom, I just purchased a C75 Shadow T this Friday and I regret having waited so long. I am leaning towards the Phantom thinking that if I decide to carry it, the polymer model will be a bit more pleasant to carry for extended periods than a steel model. They aren’t dirt cheap anymore, but still more than worth it. I have nearly 2 dozen CZ’s from pre-war model 24’s to the most current models. Accurate, reliable and what to me a real gun should feel like.

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Did I mention that CZ discontinued the more expensive Limited Edition version in 2010? I have shot, 147 gr. This included 115gr Blazer, 124gr custom reloads and 147gr Federal. The CZ75B New Edition has the same polished flats and bead blasting, but does not have the words ‘Limited Edition’ etched on the frame. Glock brick or Springfield subtlety? This beauty is a joy to shoot and I think even some of the dilberts I see allegedly practicing at the range could actually hit the target with this gun. Otherwise, the SA breaks a lot like my 1911 (despite being a hinge trigger). Kaliber: 9 mm Luger / 9x19 Zustand: neu Anbieter: Waffenhaus am Bodensee GmbH. bullet holes in the surrounding neighborhood (and possibly neighbors) are inexcusable. Ausgenommen Geschenkgutscheine. After initial functionality testing, I fired 124gr 9mm reloads, testing for print to establish where the rounds landed in reference to point of aim. It keeps me from trying to switch eyes on the sights under 7 yards. Prosím zapněte si Javascript pro správný chod webu. reloads, Steel and brass. Federführungsstange mit Puffer für CZ 75 SP-01, Plastikpuffer für Führungsstange CZ75 SP-01, Bockdoppelflinte Kronos Sporting - Lauflänge: 75 cm, Selbstladebüchse SIG 751 SAPR Long Barrel, Frankonia braucht Ihre Zustimmung (Klick auf „Ok”) bei vereinzelten Datennutzungen, um Ihnen unter anderem Informationen zu Ihren Interessen anzuzeigen. Is it possible to fall in love with a gun? CZ 75B 9mm. Barrel length: 4.7 in. For accuracy the CZ-73 and pair of glasses with one lens that brings the sights in focus and one for the target shoots better than I could when I was kid shooting jack rabbits on the run all day long with young 20-15 eyes. Keep in mind for lefties the CZ 85 is identical, full ambi and both versions are made in carry compact sizes (also the full size is available in 40 if you prefer) Despite being a service pistol, it’s more accurate than I’ll ever be. Your email address will not be published. Customizable * * * It’s everything you could want and it’s not polymer! The gun is still being made. It weighs-in at eight pounds on my RCBS trigger gauge. (After putting 50 painful rounds through the new rental Smith & Wesson .38 bodyguard… Owch…). The B designation indicates that this model is equipped with a firing pin block safety. I also have a CZ custom shop P01, the double action is better on the stock ltd. though the single action on the custom shop P01 is outstanding. To give the CZ a workout, I started by firing 16 rounds out of each magazine. | (I did apparently invent a new way to break it, though: Trying to smooth the new rails, I was working the slide on the frame w/o the barrel. HARSH FIREARMS. Email to friend. They also have a 75BD (decocker) available and a wonderful Kit called the Kadet that converts your 9mm to 22 in less than a minute for range time and trigger practice for pennies a round. Pistole CZ 75 B. Ein moderner Klassiker auf Basis einer der berühmtesten Pistolen aller Zeiten. Very nice gun. Der Buchstabe „B“ kennzeichnet die automatische Schlagbolzensicherung, die eine absolute Fallsicherheit der Waffe garantiert.

As does the CZ 75 B in your hand. You guys have made me salivate now… dying to get my hands on it and run to the range! Recoil was not pushing the slide back far enough to fully feed the last 2 round in the magazine. Address: 12345 Oak St. NE The CZ 75 is a horrible pistol, and the sooner you all realize it, the sooner I can go back to buying them for under $400. I am a lefty and the only problem I am running into is finding a duty holster with level 2 retention for this beauty. Sunday: Closed. Even cleaned and lubed the Cortical Duty brass fell too close to me. Free FedEx Option* (7) MEC-GAR MAGAZINE CZ 75B $ 20.08. Gilt ab einem Einkaufswert von € 50.

With the right holster, it completely, Your email address will not be published. der Verarbeitung Ihrer personenbezogenen Daten und den Geschäftsbedingungen zu. My only complaint is the trigger (and it may not be a complaint for long as I break it in): It’s a bit gritty, and I’ve found the sear doesn’t always grab consistently: Every once in awhile I get a surprise hair-light SA. I like it so much I sold my Gold Cup and have not missed it at all.

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