dams in maine

BASCOMB: The "easy pass" allows scientists to figure out how long it takes the salmon to go from dam to dam, and how many are actually getting through. He says the river now is as clean as it’s been in his lifetime, and he’s looking forward to the day the dams finally come down. Each spring, the first fisherman to catch a salmon sent that fish to the President of the United States. And since the 1980s, environmental groups have focused on blocking new dam construction and removing existing dams. Stone: Bauneg Beg Dam built 1900, 10 feet high storing 1,450 acre feet, Concrete Arch, Buttress & Earth: Aziscohos Dam built 1911, 68 feet high storing 368,000 acre feet, Timber Crib with Stone Ballast: Telos Dam built 1890, 20 feet high storing 198,000 acre feet, Concrete Mass Gravity: Ripogenus Dam built 1916, 82 feet high storing 1,690,000 acre feet, Gated Buttress & Hydro Station: North Twin Hydro built 1934, 35 feet high storing 348,000 acre feet, Earth dam with gated spillway: Churchill Dam, Large Earth Embankment SCS Flood Control: Durepo Brook built 1974, 60 feet high storing 7,500 acre feet, Stone: Union Gas Hydro Dam (Failed 2001), built 1924, 35 feet high storing 475 acre feet, Maine Emergency Management Agency
BASCOMB: The Penobscot tribe has not been able to exercise its fishing rights here for more than 100 years. BASCOMB: Simpson opens a metal door on the side to reveal three large salmon swimming circles in two feet of water. SIMPSON: So when that tag goes through, it’s just like a tollbooth. Major dams are linked below.

Locals describe a filthy, polluted river in the 1950s and 60s. BASCOMB: Today, the Penobscot is less fish highway and more like a residential street full of speed bumps and potholes. BASCOMB: The Nature Conservancy’s Josh Royte says that once the dams come down, biologists expect fish populations to explode. The National Inventory of Dams defines any "major dam" as being 50 feet (15 m) tall with a storage capacity of at least 5,000 acre feet (6,200,000 m3), or of any height with a storage capacity of 25,000 acre feet (31,000,000 m3). The fishway is actually underneath - you see it down below there. Kennebec County, Maine Dams: A listing of all the Dams in Kennebec County, ME with maps, driving directions, and a local area search function. ROYTE: The Penobscot happens to be one of the rivers that has the highest potential for Atlantic salmon recovery in the country. Simpson leans over the tank to measure the fish and look at its overall condition. ROYTE: Fish need to move up and down streams, wherever they live.

BANKS: If you go down, downstate to the Belfast area, there’s a river called the Passagassawakeag which comes from a Penobscot word that refers to a place where you could spear sturgeon at night by torchlight. His assistant climbs inside the trap with a large plastic tube to catch each fish and move it into a holding tank. Receive MEMA News, Upcoming Events By Email or Text Message. 72 State House Station (Photo: Bobby Bascomb). Upcoming Dams: NataRose Auryn of MoJo Maines (Summer 2020) BANKS: The salmon were extremely important to my ancestors in terms of protein and survival. DAY: Power production, tribal cultural resources, recreational paddlers, commercial fishing, we all got together and said, "If we could do this again to better accommodate interests and bring back some balance, what would we do?"
Salmon club were established near fishing holes. BASCOMB: In 1999, seven environmental groups and the Penobscot tribe sat down with a local hydropower utility to see if they could reach common ground.

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