eu4 best idea groups 2019

Finally, my strategy in wars against major powers like the Ottomans and Muscovy was to force them to release nations right next to my borders. The AE bottleneck is likely more prominent here than ADM points.

Diplomatic - I highly recommend this to start.

The changes to late-game revolutions are also welcome, although given the highly volatile nature of any single run of EU4 what the world actually looks like by the time you get to that point is anyone’s guess.

And for England?! Improved New World exploration mechanics for colonial powers, including being able to tell your explorers and conquistadors to just explore automatically without having to click on every undiscovered province yourself.

Don't really worry about this one, you may be so powerful by this point, you can chose exploration and it won't make much of a difference. 3 military, 3 administrative and 3 diplomatic. My favourite of the lot is Siberian Frontiers, which allow a strong Russian nation to fill in their historical borders without having to spend an idea group or two on acquiring colonists. As a nation develops technologically, it unlocks the ability to gain additional idea groups. New Trade City government type that can be created by the leader of a Trade League for a subject that only has one province. Lockdown magic – how to introduce your household to Magic: The Gathering.
The only group in this list to provide bonuses to naval strength; unfortunately, naval strength is of questionable importance. Adds tons of new mechanics for Coptic Christians and Fetishist (African traditional religions) nations. The decreased military tech will be very helpful later, the manpower is helpful early on, increased core cost will deter aggression against you, and the extra diplomat will help more with vassal management.

I wouldn't go humanist first simply because going for it third allows you to tolerate the Orthodox religion of Lithuania, and at the admin tech for the third idea group is when you first get the chance to unite. When playing Christian or Muslim, humanist is unnecessary. Being too peaceful or too warlike is bad. New mechanics for the Shinto religion that allow rulers to choose between isolationism and greater contact with the outside world. In addition, +30% improve relations helps reduce aggressive expansion, and -10% idea cost provides a minor boost to monarch points. Generally, this pack allows central Europe to live its best life, and we’re here for it. Adds the Diplomatic Macro-builder, a new interface that makes a variety of diplomatic actions easier to manage, and allows you to automate certain actions that you could not previously. Colonization allows for expansion without war, and is the only reliable method to turn ducats directly into cores. You keep one merchant in Krakow steering towards Baltic and one in Novgorod doing the same. The -0.03 is good enough. This is definitely one you can prioritize lower, and will be of least value to those who prefer landlocked nations and don’t really make use of the espionage mechanics – which is a perfectly reasonable and viable playstyle. So I just finished a great game as the Poland/Commonwealth. This feature was later also unlocked for owners of Common Sense (see below), even if they didn’t own Res Publica, due to how it tied in with that expansion’s mechanics.

However, Lithuania is mostly Orthodox.

I would also stop at idea 3, as the naval bonuses are pointless for Poland (unless you have a lot of surplus military tech like I did). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast.

Colonists can now be used to improve development in colonial provinces instead of colonising new territory. The new mechanics listed on Steam for colonial nations are actually part of the free patch, so you don’t need to buy the DLC to access them. I conquered most of Europe and the New World with that, so maybe stay away from Influence and Administrative. For Western tech countries I would definitely open with Influence. Leave any questions or comments below. This page was last edited on 9 August 2020, at 11:04. As in, any strategy at all?! However, a nation may only have up to 3 policies active in each monarch point type i.e.

New mechanics and events for Revolutionary (Napoleonic) Republics. Forced march is incredibly helpful, as well, for wars where you have troops in multiple locations, and you need reinforcements quickly. Bahmani idea 7: Great Madrasa of the Deccan, Bengal Sultanate idea 4: Attract Sufi Scholars, Brunswicker idea 4: Herzog August Library, Deccani Sultanate idea 2: Promote Deccani Regional Identity, Hamburger idea 5: School of the Johanneum, Lotharingian idea 4: New Carolingian Renaissance, Mainzian idea 2: Center of Religious Learning, Mughal idea 3: Ibadat Khana - House of Worship, Northumbrian idea 6: The Literary and Philosophical Society, Trebizondian idea 3: Legacy of the Alexiad, Frankfurter idea 1: Establish the Buchmesse, Malayan sultanate idea 4: Classical Malay, Tuscan idea 1: Birthplace of the Renaissance.

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