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You know, I love everybody on the show, it’s been pretty extraordinary, and the fact that the fans, to my surprise, not the older fans who I think would naturally enjoy watching the show, but a lot of younger people…I mean, it’s really been a cross-section of people—black, white—who will come up to me and really, really relate to the character. That's the difference between me and L.C. There is no plan as of now for heading back into the studio for the cast, but going back to work in a COVID-19 world is something Hudson is very aware of, stating how the health and safety of their cast and crew is a primary measure. EH: It was important to produce it because I felt like unless I—rightly or wrongly—unless I got actively involved to try to move it forward, it might not have had a chance. Entertainment Tonight/TV Guide Network. To me, it’s a dream, and we talked about getting together again and I never assumed it was going to happen, so the fact that we got a chance to reconnect, that was really, really special.

Even though I understand a lot of their complaints, I respect the fact that they care enough to speak out and I want to be supportive in this way and I also want to share my position, even though it might be different than theirs, but it’s all valid. 1976 - present He's a wonderful writer.". Duncan, and he executive produces the show as well. EH: Yeah, yeah, and I think that it’s about being inclusive.

EH: Yeah. Hudson admits the humanization of a family who are not exactly the good guys makes the series so much more appealing to the masses, especially in a time when Black voices are being amplified. BT: Can you also tell when you are watching a show that is an integrated unit instead of people who aren’t there for the right reasons? BT: What was it like to come back together with the cast and Ivan Reitman and Jason Reitman for Ghostbusters Reunited Apart, which leads into Ghostbusters: Afterlife? Born I think that a lot of times it’s not as important to me, I do my job and let them do what they want to do, it’s okay. As far as the story goes, it's based on a series of books, and [Carl's] got about eight or nine books worth of stuff. EH: All different platforms, it is such a new world. And I want to be with people who want to do the work, but without all the extra stuff which I don’t have time for. stay tuned for the latest news on Twitter. I mean it was almost spiritual. No, I don’t do that. It’s all great and I’m really glad to be a part of it. Following an explosive cliffhanger complete with jaw-dropping reveals and twists, BET's crime drama The Family Business is back for another season and this time on the network's premium subscription streaming service, BET+. He played the role of Miles, a friend of Jay Pritchett's, in "Virgin Territory" and "Bringing Up Baby". Copyright © 2017 Brief Take. But their business activities are more illicit, prompting a string of events full of suspense and shock.

"And the things that I had seen, it's one-dimensional because he has to be that all the time. I can see that you’re calling from an L.A. phone number. he said. "We had an incident where one of the actors, just before we shut down, was infected and that was a scare because we didn't know it at the time and that's one of the hard problems with this virus is, nobody seems to be able to give us anything definite about it. "The plot thickens, things get a little bit more complicated," Hudson said.

We certainly want to protect the people," he said. It’s not about one person and that’s the fun of it.

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Of course, now with this COVID-19, we can’t do what we used to do. While the outcome proved he's not someone to mess with, Hudson teases his character's direction is going to stun fans with Season 2 as the drama continues to reiterate it's not just about people, but the family. I mean, how do we go back to work safely? 344 2 minutes read. I think that voice, we have to put in what we can put in. "Their decisions impact everything else, and especially you. Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA But Ricardo, he came and knocked on my dressing room door and welcomed me to the set and took me around and introduced me to the other cast members and sat and had lunch with me and I thought that was so gracious to be included. Led by iconic actor and famed Ghostbusters star Ernie Hudson as the family patriarch, L.C.Duncan, the executive producer of the show on BET+ tells exclusively for our PopCulture @ Home series that things are about to get very intense in Season 2. And also, in the old days, there was a lot of…you’d go in and you’d think it’s your job to convince someone to do it, as opposed to someone else doing it. “It is a serious question if all of my kids are going to survive. I mean, he's made choices that I can't even imagine feeling like I would have to make those choices. Hey, it’s screen legend Ernie Hudson!

We can go back and find stuff that was, in the old days, if you didn’t happen to see it, it’s gone, and now it’s a different world and that’s really exciting. $15 Million. "In this new season, it's much more complicated than even he imagined.

