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versions or considered extra copies that were left un-signed by Jeter at the They were printed on very thin card stock which make them very difficult to find in high grade conditions. C4RD5 EBAY. card is actually signed for some, however this card is becoming a lot tougher time only the cards autographed is graded unless it states otherwise. Many 12.1992 Classic Four Sport Derek Jeter Autograph Trending: Best Juan Soto Rookie Cards to Invest In. Seen as one of the greatest Yankees players of all-time, Jeter is also a 14-time Major League All-Star, amassed five American League Gold Gloves at short, won five Silver Slugger Awards, picked up two Hank Aaron Awards, and was the 2009 recipient of the Roberto Clemente Award. un-signed proof card examples of the Little Sun Jeter card remain in Being so that both of these One of the rarest minor league Derek Jeter cards is his 1993 Classic Best Greensboro Hornets card. This in turn raises the value of almost every Derek Jeter baseball  card. Many of these sets can still be bought factory card. obtained and signed later on in Jeter’s career and not signed during the This polarizing card gets is unique, but has not always been a fan favorite. During 1993 to help promote the new expansion teams the then Miami Marlins This card is known as Jeter’s first certified autographed Prior to these releasing in 1996, Signature Bronze Autograph #118 /700, 1996 Leaf Signature Silver Autograph Signed You’ll find the stars and stripes behind an image of Jeter batting, along with a Panini Prizm logo at the bottom. Every collector or buyer always wants to find out which card was a on RONALD ACUNA CARDS. : Certified Red (/1,800), Certified Blue (/180), Artist’s Proof (/500), Mirror Red (/90), Mirror Blue (/45), Mirror Gold (/30), : Prizm Refractor, Green Prizm, Gold Prizm (/10), The most recent card to make the list is from the, LA’s Gregory Siff worked on this card, which uses the, 5 Times Baseball Cards Worth Millions Found in Homes, Best 7 Basketball Cards to Invest in Now (New and Updated Guide), 10 Most Valuable T206 Baseball Cards (Updated), 2020-21 Topps Gold Label Checklist, Parallels, Best Cards, and Investment Outlook, Basketball Card Release Dates 2021 (Updated): New Releases, Most Anticipated, and Hot Players, GoldCardAuctions Investment Info (updated monthly), Subscribe to the Gold Card Auctions Newsletter, Neymar Rookie Card – Top 3 Cards, Checklist, and Buyers Guide, Top 20 Mike Trout Baseball Cards (Updated), Gold Card Auctions Buyers Club (S&P 500 vs Sports Cards), Best Sports Cards To Buy Right Now (Best Baseball, Basketball, Football, Hockey Cards to Buy), Top 3 Baseball Cards From the 80s (Exceptional Investments), 7 Most Valuable Baseball Cards from the 1990's, PSA Grading vs Beckett Grading vs SGC Grading (Massive Guide and Review), Gold Card Auctions - Sports Card Investment Company, 5 Rookie Cards That Could Double Your Money In 2020, Charizard Pokemon Card - Value, Top 5 Cards, and Buyers Guide, Most Valuable Basketball Cards From The 90's (Top 10), Top 7 Hobby Boxes of All-Time (Ultimate Hobby Box Guide), 10 Most Expensive Hockey Cards From The 1990s, 1996 Upper Deck Diamond Destiny Gold #DD28, 1998 Ultra Platinum Medallion Masterpiece #481P, 1999 UD Black Diamond Emerald Mystery Numbers #M8, 1999 Upper Deck Textbook Excellence Quad #T17, 2000 Derek Jeter Alex Rodriguez Stadium Club Co-Signers Dual Auto #CO1, 2001 Ultra Tomorrow’s Legend Platinum #12, 2020 Topps Transcendent Derek Jeter VIP /100, Most common Jeter baseball card up for auction on eBay: Again the 1993 SP Upper Deck RC is the most popular card up on eBay auctions at any given time. Jeter’s Little Sun proof card is known as “Proof Examples” which were non-autographed © 2020 Cardboard Picasso. Next up is the big one. Looks for any of the Prizm Parallels graded PSA 9 or higher or BGS 9 or higher (the higher-end parallel you can afford the better). This is one of the more affordable Jeter rookies. Must Read: The Legendary 1989 Upper Deck Ken Griffey Jr. This card has amazing value potential and will continue to rise as he gets closer to 3,000 hits. All of these parallels could easily be considered Buy It Now. The card was sold to Adrian Proietti through auction house PWCC on eBay. this card. Jeter has become the king of New York and not just one of the greatest Yankees of all-time but also a baseball icon. While the SP in high-grades is wicked pricy, the printed on-card autographed card during his high school days. It has a small gold tab at the bottom which lists his name and position, and gem mint versions are worth a fair amount. As A complete Derek Jeter baseball card checklist would take days if not weeks to complete… so we are going to list the Jeter cards we feel are worthy of an investment if you are looking to add some Derek Jeter to your investment portfolio. card called the Gold Hologram. It’s another condition-sensitive option that is pricey at higher grades, which is understandable as it’s limited to just 50 copies. 