difference between write up and article

Sounds like huge exposure. The key here is to make sure that the reader’s expectations are met.

Search Engine Optimisation helps content reach a wider audience and is a key factor behind blogs and write-ups going viral. An article, on the other hand, is a researched and methodical piece.

I began by posting content that appeals mainly to writers, e.g.

I've been actively using this site for the past two years. Here’s a quick guide that aims to help you distinguish the two.

They are based more on reportage, information, and statistics. Your articles will be easier to find by people who read your profile, since you'll likely write far fewer of them than posts.

A very limited number of people see it, depending on how many Followers you have, whether they share, your hashtag resonance, and how blessed you are by LinkedIn's capricious algorithm gods. It is crucial to understand the differences between blogs and articles as the two can often be confused. Between writing an article and a blog, no one type of content is better than the other. An article is equivalent to a Blog post. Blog posts started to get more and more like articles. But it can be easily confused with article writing, which is a different ballgame altogether. An article, on the other hand, is entirely educational. In articles, on the other hand, SEO isn’t usually a consideration.

A standard post now allows for image, video, document or kudos appending. For instance, let’s take a look at the example we used above about hardwood floors. When you click on the phrase "Share an article, photo, video or idea," the text shifts to "Write here or use @ to mention someone.". If you aren’t sure whether a piece is a blog or an article, think about where the piece appears. An article is created via LinkedIn's Pulse Publishing.

Unlike essays, which often highlight the subjective impressions of the author (or narrator), articles are commonly written from an objective point of view. Which LinkedIn calls "Posts" when you provide a link on your website to your Articles on this site. The vast majority of articles, besides op-ed pieces, look to steer clear of personal opinion. It’s important to note that when you order content, you can often specify the length of the blog or article you want. To learn how to write using the passive voice. Longer pieces will allow you to go into more detail and they’re often better for your SEO. A post is the default mode of entering commentary on LinkedIn. Even if the article is published o… Once you click on "Post," your completed gem shows immediately in your Feed.

The writing style for blogs has a very casual tone to it. The internet is where people turn for all types of information today, and the demand for high-quality content is higher than ever. I hope this helped! Plus it's ever so smile inducing when people leave affirming remarks. A blog is casual and conversational. To write an Article, one must click specifically on the "Write an article" icon. It can offer your SEO a huge advantage if you craft your posts right. This is not a reliable or consistent difference.
Reaching out to all sorts of interesting people. iWriter is the fastest, easiest and most reliable way to have content written for your website. The writer doesn’t do keyword research, nor do they try to work certain keywords into their content.

An article, on the other hand, is always in third person point of view. When a writer writes a blog, they use first person point of view. While verbose literature ruled the roost in the past, it is now falling behind to quick, snappy writing that gets the point across using less words, while taking up less of the reader’s time. As a business, your blog is a great branding opportunity because it lets you show your personality. Then I branched off into auto-posting material based on the themes in the debut novel I'm (tortuously) writing: Down Syndrome and Intersex rights; gene therapy advances that could lead to #genomicide; bioethics; and finding common ground between people of faith vs. secularists and agnostics. They stay around unless you choose to delete them. As a bazillion blogs crowded the Internet, the bar began to raise.Blog posts began to have more interviews.

An article allows you to post an image that appears large atop the piece, whereas in a post the image is smaller and is usually displayed beneath the text. They presented interesting data. Writers may end up confusing the two, and as a result, your work might just fail to appeal to your core audience the way you want it to.

how I'm using social media like #Twitter to attract potential readers.

On top of the content and the point of view, the writing style is a key difference between blogs and articles. However, a blog on the budget can consist solely of the views of the author and his opinions on the new budget.