As a child growing up in Benton Harbor, Michigan, Ernie Hudson wrote short stories, poems and songs... Born: December 17, 1945 Photos. The Family Business is a phenomenal series, and Hudson shines as head of a car dealership by day, crime family by night L.C. But I love working with people who want to work and like my work, but trying to do things and hope that it will turn something else and maybe I will get this? No. Miles And for me on The Family Business, because it is a big production, I get to set the tone and I think that we demand from the other actors that they show up. ", Hudson goes on to share that while L.C. EH: For me, growing up as a kid, I didn’t have a Mom or a Dad. Whereas I’ve reached the point in life in which I love doing it. All Rights Reserved. He's a facilitator in the art of language and a fan of both playwright Samuel Beckett and TV scientist Dr. Samuel Beckett. There is a new definition of the phrase "Family Business", especially when Ernie Hudson and the cast are in town!. EH: Well, I’m excited about what I am doing. EH: Yeah, I love these kind of Marvel and DC…these characters I think as you get older, and I’ve got kids, grandkids and great-grandkids…how do we participate? "Their position in the cartel changes because of … But like I said, I don’t always see that. Because a lot of the stuff that I’ve done, you are sort of in someone else’s story and you come in and this is really about my family and it’s great.

I mean if I’ve got to go to a set and somebody’s unhappy and they’re throwing tantrums, walking off, and people aren’t being treated fairly or kindly or honestly, I have the hardest time. Modern Family Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. "We saw that a little bit on Sopranos, but I've never seen it in a Black family. "As one of the producers, that's the thing we're faced with now. Birthplace BT: What do you like most about playing L.C. ", Hudson adds how the city, the county and state all have their guidelines while the union has their own, but it all boils down to one thing: "How do we make that work in a way that's affordable and it's a real threat to low budget, or independent productions because some of the things that may be required is going to be very costly," he said. He has to show the world: 'This is who I am.' "Their position in the cartel changes because of this new thing that my son has come up with, and so now they're enemies, even more enemies, direct threats, not on my life necessarily, but on my children — and how do you hold it all together? If you remember when we started the whole show, [L.C.] The Family Business Season 2 premieres July 2 on BET+, with the first six episodes of the new season available to stream. I don’t agree with the choices, but I’m impressed with what happens to him and his children, that to me it’s really about family, more than the circumstances that surround it and the relationships.

Male Sometimes there’s some people…not everyone sees it that way. These people, they come to work and I really appreciate that. Duncan. As a bonus, Hudson phoned us up directly and we had to be sure to Answer The Call. He played the role of Miles, a friend of Jay Pritchett's, in "Virgin Territory" and "Bringing Up Baby".

I think that if they had come to me and simply offered the job that would have been fine, but this way, I had the chance to…I think having a seat at the table, I have a say in it. Duncan is a favorite among fans with many even offering their love to the actor on social media involving the dynamic role. And sometimes, I see actors and they’re playing the lead and they don’t want to talk to people or they want everyone to know that it’s their show and I think that’s a difficult way to work because if people aren’t invested in it, they are simply there for their moment. BT: While L.C. EH: Yeah, and Grace & Frankie, honestly that’s one of those things that comes along and you say: “Thank you”. And I get that a lot. Brief Take: Hey Ernie, how are you? This whole Zoom from your home kind of technology has taken us to a new place, it’s a new time, and having it be on BET+ and I know that L.A.’s Finest (on which he also starred), which was originally on Spectrum, will now be airing on Fox. Of course, the show is very diverse, and so it's not just.
And I’m just…I’m in awe of the creative energy of young people, the diversity that didn’t exist not that long ago.

Edward Norton.

Would this be something that would be of interest to you to play a mentor or a father or a father figure type? So, a lot of those things – it's just dealing with, 'I need to get out of this, but I can't now, because it's just too much on the line, and too much at stake.'

So that the auditioning or making calls, or doing all this? But in this case, I wanted to say: “Okay, no, we have to do this”, we have to make sure that there are certain things that we have to do correctly.

Because I’m an actor, I’ve got a family, I go home. Duncan (2018-2020) Ghostbusters II Winston Zeddemore (1989) Known For The Crow Albrecht (1994) Actor …

Valarie Pettiford, Ernie Hudson (Photo: Courtesy of The Family Business Film LLC) Season 2 is a whole new intensity for the Duncan family as Hudson teases a strenuous season that could level Season 1 in depth. You are simply getting started!

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