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The project has kids color and cut out a template of Flat Stanley and then write a letter to a child at another school in a different city, state, or country. The story is not the only great thing about this book. Great book, super quick read.

It didn't work for me, but maybe I'm just missing something. Stanley becomes flat when a big bulletin board lands on him. While it is a fantastic literary piece to read to children in conjunction with teaching them about writing and mailing letters, the story is just not very compelling for an older audience, but that is okay in many ways because it was not written for that audience. One early morning, Stanley and his mom walked to the bank, until his moms wedding ring fell into the bars on the street. This is the original 1964 edition of this children's story, with illustrations by Tomi Ungerer.

Of course he eventually is able to turn back to the way how he was originally. It also talks about jealously which can be a good topic to discuss depending o One reason the Flat Stanley Project has turned into the longest-enduring proficiency venture on the web is because of the effortlessness of the idea. The illustrations are brighter, bolder, and more dimensional, and the 40th anniversary edition cut so much out of the original story. Stanley sends himself through the mail to a friend in California and even uses his new abilities to catch thieves in a museum. I just read this while putting up books for my grandma at her library. This story is very unrealistic and takes a good imagination, but it is fun and adventurous. It's rather odd that Stanley is flat but random characters in the story never acknowledge that he is. One day Stanley catches two theives and becomes a hero. I think that having fun extension activities helps children learn and remember the book and what they learned and therefore is more beneficial to the student. b) Stanley goes to the doctor. It also provides a further activity at the back of the book where students can have adventures with their own "Flat Stanley" mailing him off to different people or taking pictures with him doing different activities. He enjoys this experience until people start making fun of him. This download contains both a printable format as well as a Google Drive™ compatible format.This is a complete novel study that includes many individual products bundled together to offe I think that this book creates many opportunities for creativity and that children would really enjoy it overall. This story can also be used for social emotional lessons, discussing sibling relati It's probably a reading level a little too easy for most 4th graders, but they would still appreciate the story. Along Stanley’s adventures, he becomes a hero because he was able to catch two thieves that have been on the run for a very long time. This story can also be used for social emotional lessons, discussing sibling relationships and jealousy (Stanley's brother wants to be flat too in order to get more parental attention). Students know that people can't be flat so that may provide some humor as the story is being read. Written by: Jeff Brown, Scott Nash, Macky Pamintuan, China: The Balance Sheet: What the World Needs to Know About the Emerging Superpower. Scholastic recommends this book for grades three through five; however I think younger readers (first and second grade) might be able to read the book or enjoy listening to it being read to them, as well, since there are many pictures throughout the book. I thought this book was adventurous, imaginative, exciting, and just darling. Stanley gets inexplicably flattened when a bulletin board falls on him but he finds that being flat has its advantages. The Flat Stanley books by Jeff Brown have been engaging youthful pursuers for a considerable length of time and they are additionally a significant device for instructors. Since I lived in a town where we got Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown is the first book in the Flat Stanley series and is a story about a boy who wakes up to find he has been flattened by his bulletin board. Stanley gets put in an envelope and is posted out to California to see his friend Thomas. Then, Stanley had an idea. This is a good book for children to read when they are transitioning from story books to chapter books. I think that Flat Stanley is a perfect book for younger audiences and could get

Every understudy’s Flat Stanley and its particular diary are sent to other individuals who are approached to regard the figure as a meeting visitor and add to his diary, at that point return them both after a time frame. Here is download link for this Flat Stanley Template 08 in MS Word format.
Its was funny because this thing want on top of him all of a sudden he turns flat. I remember loving this book so much because my teacher let us all make a flat Stanley and send it anywhere we wanted. It's just very factual. Now, you'd better be on your way to school, don't want to be late." This project can also be done as a chain, where Flat Stanley is sent to more than two people. Flat Stanley has been used by many teachers in a geography unit. He gets to do all sorts of fun things. An example of this is when Stanley is first flattened his mom tells him and his brother to finish their breakfast and then she would take Stanley to the doctor. It is a fun read for all ages. I think any child of any age would have fun with the relationship between the brothers, because it is relatable. They should be allowed to color it the way they want so he appears exactly how they want him to be. Cute story. A few educators want to utilize email for its speedier travel time. It made me smile. I think that this is the case because it is funny and it allows children to be creative. He found out that he can go under doors, and use himself as a kite. Since I lived in a town where we got lots of snow and I knew that TExas does not. I also love how many extension activities could be done with an elementary school classroom. This short humorous chapter book is very well written, allowing readers to use their imagination to consider what things they might be able to do if they were flat while sneaking small lessons into the story such as not being rude and not making fun of people for how they look. The ideas are fun, the characters are fun and relatable, and the reading is easy-going. What a great way to spark imaginative stories! He found out that he can go under doors, and use himself as a kite. Delaware County District Library (Ohio) American Libraries. One night while he is sleeping Stanley gets flattened by a falling bulletin board. I have to admit that the plot to this book is a little bit weird - a boy being flattened to 1/2 an inch thick because a bulletin board fell on top of him (but then again, vampires and werewolves and magic pants that fit everyone who puts them on are weird too). Collection of Free MS Office Documents & Templates. They did a project in school where they made a giant paper cut out to look like themselves and then for their project had to mail it to someone and ask them if they'll send one back. He’s now half an inch in width, to be precise. He can slide under doors and go through the mail to visit friends in California, but he soon learns it's not easy being different. The students in Stanley's class begin to make fun of him for being different than everyone else. At first, he enjoys being flat. Here is download link for this Flat Stanley Template 10 in MS Word format. THIS is an absolutely fantastic book, especially for boys (but could be wonderful for girls or to read as a class together) between the ages of approximately 1st-4th grade.

I was so excited when I got a response from her because she took pictures with the flat Stanley I had a) 4 inches b) half an inch c) 1 foot 5. Through the course of the book the readers see what amazing things that Stanley can do because he is flatten. Children have a large imagination and this book allows them to access that and imagine even more adventures. Serviceable for intermediate readers who might enjoy the ridiculous situations. One morning, Stanley Lambchop wakes up to find that he is flat.

As his brother started to pump, Stanley started to get shaped as the other kids. Stanley wakes up one morning and realizes that he is flat but being flat can be fun. There were some concepts that seemed weird to me in this story, but after realizing it was a children's fictional book I felt better about it. I am having him review books this summer.

The story takes a reader through an adventure with Stanley as he maximizes his life in this altered state as he learns he can slide under doors, fold up, and even transform into useful objects such as a kite.
I remember my daughters talking about this book and I said, "What is a flat Stanley?" Flat Stanley Lesson Plan Read the book Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown with the class. This would be a great book to read if you are doing a traveling activity. I would love to read this to my students someday! . I did enjoy it, but would only recommend it to children. Meet Stanley Lambchop. Stanley also help to catch two of the most wanted art thieves!! These pictures are then sent back to the students and they can add it to the list of destinations that flat Stanley has traveled. I tied this into geography, connections to airplanes, then did a fun activity where the student drew Flat Stanley with a sentenc There are also moments in the story where the author is eluding to rather adult topics and conversations. He suffers no ill effects from the accident apart from now only being half an inch thick. Its was funny because this thing want on top of him all of a sudden he turns flat.

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