There are plenty of blogs that are 2,000 words or more and plenty of articles that are under 500 words. It reads more like a textbook or a newspaper. 0 Comments, How Online Content Helps Grow Your Business, 7 Reasons Why You Need to Hire Freelance Writers, 8 Factors to Consider If You Want to Hire the Best Content Writers, Let's Get Creative: What to Look For in an Excellent Content Strategy. You may remember the three points of view you learned in English class. I had hoped to start fine-tuning my strategic approach on this site. An article, on the hand, has a far more formal and academic tone. It comes equipped with some basic editing tools, lets you include a large Headline, a separate section for body copy, and the insertion of media (an image, video, slides, links or snippets) at the start of each new paragraph.

Blogs are built around SEO keywords and the writing is often changed to incorporate the same. An article writer bases their content on research and should not inject their own opinions into the article. That prompted me to do a bit of investigating about the differences and respective benefits of Articles vs Posts. A blog usually appears on a company or individual’s website. “Write [something] up” is a phrasal verb roughly meaning “report” or “write an account of”.

Other differences? As content creators, one of the most common mistakes we see is that businesses don’t know whether to ask for a blog or an article. For most businesses, SEO is the key reason they want a blog on their site. From a search engine optimization standpoint, blogs and articles are huge differences.

Problems related to it, 4. the solution. For that reason, a blog writer usually has specific keywords they need to prioritize throughout the piece. On the other hand, putting in SEO keywords isn’t necessary in an article. Search Engine Optimisation helps content reach a wider audience and is a key factor behind blogs and write-ups going viral. Please let me know if I've missed something. However, blogs often describe things from a personal perspective, with a lesser reliance on reportage and data. The different nuances to writing a blog and an article will help writers to target their audience better.

Articles aim to emulate literature in a journalistic style while blogs aim to get the point across in commonly used language and terminology. The advent of the internet era has brought about a sea change in how we read. First person point of view has a clear narrator, using words like “I” or “we.” Second person point of view has no narrator but it speaks to the reader, using “you.” Third person point of view has no narrator, nor does it acknowledge the reader, using only “it” and similar articles. This may not be the case for much longer, with editing being a crucial step in the process of publication and blogs constantly evolving. But don't kid yourself that the entire world will read your pearls of wisdom. The difference is in the content and other criteria above rather than the length.

Some people use those terms interchangeably, but you need to know the difference in order to get the content that will help you most. For instance, you might write a blog titled, “The Coolest Hardwood Flooring Trends from 2018.” You wouldn’t have to do much research if you do any at all because it focuses on your opinion. A blog and an article can both have the same subject matter but they approach it in different ways. Blogs are built around SEO keywords and the writing is often changed to incorporate the same. Blogs can range anywhere from 300 to 1000 words, but articles are often much lengthier. It’s not wrong. Another nice differentiator. Most of us have been disappointed in a purchase at one time or another because we asked for the wrong thing. Posts got longer as bloggers sought to stand out and deliver more value, until 1,000 words has become fairly standard, and 2,000-word posts are not uncommon. Are we clear yet? An article allows you to post an image that appears large atop the piece, whereas in a … In a blog, the writer is a person sharing their own opinions and expertise. While in report writing, you need to actually report a happening. Here’s what you need to know about the differences between writing an article and writing a blog. We’re including this note because it’s actually a misconception. The article, on the other hand, would be more likely to appear on the website for an organization in the flooring or construction industries. Also "Post Settings" allow for privacy (which is really another word for level of visibility).

Blog writing is the order of the day when it comes to online writing, with even successful entrepreneurs reaching out through the medium. It’s often short and doesn’t include too many words that are hard to grasp. What is the topic, 2. The right content on your site will drive traffic, improve search engine optimization, and end up bringing you more revenue. There are plenty of blogs that are 2,000 words or more and plenty of articles that are under 500 words. In composition studies, an article is a short work of nonfiction that typically appears in a magazine or newspaper or on a website. For example, in a blog about Manchester United Football Club, the author will have to include key terms such as ‘Red Devils’, ‘Mourinho’ or ‘Man Utd’ for the piece to have better tractionon the internet.

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