first encounter with strahd

After my party left the Vista i camp and got the fortune they ran into Vasili on the road who asked to escort him to the gates. After they left the village of Barovia and went to cross the bridge he walked out of the shadows. The players should start to build their Player Characters or PCs for short. After 3ish rounds il have bat swarms blind them, after which both strahd and the wolves are gone. I want to build some tension and mystery before they accually have a conversation with the man. Strahd charmed her into performing for him (she failed her save), and no matter what she rolled for performance, I planned on having Strahd belittle it. They rightfully said no but unwillingly walked and talked with Strahd until they reached the Black Carriage when Vasili/Strahd bid them adieu. The adventure doesn't really go into this, but for a time in I, Strahd he masqueraded as Vasili von Holtz when he was trying to keep the fact that he was a vampire hidden. My party's first official meeting with Strahd was... dramatic. Press J to jump to the feed. The party was definitely shy about it all, and you could tell that their gears were turning about what was going on. Holy shit this is absolutely perfect for another encounter I have planned for them. Strahd rose up on the back of Beaucephalus, holding Ireena bridal-style in his arms. The alternate identity was supposedly a servant of the lord of the land, and he used it to get information and even attempt to take Ireena. Player down, Strahd takes an artefact and leaves. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. They had just completed Death house, making the sacrifice, and claiming ownership of the manse, and talked to Ismark about going to see the burgomeister. I actually held Strahd off for a while until after the party had explored for a bit, they went straight from Barovia village to Krezk (completely bypassing Vallaki but hitting up Madam Eva's camp), then was turned away and went to Wizard of Wines and dealt with the threat there and back up to Krezk to deliver the wine (a portion, they had all agreed to split the remaining wine between all the towns) and Strahd was waiting for them on one of the crossroads back. This subreddit serves as a helpful place for anyone running the Curse of Strahd module for D&D 5e. That doesn't mean they aren't scared of him though, haha. The second reason is his “lawful” alignment predisposition. Next turn Strahd comes out with Ireena in his arms, (I actually had that picture on hand), introduces himself and thanks them for inviting him inside, despite being warned 3 times before. Needless to say, he was dead, and Ireena was pale and weak and needed care. And threw this mission vasil is going to try to earn their trust and slowly try and convince them strahd is bad but he's the best choice. He welcomed them to Barovia by ripping out the priest's throat right in front of them and when the players were too scared to attack him, he started monologuing, giving Rictavio enough time to cast Magic Circle just as Strahd charmed the barbarian. Ambushing them anyway is fair game. Modules. managing to charm Strahd with Hypnotic Pattern., I’m taking a different tack. Now the Rogue, for some reason, can play the bagpipes.

Some DMs prefer to strictly follow the book, but it also can just be used for reference so that you may craft a unique and personalized experience for all your players. I definitely stole someone else's idea for my own first Strahd meeting - while my party was escorting the Burgomaster's body to the graveyard they were attacked by wolves. After a few more … It helped that Ismark had commented earlier that Strahd occasionally shows up in town and takes young girls. A self-proclaimed gaming master with a love for dogs, plants, and D&D. One of which was significantly larger but that hung back and was watching the fight. They are now completely terrified of him, convinced he's some sort of Vampire-Lich Demigod. With a hand on Ireena's shoulder, Strahd turned and properly introduced himself to the players, addressing each of them. They immediately ran for the church to try to reconsecrate the grounds.... to find Strahd there, holding Father Lucian by the neck .

Just finished session one, and my players just finished meeting with Madame Eva at the Tser Pool. Strahd introduces himself and the elven ranger idjit starts antagonizing him. Near-dead spawn runs on a long hallway, party kills him, then take in the surroundings. The DM may also decide on things such as the starting level, and what adventures you will encounter first in the world. They were being accompanied by Ireena and a revenant of the Order of the Silver Dragon named Emmirick. If you are playing Mera the Cleric, Duerro the Rogue, Sam Ticklefoot the Bard, Gilgamesh/Giltthunder the Paladin, or Ignis the Warlock, do not read!!! And then once the players finish in the Death House and come out they will be greeted by Strahd with the girl by his side with his clawed index fingernail caressing her throat, and 4-6 dire worgs with even numbers to each side. I also highly recommend before each session the DM rereads any material from the book that will most likely come up with the next session just to refresh themselves. For the funeral, the priest approaches with a hood, as is Barovian custom. I had him show up right outside of the Death House, congratulating them on surviving, and welcoming them to barovia. But I think it is a bit to early for me. I like that you have him just kind of watching on. Party managed, thanks to a very well timed heat metal spell, to free Ireena. But as soon as that happens the 4-6 dire worgs all attack the girl killing her. A big, red-eyed wolf is watching from a distance, with a pack of wolves around him. I will play him as civil and calm. I think having him as part of a mystery for a while really adds to the dread in the campaign. After a heated argument, cue ominous organ coming from the castle, thunder clouds and magic fog descends into the valley. He gave it--the mercy of a quick death. Ultimately he says that he will undoubtedly see them again, and looks forward to it, but right now they have a friend waiting for them in the church. While floating away they hear Strahd laughing. Another was probably the opening, first ever encounter, in the village. This subreddit serves as a helpful place for anyone running the Curse of Strahd module for D&D 5e. So, even if I'm running official adventures, I also create alternative random encounters table. I ran Death House with my crew, and as the burst out onto the streets of the village, there was a figure who emerged from the alleyway, slow clapping and praising them for their hard work exterminating the evil below. He salutes them, and says he will not disturb for long. He explained that he had been "imploring the powers" to send heroes to help him with the troubles that plague his cursed kingdom and asked that they hunt the werewolves that have been terrorizing the people of Barovia and gave them a magic hunting spear called Wolfsbane. This is his domain and he commands it. But I think your idea sounds very gothic, nice.

