fighting pitbull bloodlines

The price delivered for Prime members is unbeatable! to help give you the best experience we can. After all owning Cheyenne was all by the advice of Mr. Aycart. Having a good temperament is a trait that is apparent in quality bloodlines. Colby’s continue to be one of the top bloodlines. The other 50% was up to him. CREW’s SASSY LADY (Sired by Yellow / his sister SASSY) The health, temperament and overall appearance of the puppies will vary on the dogs and the dogs from their individual pedigrees. Awesome Buck’s Mom: THE CHOSEN FEW’S CHEYENNE. I have had just about every bloodline one can think off. Most bloodlines have the name of a particular dog or a dogman. His gut feeling was always important. Natures perfect source of DHA for brain, eye and heart health. At that time, SOUTHERN KENNELS had worked to develop a very special breeding program which was 100% their effort. These animal has not been available to other breeders.

At the same time, MAYDAY’s Dam (Hollingsworth’s DOLLY) was very closely related to BUCK. Southern Kennels  1994 to 2000 A hard time navigating around the nasty dog-men swamp. PARENTS: SOUTHERN KENNELS` MACHO  x THE CHOSEN FEW’S CHEYENNE. I wanted the best of the best.

These bloodlines here are dangerous to work with.

Always away from forums always away from the nasty swamp of dogmen. with every single puppy ! To be with him in his last days. A range of up to 330 yards. I always had confidence in this enthusiastic young man who was passionately focused in reaching big things. You could ask a hundred experts what is the Top Pitbull Bloodline and you would get a 100 different answers. TEXAS 1999 Mr. Ernest Hollinsgworth had the best of the Pat Patrick dogs of the 80`s and 90`s  “THE HOLLINGSWORTH DOGS” was already a family on its own. I did not want one good dog among all the good ones . People would line up to breed to champion fighters. He was BIG, CONFIRMED, and fearless, He walked out of the van as a puppy after the long drive, barked, and marked … At the time everyone was going to Barracuda and he could bred for free. See more ideas about Beautiful dogs, Pitbull dog, Pitbull terrier. HIS ABILITY TO FREELY MAKE BREEDING COMBINATIONS WITH HIS OWN DOGS PLACE CHICO IN A POSITION OF PRODUCING DOGS THAT IMPROVE WITH EACH GENERATION. Gottiline. He was a very enthusiastic young man with a desire to excel. We were fortunate to have in our yard: Over the course of the past hundred years, thankfully, America's taste for dogs has evolved. Apr 12, 2017 - Explore Michael Van's board "Pitbull Bloodlines", followed by 187 people on Pinterest. Lil ruby' blue extreme pocket bully puppie female. Of course, great temperaments are also found in dogs with no pedigree. He was so successful that his owner wanted to produce more champion fighting dogs, and so the bloodline was born. I'm afraid to ask who's sleeping out in the dog house? In fact we advertised on magazine our dogs, with a NON FOR SALE. The qualities of the main dog, will represent this particular bloodline. She is papered but her breeder refused to give to me due to our break up.

Nuke's Top 5 Recommended for you This bloodline is the most merited APBT bloodline at a global level in the past 15 years. ITEMIZING ALL OF CHICO’S ACHIEVEMENTS WOULD ENTAIL WRITING A BOOK JUST TO DO HIM AND ALL THE GREAT DOGS HE HAS BRED, JUSTICE. Chico Lopez made this breeding quickly and luckily he did, since soon after, mistakes were made that would have made it impossible for the breeding to occur. SOUTHERN KENNELS continued their effort to support MAYDAY, then in its career as a stud dog. At Mr Pitbull, we believe a dog like those pictured above, represents the breeds best shot at the future. It has been exclusive to us. Doing it the way I did Using Ch Awesome Buck, this makes magic overtime. The characteristics that I wanted and needed to be the best. Instead, concerned Pitbull owners are looking for a dog that retains the Pitbull's unequaled loyalty, but yet, does not have the dog aggressive tendencies of those dogs bred for decades to fight.

Today, SOUTHERN KENNELS thinks MACHO should have never been have sold. Eli was one of Floyd’s best fighting dogs and over time people started buying puppies sired by Eli. HOLLINGSWORTH’s DOLLY (MOTHER OF MAYDAY ) Colby’s dog, Primo, was the one used by the American Kennel Club to set the standard for the American Staffordshire Terrier. After careful consideration, Chico Lopez felt that these two dogs (Macho x Cheyenne), born in the yard of SOUTHERN KENNELS, would be the foundation of his yard for the next generation.

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