dragalia tier list

Still, he's excellent all around and a good dragon to invest in. A Dragon in the top tier is one that sees heavy usage in end game content (Primarily Master or Expert Agito). Below is a list of the best Adventurers in the game, with tips on how to use them. She's alright for autoing, but that's just not enough to save her. It's widely considered to be the optimum dragon for a number of Adventurers in their element. The most notable thing about Halloween Mym is she has an amazing co-ability for Ezelith. Cleo's access to dispel as well as having a powerful defense buff edges out Heinwald's superior DPS for now. 72 Skills Abilities None Aqua Trigger Skills Abilities Chimeratech Marella Version: 2.1.0 - Gala Dragalia (Oct 2020) Release Date: 2020-10-30 #300: Lapis the Phantom Thief Release … Time will tell if she can keep this placement. Adventurers are assumed to have optimal investment (ie. More and more powerful Light choices arrive, and someone has to take the fall for it. An HP bonus in Shadow just isn't very good. She might not have much in the way for DPS focused Adventurers, but for those more concerned with healing or buffing, she's easily the top wind pick. A good chunk of his damage comes from his dragon form, so he's best used with maxed out Light Dracolith facilities. : Dragonyule units / S! Tier 4 - Not for Progression. The limited New Years Dragon follows the theme of inflicting Bleed, complimenting offensive Shadow Adventurers with 40-60% Strength. Though she remains lackluster in MHMS, H!Mym has found new popularity in Expert Volk and is part of one of the more popular comps. As expected, this Gala Water Buffer is seeing good usage in MHBH and MG50+, though she has not yet completely usurped her free counter part. As such, she's not as popular for Master Kai, despite dealing better overall DPS. Welcome to the Dragalia Lost Adventurer Tier List – May 2020 edition. As the first Gala Adventurer, Gala Sarisse is starting to show signs of age. Joe, Xania, Johanna, Nicolas, Zardin > Tier 3. She does good work as a Light DPS, though she's slowly being eclipsed as Light begins to receive its spirals. Even with his spiral, Luther continues to under perform. User Tier Lists are similar to User Guides in that they are the work of a single contributor or group of contributors and should not be edited freely without the permission of the author(s). His Guardian's Fury skill increases your entire team's strength for 15 seconds, which is great for damage phases, but he is equipped with a Lance meaning he has the somewhat underwhelming HP +9% team ability, which doesn't contribute damage needed to kill the bigger bosses in time. Megaman moved to tier 3. Lucretia is now a pretty good Light Adventurer, and works exceptionally well with Gala Thor, almost to the point where she's a tier lower if you don't have him. If Joachim can find a way to survive the HP check without using an HP dragon and/or use the poison punisher print, he could easily move up. He's the first dragon you should MUB for your Shadow stable in the vast majority of cases. This is a bit overdue, but the fact is these three just can't continue to compete in the current meta like fresh new choices. Thanks to his rework and double resistances, Gala Euden is easily the best choice in Light right at this moment for Tartarus. At full HP her chance to inflict blind increases by another 50-60%, and she can cap it all off with her basic attack skill Night of Antiquity, a volley of shadow arrows that deal bonus damage to blinded units. Her basic skill Howling Meteor unleashes a series of fire attacks, and you are able to move during it. Fafnir dragons are good only for farming resources. Assuming a 10-15% Critical Rate with Wyrmprints and Allied Co-Abilities, Shishimai’s damage increase is comparable to a 20-30% Strength buff. Why Cygames? Fjorm and Gala Prince demoted, as their niche is Gone with the Blast Wave. Euden and Naveed out perform the Hero King. Xiao Lei, Celliera.) Xander moved to 1.5. You are better off using off-element alternatives ranked above than picking the adventurers from this tier. He's now an excellent support and a great pick for Ciella. While Xander's spiral did dramatically improve him, he's still shy of being a top meta pick, or of being the best Water has to offer. Top notch for Volk and even mHMS. As a free dragon, a 30% Strength bonus is alright, but you should replace Erasmus with a gatcha option as soon as you can. It’s not as useful as Strength, but Wind-type healers will enjoy the increase to outbound healing. Say it isn't so, Joe. For hurting enemies, there’s no better Flame dragon. Mitsuhide, Alfonse, Fleur, and Yachiyo all demoted. He currently falls just short of Top Tier due to his need for some setup to reach potential and a kit offers little support to the team. Malora has immediately made a huge splash in the mHZD meta. Tier 2 - Off Meta. The Wind tier list has been overhauled due to the advent of spirals. Aurien is simply incapable of doing a healers job well, and winds up with the other junkers in Tier 5. Leif offers both DPS and diverse offensive support via Poison and enemy DEF reduction. Summer Patia is here for a fun time, not a long time.

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