famous wizard last names

Bene, 41. Log in, Erika is a freelance writer with big money goals. Kovertol Medea has narrated as the devotee of Goddess Hecate and the priestess who had a huge knowledge of magic potions, prophesy, and clairvoyance. [5], The name "Merlin" is derived from the Welsh Myrddin, the name of the bard who was one of the chief sources for the later legendary figure. 171. 73. Choose some keywords and we will automatically create a last name in seconds. 155. Furthermore, we throw light on some noteworthy wizards who are extremely popular even now. There, he is often visited by his sister Ganieda (based on Myrddin's sister Gwenddydd) who has become queen of the Cumbrians and is also endowed with prophetic powers. 141. She is also famous as the guardian of small children. 145. This article is decorated with male and female wizard names that are most powerful and famous for their supernatural power. Blaze 8. Wilhelima Grubbly-Plan Illyana Rasputin For other uses, see, Merlin in a medieval manuscript of a compilation of texts of astronomy by, According to Alan Lupack, "Merlin plays many roles in Arthurian literature, including bard, prophet, magician, advisor, and warrior. Community content is available under. Seimei or Abe no Seimei is considered as Japanese Merlin.

199. [13] In British poetry, Myrddin was a bard driven mad after witnessing the horrors of war, who fled civilization to become a wild man of the wood in the 6th century.

Allistair Tilly Ipswich Draco Malfoy 166. Geoffrey kept this new character separate from Aurelius Ambrosius and stated that Ambrosius was also called "Merlin", therefore Ambrosius Merlinus. Ilyrin The narrative of Merlin is largely based on Geoffrey's familiar tale of Vortigern's Tower, Uther's war against the Saxons, and Arthur's conception. She was so ugly villagers believed she was the daughter of the Devil, and was suspected of witchcraft. 156. Angele de la Barthe had sexual intercourse with the Devil, an affair which produced a son, a sort of half-man, wolf-snake beast who fed on babies. 109. She was the first person to be tried during The Great Noise, a witch hunt that swept Sweden between 1668 and 1676. Popular novels like the Harry Potter series have served to fuel the imagination about witchcraft. Neville Longbottom 74. Decades after, Robert de Boron retold and expanded on this material in his influential Old French poem Merlin. Bob Ogden 117. Evlin Or at least that's what she was forced to confess while being tortured in prison. 183. 97. Miranda Kane

Poppy Pomphry 153. Merlin appears as a woodcutter with an axe about his neck, big shoes, a torn coat, bristly hair, and a large beard. She was pregnant, but that didn't save her from execution, as the court believed she was carrying a baby fathered by the Devil. She was greatly talented in performing Voodoo rituals and held the rank of Supreme Witch.


Alden Her daughter, Marie Laveau, also practiced Voodoo, as well as Haitian Voudou. Loves to Writer About Technology, Science, Entertainment and Life Hacks.

Augusta Longbottom Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 169. Amelia Bones 140. 39. There is a myth about him that he could do that by a magical ring which also known as ‘Seal of Solomon.’ He was also popular as an exorcist. Merlin's fate of either demise or eternal imprisonment, along with his destroyer or captor's motivation (from her fear of Merlin and protecting her own virginity, to her jealously for his relationship with Morgan), is recounted differently in variants of this motif but is usually placed within the enchanted forest of Brocéliande. Prospero

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