4.1996 Leaf Signature Derek Jeter Autographs. Another great long-term investment is investing in The 1993 Classic best is another great rookie card that has a few variations. Derek Jeter cards have continually increased Derek Jeter Rookie Minor League Cards Lot RC PSA BGS Yankees HOF NYY ROY Invest. It has a rare combination of rare shiny foil and outstanding Must Read: Best Sports Cards to Invest In Now. limited print run of just 250. A Derek Jeter rookie card is a must have for any baseball card collector. the toughest cards to find but some still remain out there. Buyers can purchase these cards on Ebay for $5-$10 depending on the condition they are in. card. page of cards all attached together. featured the old school white circle authentication stamp on the back. Similar to his Little Sun autograph card, Jeter featured another short The bronze version is also recognized as an SP, although there are 700 copies overall. #118, 1996 Leaf Signature Gold Autograph #118 /200 and the 1996 Leaf Century It is not too often that you find cards being worth so much money that were produced in the 1990’s. still can! The Autographed version continues to increase in value, although Jeter’s It focuses on reimagining some of the most popular cards from the past, using ‘culture-defining’ artists to do so. Here is my list 5.1992 Front Row Derek Jeter Autograph #6 /500. Jeter is again featured in his high school uniform on According to a lot of research after learning Currently you can find these cards online for $5 ungraded in mint condition. creating cards of top high school prospects. Many of the proof cards that surfaced were Rather than the base 2012 Panini Prizm set, we’re looking at the USA Baseball collection instead. 1996 Leaf Signature Extended Autograph #89 /1000, 1996 Leaf During his tenure on the team, fans were given out yearbooks, Much like his 1993 Upper Deck rookie, these cards do sell well in the right condition. Draft autographs were not around during 92, but a rare on card autograph card examples. One of Jeter’s other popular rookie cards is his Upper Deck rookie. extremely sought after as well. On the front of the card by Upper Deck. player’s first card of them. Select The 1993 UD SP is one of the most important collectible cards from the decade, belying the large print run to become astonishingly valuable when looking at gem mint copies. invest in. The 1993 Topps Gold might be ignored in favor of more popular Jeter RCs, but it’s still one of the better options from his rookie year. still have tremendous upside but you want to buy one’s that have bold If you do There is also a more common one, 1994 Signature set of Stadium Club cards that year which included the Jeter rookie and you Ending Nov 4 at 9:57PM PST 6d 1h. Only 100 copies were ever produced. with a Black sharpie. or Best Offer. The 2019 Coby White Panini Prizm #253 RC is an excellent way to take advantage of a big season from White in 2021. This is also a very hard card to find in good condition due to its colored sides. 34 product ratings - BGS 8.5 1993 Topps Derek Jeter Draft Pick Rookie Card New York Yankees #98 RC. New (Other) C $30.00. Part of the reason this card can fetch so much money is that it is almost impossible to find in great condition. Out of all the Derek Jeter cards this is one of the rarest RC’s. Both Jeter’s Upper Deck SP rookie and his Upper Deck rookie were C $80.00. 93. We’re sticking with the Metal theme for the next card, which is from the 1998 PMG set. Baseball Card. With only 8,650 of these Derek Jeter baseball cards in existence buyers can expect to pay a few thousand dollars for a premium graded card. Regular issued Topps cards have always been fan favorites. Jeter is Collectors will generally gravitate toward the card that wasn’t mass-produced. These rare Derek Jeter baseball cards are great investments. cards that has a very low POP report on both PSA 10’s and BGS 9.5’s. WANDER FRANCO CARDS. This is a great card to obtain first on-card signature is a little streaky everybody still wants one. them were considered mail in promos that were limited to just 1,000 copies; was also featured in a base version Front Row card and some of those were You can find these Jeter rookies for around $15 ungraded. MICHAEL JORDAN CARDS. Little Sun was a card company known for #1. others 3,000 but not all of them were all redeemed making it unknown of how Often regarded, as one of Jeter’s most popular true rookie cards is his Stadium Club. Best place to find Derek Jeter Rookie cards and other Derek Jeter Baseball Cards.

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