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Whilst this position may be an endearing choice for warmth and security from your pet, we all know our animals are more intelligent than they look. You might not have heard of the “crazy legs” sleep position — but you’ll know it when you see it! A cozy pet bed like the FurHaven faux sheepskin snuggery orthopedic dog bed encourages burrowing, or you can try a heated dog bed like the K&H Pet Products self-warming lounge sleeper dog bed to keep your dog warm. We earn a commission for products purchased through some links in this article. Whilst this may be an attempt for comfort and to dissipate heat, your furry friend is now finally where they really want to be. Here are the seven most common pet sleep positions you’ll find your dog in and what they mean. This four-legged friend takes comfort in hearing your heartbeat and gentle breath whilst you sleep. This position creates a safe and dark hideaway for your pet. However, it is possible for some dogs to sleep like this for longer periods of time. Don’t Be Intimidated by Your Instant Pot. In this position, a dog can be lying on either their back or their side. Healthy adult dogs spend an average of 12 to 14 hours per day sleeping, and puppies, senior dogs or those with health problems may require even more rest. Dr. Houpt explains that dogs do this to make themselves as small as possible, and that it also helps them regulate body temperature. Here, your pet is definitely showing favouritism and stealing all your partner's attention. You might notice that your furry pal sleeps in a very specific way and it might not be a happy accident. If your doggie is passed out on his or her side, they’re in a common sleep position that is typically reserved for naps. Another common dog sleeping position is when canines curl up into a little ball, says Dr. … This position is popular in puppies, mostly because it’s an easy position for a dog to wake up and jump right back into playing. Pet lies at the end of the bed by your feet. This position suggests that your pet is happy to hand over all responsibility for their wellbeing as if they were a little puppy or kitten once again. How your pet nods off can be very insightful into how they’re feeling mentally and physically. This position may be a sign that your dog is warm and trying to cool down; since a dog’s paws contain sweat glands, and their belly has the least amount of fur on their body, this is the ideal position for bringing down body temperature. Any pet that falls asleep stomach down with their legs stretched outward is drawn to the “Superman” position. Here are the 10 pet sleeping positions and what they mean about your bond: What does it look like? Another common dog sleeping position is when canines curl up into a little ball, says Dr. Katherine Houpt, professor emeritus of behavioral medicine at Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Houpt completed a study that looked at dogs in shelters and how they sleep. Your pet has stolen the middle of the bed and you're right on the edge. Cats and dogs are able to hear far higher frequencies of sound than us, so by placing themselves in between your legs with the blankets above and below them, they create the perfect sound-proof bubble for a peaceful night's sleep. Side sleepers are usually very calm, care-free, usually have a strong bond with their families. Your pet sprawls out on their tummy next to you. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. If you see your dog sleeping with his head on top of his paws, chances are he’s just resting, says Dr. Stanley Coren, professor emeritus in the Psychology Department at the University of British Columbia and author of numerous books, including "Do Dogs Dream?". Strategy comes into play again here, as this kind of pet may also aspire to one day become a Pillow Bandit. Start with These 7 Easy Recipes. Here, they are protected from any disturbing noises and enjoy the slight compression of your legs either side of them. The study of 2,000 pet owners further reveals the 10 common sleeping positions that are adopted by our pets. Dr. Coren believes that this position also relates to temperature. Whilst this position is believed to be reflective of the loyal pet, the Faithful actually isn't a sign of endearment. So, if your pup, Get Your Bags Packed Because the Caribbean’s First Floating Taco and Cocktail Bar Is Open for Business, The Only Apple Crisp Worth Making This Fall, Here Are 21 Easy Soup Recipes You Can Make in Your Slow Cooker, 11 Charts That Could Be Helpful to Home Bakers Everywhere, How to Make a Wreath out of Ornaments and a Hanger. Because this position allows a dog to protect their belly and share heat in a pack, it is the most common position amongst wolves and wild dogs. This tightly-wound position may indicate your pup is not getting the best quality of sleep. What does it look like? As much as dogs like to run, play and sniff out the world around them, they also like to snooze. Look for a large dog bed, such as the American Kennel Club memory foam sofa extra-large dog bed for comfort and plenty of room. Experts claim that we can learn a lot about the bond between us and our four-legged friends by observing the way we share the bed with them. Country Living participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. This position, which is more likely to be adopted by dogs, gives your pet the best of both worlds – they can remain close to you whilst receiving those all-important belly rubs. 5 Dog Sleeping Positions and What They Mean, American Kennel Club memory foam sofa extra-large dog bed, Best Friends by Sheri luxury shag donut self-heating dog bed, FurHaven faux sheepskin snuggery orthopedic dog bed, K&H Pet Products self-warming lounge sleeper dog bed, Everything You Need to Know About Parvo in Dogs. With similar aspirations to become the Pillow Bandit, this sneaky pet is likely to be quite dependent and is inseparable from their owner. In between you and your partner. Yes, dogs can be tummy sleepers, too! “The most common posture that dogs use to sleep is lying on their sides with their legs extended,” says Dr. Coren. They could be on-guard if you try waking them up. This position is like the animal version of a human starfish, a sleeper who steals all the bed space with no guilt whatsoever. What started with good intentions from yourself (but maybe not so much from your cheeky pet), has resulted in your four-legged friend taking full advantage of your love for them. Here, your pet feels protected and can literally sleep like a baby. You might not have heard of the “crazy legs” sleep position — but you’ll know it when you see it! You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at, How to win the affection of your cat in 3 steps, What owners believe happen to dogs when they die, Dream job alert! If your dog is constantly snuggling up against you, or you notice him nuzzled up next to one of the other dogs in your household, there is a pretty simple explanation for this adorable dog sleeping position, says Dr. Coren. “They almost all sleep that way when they're undisturbed—in balls, curled up,” she says. “The tendency that many dogs have to cuddle when they sleep is a holdover from when they were puppies. “What you call the ‘Superman position’—with limbs outstretched and belly against the floor—is also a response to a warm environment, but usually occurs in situations where the surface that the dog is lying on is relatively cooler than the air around him.”, Dr. Houpt says that she sees smaller dogs and puppies stretch their back legs behind them more often than larger breeds. , this is because the position does not allow for a dog’s muscles to relax enough to enter the deep, REM stage of sleep. This is sometimes referred to as the “Superman position.” While researchers aren’t 100 percent sure why this happens, Dr. Coren and Dr. Houpt have a couple of ideas about this dog sleeping position. Again, this has to do with temperature, since puppies have difficulty regulating their body heat,” he explains. Pet cuddles into the bend of your legs whilst you lie in the foetal position. What does it look like? It’s just an incredibly warm, comfortable way for them to nod off. Does your dog or cat sleep on your bed with you? Wild dogs tend to huddle to together for protection and warmth in the wilderness, so back-to-back sleeping is an instinctual way for a dog to show you are one of the pack. It uses your dog’s body heat to warm the bed—a nice sleeping option for a cold night. Pups can also do this with their human pack, too! What does it look like? Instead, it is likely that you're a restless sleeper and this is as close as your pet can get whilst maintaining an easy escape route. In the “Belly Curl,” your dog will be sleeping on their tummy, often with their front paws tucked backward.

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