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the tapers, encoders, servers, and listeners all into one central site Fifth.

Please confirm newbie deal via email with me.

... Search the Jam Buzz Archive.

Watch Dave Matthews Band’s Show in Dallas – 5/19/2018 Full Show Video Date: May 19, 2018 ... Watch Dead and Company’s Full Performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live 4K Total Shares.

I prefer not to send cases or J cards setlist is sent on seperate sheet of paper.

That's about it WHOOPS one more thing please never do 2 for 1 deals as someone will always help you out with out charging you a extra tape or something, and never pay for DMB bootlegs. Grading Scale, It goes from A+ to C-.

Sixth. Of course larger quantities will take longer and amount of people i am helping at a present time.

This site will be continually updated with live links to online Dave

2019. Believe me ,it's a no-brainer! Internships. Seventh.

An intimate Oh and Bartender kick off the evening with Dave and Tim.

If you're still looking, try DMB Trading Links. Second. Dave Matthews Band live MP3 tapers archive's purpose is to make (see Taping Policy) Dave Matthews concerts. Embrace the Face! I like to trade fast and not mess around with it. 42: Sound Advice Amphitheatre I have a list of references of many people i have traded with:) Happy Trading Fourth. More

More Box Sets DMBLive Series Live Recordings Live Trax Series New Downloads Side Projects Studio Recordings Vinyl 2017 DMB Live Trax Vol.

Matthews Band Concerts in MP3 format as well as Real Audio versions Its mission is to connect "On June 6, 2014, Dave Matthews Band returned to the state of Maine for the first time since 1997. These are standard rules. Live Trax vol.

If you want! And if you don't know here is instructions on how to send blanks to be filled this will make life easy on you and me.

are hosting that concert. 49: Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center. Please include a piece of paper saying what the tapes are for (example tapes for 7/8/92 newbie deal) also include your email address on that piece of paper and make sure you have stamps or money for return postage (i am getting sick of paying for people postage, and i won't anymore) If you do not send that piece of paper with the above info you will get your tapes sent back to you blank.

it easier for Dave Matthews Fans worldwide to access live, legally recorded Live Trax vol. No hi-speed dubs Live Trax vol.

Concerts     Here are links to the tapelists of some newbie-friendly traders who will help you start your collection. The internet digital audio revolution is at hand and this site intends to surf the wave all the way home. We are in the process of combining with another well known Dave Matthews

NEWS: and other future encoding technologies that may come about.
Trading Rules, First. 2019. I will put set list for show i send you on a typed caseliner i make.

I am usually very quick on getting blanks back to you.

Get your copy of Crash with the Dave Matthews Band at Macromusic, and get a special price for DMB Palace visitors.To learn more about this great live release and hear samples please click here.Macromusic is your one and only stop to purchase DMB music, and even hard to find DMB stuff like promo releases, and more. You can subscribe at any time, First Look: Watch Dave Matthews Band’s Woodstock ’99 Performance in HD, Watch Warren Haynes Join Dave Matthews Band for “#41” at the Gorge, Watch Warren Haynes Join Dave Matthews Band for “Cortez the Killer” at The Gorge, Watch Oteil Burbridge’s Outstanding Sit In with Dave Matthews Band in West Palm Beach, Watch Susan Tedeschi Join Dave Matthews Band for an Epic “Cortez the Killer” in Jacksonville, Listen to Dave Matthews Band’s Show in Vienna – 3/28/2019 AUD, Watch Warren Haynes Sit In With Dave Matthews Band on “Tripping Billies” at MSG, Watch Eric Krasno and Dave Matthews Band Destroy “Lie in Our Graves” at MSG, Watch Warren Haynes and Dave Matthews Band’s Epic “Cortez The Killer” at MSG, Watch Dave Matthews Band Bust Out Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition” in Colorado, Watch Dave Matthews Band and Robert Randolph’s Tasty “Cornbread” in Holmdel, NJ, Pro-footage: Watch Dave Matthews Band’s Camden Show – 6/16/18 Full Show Video, Listen to Jimmy Herring Sit In with Dave Matthews Band in Atlanta – 5/26/2018 Full Show AUD, Watch Dave Matthews Band’s Show in Dallas – 5/19/2018 Full Show Video, First Listen: Two Lost Dave Matthews Band Shows Surface After 25 Years – 2/16/93 & 2/28/93 Full Show AUD, Listen to Robert Randolph Join Dave Matthews Band for Pre-Super Bowl Show – 2/3/2018 Full Show AUD, Watch Dave Matthews Band Perform the Only Complete “Two Step” of the 2016 Tour – Multi-Cam, Watch Dave Matthews Band & Entire The Greek Theater Sing “The Stone” – Multi-cam, UPDATED: Watch Multi-cam Footage of Bob Weir’s Sit In with Dave Matthews Band “The Maker” in Berkeley, Instant Classic: Watch Dave Matthews Band & Joe Lawlor Crush “Rhyme & Reason” at SPAC.

Please do not screw me around (I won't you). With an acoustic set to open the show, fans got a taste of classic DMB tunes in stripped down arrangements. Never Miss a Jam!

Next put that envelope in a larger one (does not need to be padded), and mail it to me. Share your email with us and we'll send you a new jam everyday! Live Trax vol.

If you really want to know about a show please send me email and I will answer your questions fairly. Please do not be scared off by tapes with lower grades. Filling Blanks. Maxell xl II or Maxell xl IIS tapes only. Dave Matthews Band live MP3 tapers archive's purpose is to make it easier for Dave Matthews Fans worldwide to access live, legally recorded (see Taping Policy) Dave Matthews concerts. If you have a concert that you would like to contribute contact (dmbmp3). 48: The Birchmere.

If you are having trouble accessing the files (dmbmp3). Also i really like to have your email address put somewhere in that envelope on a piece of paper incase i need to get a hold of you for some unkown reason.

Get yourself some maxell xl II tapes (usually 90 min). If you are a taper interested in networking with other tapers or 48: The Birchmere.

First. Please do not use metered mail on the envelope that will come back to you. Then put the tapes (no cases saves on postage) in a padded envelope (size 5x7 or 6x9) self addressed back to you with postage either affixed or include money for postage in the envelope. Box Sets DMBLive Series Live Recordings Live Trax Series New Downloads Side Projects Studio Recordings Vinyl DMBLIVE – Trax 2/22/94 DMBLive The Academy, New York, NY 4/5/1995 When you say you are going to send please do so. 49: Marvin Sands Performing Arts Center.

Third. If prefered will send Priority mail if you will do the same..

(dmbmp3), If you would like to contribute to the growing of this site and are

00:00:54 One Sweet World 00:11:16 Don't Drink the Water 00:20:10 Warehouse » 00:28:24 Typical Situation 00:41:58 Two Step 00:54:50 Crush 01:08:06 Recently 01:16:45 Pig 01:24:42 Heartbeat Intro » 01:30:15 Pantala Naga Pampa » 01:30:55 Rapunzel 01:39:50 The Long Black Veil … Email me to get my postal address. Dave Matthews Band July 16th, 1999 The Gorge George, WA Hard to find VHS (Cred: Debob).

will be organized by date and will have their rating, quality, venue, willing to host a concert or two on your server contact (dmbmp3). If a show has 180 by it that means it is 2 90 minute tapes. would like audio tape versions of these concerts instead of mp3 files Join over 5,000 live music lovers who receive our free daily jam newsletter and score 15% off a new tee or hoodie in our store! 2019. and set list and will be linked to the single or multiple sites that

Please do not forget to include padded envelope for return with postage affixed or include money for postage.

No noise reduction or boom box recordings.

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