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The Demons of Tartoros are the only organization that able to resurrect their fallen members thanks to Hell's Core which revives the fallen member if they are killed. Thus they were dubbed as Etherious. The Books of Zeref. Looking for some great streaming picks? Fairy Tail Zeref showed concern for others when he warned them not to come near him knowing they would most likely perish if they did; he once told Mavis he never chose to stay in one place or enter extended contact with living creatures. Full Name Crimes Alias Etherious all have a base "book form," that at any moment can turn back into that form by their creator. However, the truth was far from what had been previously described: In reality Zeref was a calm-minded, sincere, trustworthy, straightforward and optimistic … Their bodies are made up of Ethernano. Etherious like Arrancar are able to enter a trasformation that what it is called an Etherious Form which they can enter under certain requirements. As all of the members of Tartoros were created around 400 years ago and still have youthful appearances. As Emperor Spriggan (in Japanese: 皇帝スプリガン, Kōtei Supurigan), first leader and founder of the Alvarez Empire he donned a regal and formal version of his usual attire consisting of a white toga lined with golden strings and markings at the edges; underneath this he had a black long-sleeve coat with metal cuffs reminiscent of those sported by Gajeel Redfox. While Etherious are nearly immortal, they can still be killed under the right circumstances, such as a powerful attack. Add the first question. The majority of Etherious are sadistic, merciless, arrogant and blood thirsty, believing in that strength is all that matters and seeing themselves superior to all races, though they do admire creatures and can be friendly to other races like the Arrancar or Fishmen. This FAQ is empty. Search for "The Mightiest Demon of the Book of Zeref" on, Title: Laws-of-existence violationsMurder/ManslaughterBlack magic masteryDark creationInvasionsTerrorismAttempted omnicideTrespassingAttempted fratricide Evil-doer Appearance. Zeref is a character from the Fairy Tail anime and manga.. Zeref the Black Wizard is considered to be the most evil wizard who ever lived, having left a legacy of death, destruction, and demons of his creation. Murder/ManslaughterBlack magic masteryDark creationInvasionsTerrorismAttempted omnicideTrespassingAttempted fratricide. Similar to an Arranar's Resurrección an Etherious can enter their Etherious form. Goals Which changes their appearance and enhances their already available abilities make them stronger and in the process. This was shown when he ruthlessly slaughtered Precht who had become known as Hades and he correctly thought to have willingly performed or authorized a number of unforgivable and horrific atrocities and mercilessly assaulted Fairy Tail's third, sixth, eighth and incumbent Guild Master Makarov Dreyar for the purpose of getting a rise out of Natsu. Thus, if they are to be killed permanently, Hell's Core must be destroyed first. Five World War Wikia is a FANDOM Anime Community. Resting.Moving around from place to place or occasionally visiting his subjects in the Alvarez Empire.Brooding and dwelling sadly on the topics of the world's existence and his own. In terms of clothing Zeref wore a high-collared red (black in the anime) and tan robe with gold trimmings and black pants nearly identical to the one initially worn by Rogue Cheney with a white toga draped over his left shoulder and black lace boots on his feet. Before his descent into darkness Zeref was polite, courteous and formal but also curious, ambitious and rebellious when he continued dangerous research into the truth behind life's existence and absence regardless of the consequences it would've had in the long run; he was rather sentimental and emotionally-attached considering the tremendous lengths he went to get back what he cared the most about. When emotionally unbalanced or unveiling his true Powers Zeref's irises became dark red with concentric black rings around their pupils giving him a frightening appearance. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends. Despite Zeref's capability for evil he was a more tragic character once others knew him personally; this extended to the point that Mavis tried to cheer him up with her Illusions and while Natsu's opinions on his defeat didn't change at all after learning of their relationship his brother seemed to genuinely pity him enough to tell him (if rather angrily) exactly how he was wrong when it came to happiness. When personally confronted by Mavis' Thought Projection he explained his plans for the world and how he would bring everything crashing down. Zeref had a clear-cut disdain for the "cultists who longed for [his] resurrection" viewing them as "a group of desperate fanatics" with unamusement and spite likely due to seeing those followers (in the loosest sense) as a majority of the negative histories and legacies he left behind before deciding to return and held similar regards, if not lower for the tales about him apparently having kept tabs on the Magic World while inactive as he was visibly appalled with former student and Fairy Tail's second Guild Master Precht Gaebolg and his new Guild Grimoire Heart for taking the stories about how he had already died and the "Keys" to reawaken him by unlocking his "Seal" very seriously to the point of considering it a holy script deeming said legends antiquated fiction and calling it all "a lie that an old fool put stock in". The Mightiest Demon of the Book of Zeref Etherious do not age and stay in their prime for their entire lives. Intelligence and knowledgeMastery of manipulationSuperhuman strength, speed, agility, senses, stamina and durabilityNigh-immortalityAccelerated healing and regeneration processesTeaching and instructionNigh-indomitable willpowerOratory skillsCharismaIntimidationLeadershipStrategiesCombat and fighting skills/prowessMagicTeleportationBlack arts/magic/sorceryLife creation/imbuement (with Living Magic)Death inducement (with Ankhseram Black Magic)ImmobilizationTelepathyEnchantmentsChronokinesis (with Fairy Heart)Pyrokinesis Finally the entire race will die if Zeref is killed as they are his creations and are connected to his magic. Spoiler Alert for anyone who has yet to catch up with Fairy Tail: Natsu Dragneel is not only the resurrected little brother Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. While Etherious can die they only stay dead temporary and revived thanks to Hell's Core Thi gives them advantage as if they are killed they learn from their mistakes and come up with a better plan of action to defeat their opponents. They are also immune to poison and almost all aliments. With neither side willing to compromise, the ensuing battle triggers an all-new crisis. Despite the superior complex towards humans, there are times where they show respect towards humans, who earned it,tr such as Seilah and Yukio Hans Voralberna, who worked well together during the Mercrurius Prison Break Arc. This was especially prominent with his son August, though it should be noted that August willingly took the secret of being Zeref and Mavis' only child to his death. Etherious are a subspecies of Demons created by Zeref Dragneel. One of his more defining traits was an uncanny knack for (un)consciously seducing others into accepting his ways of thinking in the examples of organizations purely dedicated to serving what they saw as his will.

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