/r/DnDBehindTheScreen is a subreddit for Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Masters to trade tools, guides and resources. It'll be interesting to see who tries to get the powers, since most of them at this point seem like they'd do whatever it takes to take down Strahd. Its indeed a fine balance you need to have while playing strahd as a DM. Thanks guys! I wanted it to be very subtle, while also unnerve them. At this point she's upset about being forced to perform AND that her obviously amazing performance was called 'passable'....and the Rogue decides to step in. Honestly, if I hadn't wanted to keep the first meeting subtle, things might have ended very differently, but when she was done and everyone was staring at her in horror, Strahd just casually threatened her by telling her to never play that for Strahd or she'd be first on his kill list. I had Strahd assualt the burgomaster's manor while the players stayed in it to protect Ireena. He was sitting on a rock after the Tser Falls and simply asking for someone to walk with him. He doesn't return.

The new player shot an arrow from the inn and it went through Strahds neck. I feel like i made a mistake having him actually be violent, because now it will be much harder to have my players consider Strahd a potentially sympathetic character. I held off for a bit, had him be a looming menace in the background. I like that you have him just kind of watching on. Probably on his second encounter with the group, Strahd lures the characters into a room or chamber of the castle with one of the effects below. He whispered sweet nothings to Ireena as they embraced and then let her go.

They simply aren't a threat, merely to be observed and toyed with at the moment. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DnDBehindTheScreen community, Continue browsing in r/DnDBehindTheScreen. Let's player win. I cant wait till they get to Vallaki and realize that was an alternate identity for the Devil Strahd when the coffin maker tells them. She also doesn't care much for the place, so much so it is distain. Player down, Strahd takes an artefact and leaves. He healed them with the potions. I'll give you a PASSABLE PERFORMANCE!" During the funeral, apply more and more of Strahd's voice/accent, saying worse and worse things about Kolyan, until finally he takes off the hood, revealing his pale white face, not at all the priest. Sometimes less is more. Bag pipes are already loud and depending on the person, a bit obnoxious when played correctly. The party immediately surrounded Ireena. My favorite part though, was the bard. The opening sequences available in the book give you many ways to introduce the PCs into the world of Barovia, or you can make your own. TL;DR: First one he forces them to make a blood donation, second one he hangs the priest of the village and briefly impersonates him. They ended up knocking her out and fleeing while Strahd chuckled in amusement in the background. Then they started hearing people were afraid off him.

All in one place. At a crossroads, two people the party likes are strung up by nooses. While the party (and especially the thief) is fighting for their lives, he walks up to the struggling party members and grabs one (maybe the spellcaster who cast Hypnotic Pattern on him) and charms them, asking them to fetch his spellbook for him. Amber is an Austin writer and gaming connoisseur. Legendary Edition of Curse of Strahd: 17 Double Sided maps Every inch of Ravenloft in loving, horrifying detail Jewelry 60 Encounter Cards The Entire Module Custom DM Screen Bonus Encounters…

The way of that I always introduce Strahd, my players have always stayed with Ismark and Ireena, is that I choose the one with the highest passive perception, and they hear flames crackling near the bedroom of Ireena, they either went outside towards the sound of fire, or they enter the room of Ireena.

I spent a while deciding how to introduce Strahd to the characters. To get set up to start the campaign the DM should read through the book and familiarize themselves with the world and the characters within it. Whips out her bagpipes, and....rolls a 2 on performance. When HP wittled down, Rahadin/Arrigal strikes from hidden position in woods with poison arrow.

And how did the players react to it?

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